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Our Models / Kandy Cottentail

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Kandy Cottentail Vital Stats:
AGE:  21
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Kandy Cottentail Updates

Mummifying Kandy!

Kandy Cottentail , Pinkie

Best real-life friends Kandy Cottentail and Pinkie have done quite a lot of kinky stuff together but they never did mummification bondage before. Pinkie wants to duct tape wrap Kandy from her shoulders and all the way down to her ankles. Kandy likes the idea and agrees to be taped up.

Pinkie thoroughly ties up her best friend with both hands taped down each side of her body. Kandy is cocooned and totally helpless. Pinkie wants to gag Kandy now that she's all mummified, so she uses a pair of her worn panties to stuff in Kandy's mouth.

The panties are then effectively sealed in Kandy's mouth with an amazingly tight multi-layered tape gag yanked around Kandy's pretty little head. Pinkie verbally humiliate and taunts bound and gagged Kandy before she starts whipping her with a bunch of rope.

She then teases Kandy about having some more humiliation fun once the camera is off. Kandy tries to hop away in desperation but there is no way she'll ever be able to escape her tight and shiny duct tape wrapture!

Included in this clip: mummification, bondage, duct tape, panty gagged, mouth stuffed, tapegagged, wrapped up, cocooned, wrapgagged, girlfriends, escape challenge, tape bondage, struggling, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: American Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Mummification Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
Mummifying Kandy!

Tit Punishment For Kandy

Kandy Cottentail , Pinkie

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for some sexy titty play here at Selfgags! Busty real-life friends Kandy Cottentail and Pinkie love to play kinky games with each other and today is no exception. Pinkie has duct-taped Kandy's hands behind her back as well as her legs and ankles so she won't be able to escape. A firm and tight handgag keeps Kandy nice and quiet while Pinkie fully exposes her bound and silenced girlfriend's huge tits. Pinkie gently squeezes, grabs, and fondles the exposed titties while at the same time smothering her girlfriend's muffled moaning with the hand clamped over her mouth. Not long time has passed before Pinkie gets carried away and turns gentle titty play into rough titty play and this is where she begins to punish her hand gagged girlfriend with ruthless slapping, whipping, and painful nipple twisting along with adding several clothespins to those glorious boobs!


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Tags: American Busty Women Classic Content Groping Hand Gagged Humiliation Topless Bondage
Tit Punishment For Kandy

Submissive Slut Gagged By Her Master!

Kandy Cottentail

Submissive redheaded slave slut Kandy Cottentail has been a bad girl and is made to take a humiliating gag punishment from her master. Kandy is tied to a chair and unable to interrupt her master's slave training which involves full panty mouth stuffings, over-the-mouth gagging, multi-layered duct tape gags, an incredibly tight wrap-around-the-head tape gagging, and a degrading pantyhose head encasement gag for the poor slave girl!

The clip is 20 minutes and 10 seconds long (1280x720) and contains lots of muffled bitching, whining, gag talk, whimpering, begging, and gagged moaning that you're bound to love if you're a fan of silenced girls!

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Tags: American Busty Women Classic Content Humiliation Maledom Panty Gagged Pantyhose Hooded Slave Training Tape Gagged
Submissive Slut Gagged By Master

The Lesbian Gag Experiment

Kandy Cottentail , Pinkie

The last thing sweet Kandy Cottentail remembered was how that soaking wet white cloth being held onto her gorgeous face by her dominant girlfriend Pinkie made her go to rest. Soon after, it didn't take long for Pinkie to put her napping girlfriend in tape bondage for the twisted gag experiment she had planned for days. Kandy slowly wakes up to the evil tape ties Pinkie put on her while she was napping. A beautiful tape gag with the writing bitch on it prevents her from speaking. Surprised, scared, and desperate at the same time, Kandy realizes that Pinkie has taken away her freedom. Right next to Kandy is Pinkie who has set up a recording camera to capture all of what's about to happen. Kandy is bound to take whatever Pinkie has planned for her and it's not gonna be a pleasant experience!

Evil Duct Tape Cleave Wrap-Gag
Pinkie removes Kandy's tape gag and stuffs a pink pair of panties in Kandy's mouth. Kandy coughs. The panties are Pinkie's, they're worn and they're filling out her mouth perfectly. Pinkie grabs the same roll of silver duct tape that she used to tie up her girlfriend a few minutes ago. "Open that mouth!" Pinkie says and wraps that silver duct tape in between Kandy's panty stuffed lips and all the way around her head. Kandy mmph's and protests but there's nothing she can do to stop Pinkie who makes Kandy an incredible, tight and evil duct tape cleave gag.

