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Our Models / Sylphie

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Sylphie Vital Stats:
AGE:  22

Sexy emo/goth girl Sylphie was brought into the fetish world by her real-life friend, Zoey Angeles, with whom she spent a Friday afternoon making us a couple of kinky bondage videos. Sylphie never really got herself established as a fetish model though and moved on since the time she and Zoey shot videos for us.

Sylphie Updates

She Came Into My Room And Taped Me Up! (Episode 2 of 2)

Sylphie , Zoey Angeles

Continued from part 1

After releasing Zoey, it’s now Sylphie’s turn to be taped up. Zoey teaches Sylphie how to properly gag herself like Zoey did.

Sylphie stuffs a pair of white socks in her mouth and follows all instructions given by Zoey on how to place the tape. Zoey starts taping Sylphie’s wrists, elbows, ankles and knees with the clear duct tape. Once she’s got Sylphie all taped up, she adds even more tape to Sylphie’s gag to make it stronger and more effective! Zoey grabs the camera and gives you a nice close-up look of all the tape ties as well as showing you Sylphie’s gagged mouth up close! Zoey steps away from Sylphie for a few seconds and returns. She’s got a pair of panties in her hand. Zoey sits down behind Sylphie and picks up her cell phone, preparing to make a phone call. Zoey rips off Sylphie’s gag. Once the socks has come out of Sylphie’s mouth, Zoey quickly handgags Sylphie tightly and makes a phone call to Amanda, letting her know that it’s just gonna be her and Zoey at the bar tonight because Sylphie ‘got a little tied up’! Sylphie moans and MMMPPPHH’s behind Zoey’s tight handgag!

After hanging up, Zoey picks up her panties while still having her hand clamped over Sylphie’s mouth. Zoey shows and explains that these are her worn panties and presses them over Sylphie’s nose, making her smell them! Sylphie freaks out! Zoey tells Sylphie that they will be going in her mouth in a couple of seconds as she starts to ball up the panties. Sylphie refuses to open up her mouth, so Zoey places two fingers on Sylphie’s nose and quickly stuffs the panties deep in Sylphie’s mouth as soon as she’s gasping for air! Zoey adds several pieces of the clear duct tape over Sylphie’s panty stuffed mouth and snaps a nice selfie next to tape-tied Sylphie! Zoey’s now off the the bar to meet up with Amanda, leaving Sylphie all helpless with a pair of Zoey’s worn panties taped in her mouth!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, self gagging, mouth stuffed, sock gagged, clear tapegag, hand over mouth, emo girls, handgag, panty gagged, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: American Classic Content Colorful Hair Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Self Gagged Sock Gagged

She Came Into My Room And Taped Me Up! (Episode 1 of 2)

Sylphie , Zoey Angeles

It's Saturday night and all of Zoey's girlfriends are too busy to hang out with her. Being one hell of a kinky bitch, Zoey decides to have some fun on her own by recording herself stuffing a pair of white socks in her mouth and tape it shut with clear duct tape to see how she's going to look and how well she is going to be silenced!

Zoey securely crams the white pair of socks in her mouth before she tapes it shut using several strips of clear duct tape. She shows off her incredible gag and MMMPPHHHs every time she tries to talk! Suddenly, the door to her room opens. It's Sylphie, one of Zoey's girlfriends, who have come over to surprise her by showing up uninvited and unexpected. Zoey is so shocked! Sylphie quickly notices what Zoey is doing and Zoey desperately tries to remove her gag, but Sylphie won't let her! Sylphie grabs a roll of silver duct tape and rapidly starts taping Zoey up - tightl!

Sylphie tapes Zoey's hands behind her back, her elbows together as well as her ankles and her knees. Zoey is so helpless now that Sylphie has her all taped up and gagged. Sylphie tells Zoey that she has made plans with their mutual friend Amanda at the bar tonight and wanted to come over to pick up Zoey, but now that Zoey's situation has changed, the only way Zoey will be able to come with them will be if she can escape Sylphies tight tape ties!

Zoey desperately moans and MMMPPPHHs while Sylphie giggles and laughs at her! Sylphie prepares to show Amanda why Zoey won't be making it to the bar tonight by taking a couple of photos of Zoey in bondage. Sylphie then spices things up by taking a nice selfie beside her gagged girlfriend! Sylphie sits down next to Zoey and admits that seeing her all taped up and gagged like that is really turning her on. Sylphie goes on and tells Zoey that the only way she's going to willingly release her, will be if Zoey will tape her up before they'd both be off to meet up Amanda at the bar. Zoey agrees and Sylphie releases her tied up and gagged girlfriend.

Zoey now prepares to give Sylphie the exact same treatment!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, self gagging, mouth stuffed, sock gagged, clear tapegag, emo girls, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: American Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Gagged