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Our Models / Sara Liz

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Sara Liz Vital Stats:
AGE:  22
FAVORITE GAG:  Classic Duct Tape Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Sara Liz Updates

Mummified Birthday Girl

Sara Liz

Today is your lovely girlfriend Sara's birthday and she's been eagerly waiting for you to come home and celebrate her. Sara is so excited to see what you got for her and she wants her birthday gift right here, right now. You show Sara the silver duct tape you bought and then you wrap up that sexy little body of hers. You've mummified your adorable girlfriend who's now standing there all pretty, asking if wrapping her up is a gift for you or for her?

Sara gives it a little wriggle in her tape encasement and notice the panties you're holding in your hand. You tell her you're also going to gag her. Sara protests and beg you not to use those panties because they are very dirty and have been in the hamper more than a week. Well, that's all part of the fun right? You stuff them nasty panties in your girlfriend's own mouth and duct tape it shut with just enough tape to hold them in. Then you make her lie on the couch and watch her struggle, squirm and wriggle in her mummification bondage, wrapped up like a gift and totally helpless. Happy birthday, honey!

Included in this clip: mummification bondage, tape gagged, struggling, girlfriend, pov, tape bondage, domination, panty gagged, duct tape, pleading, encasement bondage, muffled whimpering, squirming, gag talk, humiliation

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Tags: American Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Mummification POV Tape Gagged
Mummified Birthday Girl

Cops And Robbers Bondage

Sara Liz

When gorgeous babysitter Sara Liz agreed to play a game of 'Cops & Robbers' she never imagined it to include tight rope bondage and a mouth stuffing cleave gag. Sara persistently commands the little bastards to release her from her captivity before their parents get home and find her like this. But her complaining mouth is eventually silenced with a white sock and a tight cleave gag that really shuts her up.

Sara should've been the one in charge but now that she's all tied up and gagged she definitely isn't. There's only one thing left for Sara to do now that she can't talk anymore: to squirm and struggle for her freedom in that sexy red satin blouse and those skintight black leather pants!

Included in this clip: bondage, cleave gag, bound and gagged, struggling, babysitter fetish, leather pants, damsel in distress, satin blouse, gag talk, rope, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: American Babysitters Classic Content Cleave Gagged Humiliation POV Rope Bondage
Cops and Robbers Bondage

Prom Queen Sara Liz Bound, Gagged And Stashed Away For The Night!

Sara Liz

Adorable Sara Liz had only just been crowned the new school prom queen when she got taken away and tied up by her jealous classmate Amber. Restrained with meters of rope in her golden prom dress, Sara is missing out on her big night as the newly crowned prom queen. Sara outrageously orders Amber to let her go so she can go back and enjoy her party, but given that Amber already stole Sara's tiara and tied her up tight, letting her go is totally out of the question. Sara keeps on begging for release so Amber decides to do something about that big mouth of hers.

A pair of panties worn by the beautiful prom queen herself is now crammed and taped into her pleading mouth to shut her up. Amber gagged Sara so amazingly tight wrapping tape almost matching the color of her golden dress all the way around her pretty little head. Sara is relentlessly left to struggle against her strict rope bondage while Amber decides to go back to the party knowing she's got the prom queen all bound, gagged, and stashed away for the night. Girls can be so terribly mean to each other!

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Tags: American Classic Content Costume Bondage Dress Bondage Humiliation Rope Bondage Tape Gagged
Prom Queen Sara Liz Bound Gagged Stashed Away For The Night!

The Self-Gag Dared School Girl! (Episode 2 of 2)

Sara Liz

Continued from part 1

Having gagged herself with a pair of her female classmates worn socks, Sara Liz is one step closer to complete the dare from her girlfriends and receive a hundred dollars. The time has now come for Sara Liz to shut herself up with two pairs of her classmates worn panties that Sara Liz stole from them during gym class. "These are Felicia's panties" Sara Liz says as she holds up the first pair and shows it off before she smells them. "Damn, girl!" Felicia's panties have definitely been worn for a couple of days and Sara Liz has to turn the panties inside-out and stuff them all the way into her mouth and tape it shut if she wants to get the money from her girlfriends.