Tight Bandana Cleave Gag
Next up in Pinkie's gag experiment is the bandana cleave gag. Pinkie replaces the panties in Kandy's mouth with another even more worn pair. Kandy is mad, muffled and teased by Pinkie who tightly cleave gags Kandy with a bandana. While she can't say a word, Kandy's face expressions clearly tells us that she don't like the taste of Pinkie's worn pussy panties stuffed all the way back into her mouth, but there's nothing she can do about it as her hands are tied behind her back.

Cruel Over-The-Nose Bandage Wrap-Gag
Two worn pairs of Pinkie's panties have already been secured in Kandy's mouth as part of the gag experiment, but the pair Kandy is about to have in her mouth now is definitely the worst as Pinkie wore these for one week straight! Pinkie makes Kandy get a good whiff of the panties before they get stuffed in Kandy's mouth. Kandy looks like a helpless little girl while Pinkie dominantly teases her and makes her take a cruel bandage wrap gag that also covers her nose!

Knotted Pantyhose Gag
As the final gag of the gag experiment, Pinkie tied a pair of her black pantyhose into a knotted ball. Kandy looks so beautiful with the huge knot tied to her mouth while Pinkie makes Kandy scream for help into the camera. Pinkie is dominant and feels Kandy's breasts while she constantly reminds Kandy that she can't make a sound because she's gagged.

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Tags: American Classic Content Cleave Gagged Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Tape Cleave Gagged Tape Gagged
The Lesbian Gag Experiment

Wrap Gag Me Girly

Kandy Cottentail , Pinkie

Even though sexy Kandy Cottentail can be extremely dominant when playing with gags and bondage, she also craves to be bound, gagged and played with by others. Kandy recently introduced her sweet busty girlfriend Pinkie to gags and made Pinkie experience her very first gagging ever, and today Kandy wants the roles reversed in order to see how good Pinkie's wrap-gagging skills are.

Pinkie ties Kandy's hands behind her back so she won't interrupt Pinkie during the gagging. With Kandy's hands tied up with a scarf, Pinkie takes a long white sock and thoroughly packs it into Kandy's moaning mouth while she makes lots of nasty comments to Kandy. Pinkie figures that the best way to keep that mouth packed sock in place will be to seal it in under several layers of clear packaging tape wrapped around Kandy's head - and so she does. Kandy did afterall want Pinkie to test her wrap-gagging skills on her and that white sock stuffed in her mouth now shows beautifully underneath the many layers of the clear tape wrapped around her head!

Kandy moans, mmphh's, and whimpers through her gag. Pinkie gagged her so tight she couldn't say a word but the gagging of Kandy is far from over as Pinkie wanted to show Kandy what she was capable of when she was given the opportunity to dominate someone. Pinkie wraps even more layers of tape around Kandy's head and over her already gagged mouth to enforce her gag, but it's not the same clear packaging tape she used to wrap gag Kandy before; it's silver duct tape and Pinkie uses it to cover up the white sock and the tight clear tape gag by wrapping it around Kandy's head over and over again!

Now that Pinkie's got Kandy tied up and gagged with a sock taped in her mouth, Pinkie humiliates Kandy by rolling duct tape around her arms and chest before she decides to give Kandy's big tits some very special attention. Kandy moans in a mixture of surprise, joy, and fear as Pinkie exposes her huge breasts and her pierced nipples. Pinkie plays with Kandy's boobs and whips Kandy with a nine tails whip while she keeps teasing her about that super tight gag sitting around her gorgeous face keeping her so quiet. Kandy is so turned on by Pinkie's wrap gagging skills and the way Pinkie humiliates and dominates her. Pinkie clearly shows that she's in total control and that she's got the power to do whatever she wants with her bound, gagged, and exposed girlfriend!

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Tags: American Busty Women Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Romance Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Wrap Gag Me Girly

Busty Sorority Girl Roughed Up, Handgagged And Fondled!

Kandy Cottentail , Pinkie

My sorority step-sister Pinkie and I are in our dorm room making a video for our college life blog when I ask Pinkie what she thinks is the best thing about being a college student. Pinkie tells me that she loves the attention she and her big boobs get from the boys but that none of them will ever be allowed to touch. I get a little jealous and ask Pinkie if any of the girls are allowed to touch her boobs. Pinkie says no and rejects me twice as I playfully reach out to touch her tits. I just so want to touch Pinkie's big juggs now that I'm not allowed to so I firmly put my hand over her mouth so nobody will hear her protests outside our room while I fondle her boobs.

Pinkie struggles and tries to fight me off while I keep my hand clamped over her mouth to keep her quiet. She loudly moans and protests as I expose and fondle her tits but I don't give a damn fuck. I've always been dominant by nature and I always get what I want even if I have to be rough. I hold Pinkie's mouth in such a tight grip while I feel, grab and fondle her tits. Oh my, they're so big! No wonder why the boys are looking at them all the time. Well right now Pinkie and her titties belong to me guys!

To get a good and thorough feel of both Pinkie's boobs I constantly replace the hand covering her mouth with my other. At no time do I allow Pinkie a chance to talk and for that alone she must feel so humiliated and so degraded while I'm having so much fun playing with her big tits; I squeeze them, slap them and torment her sensitive nipples which makes her scream into my hand covering her mouth so tight!

I'm so gonna put this video on our blog for all of the boys and girls from college to see Pinkie's tits fully exposed, fondled and roughed up by me while I keep her quiet with a nice and tight handgag!

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Tags: American Busty Women Classic Content Colorful Hair Dress Bondage Groping Hand Gagged Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Topless Bondage
Busty Sorority Girl Roughed Up Handgagged And Fondled

Pinkie's First Gag Experience

Kandy Cottentail , Pinkie

Sweet Kandy Cottentail introduces her busty hot-ass girlfriend Pinkie to gags. Pinkie has never been gagged before and she's willing to take any gag Kandy decides to use on her. Kandy takes great joy and pleasure in shutting up her sexy girlfriend in many different ways: first by doing a long, firm, and effective handgag on Pinkie before she stuffs a pair of panties and a black gag ball in Pinkie's mouth.

All gagged up like a good girl, Pinkie moans and gag talks through her panty and ball gagged mouth. Mmmphhh! Kandy teasingly comments on the muffled sounds coming out of her gagged girlfriend's mouth and later decides to blindfold Pinkie and replace the ball gag with a secure multi-layered tape gag!

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Tags: American Ball Gagged Blindfolded Classic Content Colorful Hair First Timers Hand Gagged Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
Pinkies First Gag Experience

Snooping Maid Gags Herself With Dirty Panties!

Kandy Cottentail

Kandy has a job as a maid for a step-mom and her two 18-year-old step-daughters who are all out of the house when Kandy decides to do some snooping around. Kandy goes to the laundry room and finds three pairs of dirty panties in the laundry basket. One pair belonging to the step-mother and the other two pairs belonging to each of the step-mother's 18-year-old step-daughters.

Now Kandy knows she can make some money by shooting self-gagging clips and sell them online so after she's grabbed the dirty laundry panties she heads to the garage, finds herself a roll of silver duct tape and uses the step-mother's webcam to shoot this sexy clip! Kandy shows us the panties she just found and explains who each pair belongs to. She sniffs, stuffs and tapes each worn pair of panties in her mouth and gag talks, coughs, moans and even screams while flaunting her sexy tape gags at us every time she has replaced one dirty pair of panties with another.

Kandy compares and comments on the taste of two step-sister's pussies and finds out who needs to change her panties more often than the other. Same goes for the step-mother's panties at which Kandy comments on how her pussy smells and taste compared to the two sisters. Having had all three pairs of panties stuffed and taped in her mouth one-by-one, Kandy finally decides it's time to find out what it's like for her to have her mouth stuffed and taped shut with all three panties in her mouth altogether at once while getting the taste from the step-mother's pussy mixed with both of her naughty step-daughters!

Kandy stuffs her mouth and tape gags herself four times throughout this amazing clip while she mmph's, grunts, bitches and gag talks like the dirty girl she is! If you love the sight and the sound of a gagged girl who is able to stuff her mouth with three full pairs of panties all at once, you wouldn't want to miss this extremely hot clip that will get your dick hard in a heartbeat!

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Tags: American Classic Content Costume Bondage Humiliation Panty Gagged Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Snooping Maid Gags Herself With Dirty Panties!