Sara Liz turns the panties inside-out and attempts to stuff the panties in her mouth but they just taste so bad so Sara Liz pulls them out again and keeps telling herself to think of the money she'll get for doing this! Sara Liz now stuffs the panties all the way into her mouth... slowly. She moans, coughs, whimpers, and is constantly about to gag on the panties going into her mouth but she manages to get them all the way in there. Sara Liz grabs the clear duct tape and tapes her panty-stuffed mouth shut with six long strips. Her beautiful lips show beautifully behind the tape and so do the panties in her mouth while she gag talks about how bad Felicia's panties taste!

Sara Liz is so muffled and mmphhhh's during her amazing gag talk! She's so not pleased about having Felicia's worn panties in her mouth but Sara Liz really wants to go out this weekend and needs the money. Having followed the rules and stayed gagged for the right amount of time, Sara Liz removes her gag and moves on to the second and final pair of stolen panties. These panties belong to a girl from class named Sandy and Sara Liz sniffs them. They smell so much worse than Felicia's panties and make Sara Liz cough! Sara Liz starts stuffing Sandy's worn panties in her mouth even though she doesn't really want to. "Ew, they're so nasty!" Sara Liz says while she stuffs the panties in her mouth.

With Sandy's panties stuffed in her mouth, Sara Liz grabs the roll of clear duct tape and tapes her mouth shut again to prevent the panties from coming out of her muffled mouth!

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Tags: American Classic Content Costume Bondage Humiliation Panty Gagged Self Gagged Tape Gagged
The Self-Gag Dared School Girl! Episode 2 of 2

The Self-Gag Dared School Girl! (Episode 1 of 2)

Sara Liz

Adorable school uniform girl Sara Liz received a dare from two of her girlfriends worth a hundred dollars: Steal two pairs of socks and two pairs of panties from two of your female classmates and tape them in your mouth! Sara Liz really needed the money and accepted the dare from her girlfriends right away. She stole two pairs of socks and two pairs of panties from her fellow students during gym class and she is now ready to complete the dare. Sara Liz shows off the stolen socks and panties before she decides to gag herself with the socks first.

She sniffs the first pair of socks and coughs. She's extremely opposed to the smell but she has to complete the dare to get that money from her girlfriends and starts stuffing one of the socks in her mouth. Sara Liz tries to explain how bad the sock tastes but her words are so muffled and comes out as sexy gag talk. She grabs the roll of tape she bought in preparation for this dare. It's clear duct tape. Sara Liz starts taping her sock-stuffed mouth shut and uses six long strips of tape to keep the sock in her mouth.

She looks so cute shutting herself up in her sexy school uniform that matches the color of the sock taped in her mouth and now that she's gagged, Sara Liz starts gag talking. Mmmphh! Mmmphh! Mmmphh! is all there is to be heard from sweet little Sara Liz who starts using her hands in an attempt to explain how bad the sock taste. You can see how her luscious lips sexily move while she tries to talk behind the tape that keeps her classmate's worn sock in her mouth. Sara Liz does not like the taste at all and is constantly about to gag on the sock in her mouth.

Having taped a sock from the first pair in her mouth, it's time for Sara Liz to move on to the second pair of socks. "Now I have to do this with Sandy's socks," Sara Liz says. She's so hesitant about stuffing her mouth with another worn sock from another classmate but she keeps thinking of the money she'll get for doing it. Sara Liz quickly crams the sock in her mouth and tapes it shut with another six strips of clear duct tape. Her pink lips embracing the white sock in her mouth show beautifully behind the tape as Sara Liz once more starts gag talking like a good girl!

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Tags: American Classic Content Cleave Gagged Costume Bondage Humiliation Self Gagged Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
The Self-Gag Dared School Girl! Episode 1 of 2