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Our Models / Victoria Rose

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Victoria Rose Vital Stats:
AGE:  22
FUN FACT:  Super shy but loves bondage!
FROM:  Scandinavia
FAVORITE GAG:  Classic Duct Tape Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Scandinavian redhead Victoria Rose really wanted to be a bondage model but she was afraid that her friends and family would find her in her kinky fetish videos online. Victoria specifically requested to be masked and unrecognizable in the videos. She absolutely LOVES being bound and gagged and she is an amazing damsel in trouble. She loves to test out her gags by REALLY trying to talk into them. The most challenging gag for Victoria was the sponge gag as the sponge would enlarge in her mouth, absorb her spit and make it really hard for her to talk!

Victoria Rose Updates

Struggling Bondage Girl Gagged With Tape And Ball!

Victoria Rose

A 22-year-old redhead is blindfolded with vet wrap and effectively gagged with microfoam tape. She's got her hands tied back, and her ankles and legs roped up too. She squirms, struggles, and makes a lot of gagged noise on the sofa with her mouth taped shut as a helpless damsel in trouble. A masked man comes in, rips the microfoam tapegag off her mouth, handgags her, and straps a silencing black ballgag in it.

Ballgagged in bondage, the helpless girl continues to struggle, kicking her high-heeled shoes and making a lot of muffled noise. Eventually, she gets hogtied and has her shoes removed to reveal her sexy soles!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, hand over mouth handgag, tapegagged woman, gag talk, ballgagged girl, struggling, damsel in bondage, blindfolded, redhead, hogtied, high-heeled shoes, squirming, kicking, foot fetish, barefoot, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Ball Gagged Blindfolded Costume Bondage Hogtied Humiliation Rope Bondage Tape Gagged
Struggling Bondage Girl Gagged With Ball And Tape!

Panty Gagging The Noisy Chairtied College Captive - TWICE!

Victoria Rose

Loud-mouthed Victoria Rose is a captured college student who just won't shut up.

The noisy redhead is blindfolded, cleavegagged, and securely taped barefoot to a chair. All bound and helpless our cleave gagged damsel cries out for help way too much for her captor's liking. He steps in, takes out her cleave gag, and handgags the noisy bitch. When Victoria refuses to open her mouth for a nice worn panty mouth stuffing her nose is pinched shut and her mouth is made wide open for easy access.

Victoria mmpphs during the panty gagging of her mouth which her captor quickly tapes in using thick transparent medical tape wrapped around her head. Victoria is feisty and struggles on the chair with her newly made gag around her mouth which is later redone on-screen to keep the whining damsel nice and quiet!

Included in this clip: bondage, mouth stuffing, panty gagged, chairtied, barefoot, foot fetish, jeans, damsel, tape around the head, gag talk, nose pinching, tape gagged, hand over mouth, blindfold, redhead, duct tape fetish, bdsm

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Tags: Chairtied Cleave Gagged Humiliation Maledom Panty Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Panty Gagging The Noisy Chairtied College Captive TWICE!

Skanky Catburglar Turned Into A Mouth Stuffed Bondage Slave (Episode 2 of 2)

Victoria Rose

What a mess silly catburglar Victoria Rose has gotten herself into when she broke into my hotel room and ended up zip tied and thoroughly gagged bondage slave on the bedroom bench. I decided to take things a step further by gagging the bitch with a great big yellow bath sponge taped in her mouth using transparent medical tape and putting her on the bed. I have the catburglar's hands, ankles and high heels roped up really tight in red bondage ropes, her eyes blindfolded and her head encased in super sexy see-through pantyhose as I listen to hear moan and struggle.

I've literally turned this hot skank of a catburglar into my very own personal bondage pet and I love seeing her suffer for what she's done. The head-encased hottie rolls around the bed with her hands tied behind her back in her high-heeled shoes roped together really tight with the very same rope keeping her ankles locked together.  She desperately yells in a futile attempt to call for help from the hotel guests next door but the silencing bath sponge taped deep into her crying mouth does a perfect job in shutting up my loud bondage captive!

My gag-shouting rope bunny looks so damn pathetic with the leg parts of the pantyhose pulled over her head dangling down to each side, so I put my moaning slave in a really tight and strict hogtie with a bit of rope connecting her hands to her ankles and the loose ends of the pantyhose tied to her high heeled shoes! The hogtie is so tight the poor girl can barely move. In other words: it's the perfect way to keep my helpless prisoner right where I want her!

Victoria mmppphss in agony during the tiny little bit of body jerking movements my super tight hogtie allows her to. The thought of that mouth-filling sponge gag taped in her mouth absorbing all her spit and thereby becoming heavier and heavier by the minute is amazing thinking. It's crystal clear to anyone watching this blindfolded, hogtied, and effectively gagged slave girl she is feeling more uncomfortable than she has ever felt due to this super cruel predicament bondage... After today this dumb catburglar won't even think about trying to steal from anyone ever again I'll make sure of that!

Included in this clip: bondage, tape gagged, catburglar, damsel, hogtied, sponge gag, high heels, ripped leggings, skank, gag talk, muffled screams, predicament bondage, clear tapegag, mouthstuffing, squirming, humiliation, pantyhose encasement, blindfolded, rope, struggling, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Blindfolded Costume Bondage Hogtied Humiliation Pantyhose Hooded Rope Bondage Sponge Gagged Tape Gagged
Skanky Catburglar Turned Into A Mouth Stuffed Bondage Slave Episode 2 of 2

Skanky Catburglar Turned Into A Mouth Stuffed Bondage Slave (Episode 1 of 2)

Victoria Rose

Sexy amateur catburglar Victoria Rose really thought she could pull off a quick and silent break-in into my hotel room when I catch the snooping bitch and turn her into my very own personal bondage slave for the day. The long-legged girl thief sneaks around my hotel room in her high-heeled shoes and her skanky burglar outfit looking for money and valuables to take. She goes through the closet, the safe, and even the bed hoping to find at least something to steal when eventually she checks out the drawer next to the bed and pulls it out...

The catburglar is shocked by what she finds in the drawer: a couple of cable ties, some silver duct tape, and a roll of medical microfoam tape. She curiously picks up and studies the cable ties and the tape rolls wondering why anyone would keep those things in a drawer next to the bed... That is until she suddenly finds herself lying on the back, blindfolded, gagged, and completely restrained to the bedroom bench in a very, very uncomfortable position!

Helpmmpph!!! The captured catburglar helplessly cries out muffled words of desperation through her gag still hidden behind her robber mask. I've zip tied her wrists and ankles to each leg of the bedroom bench in a very painful back-breaking position to make her pay for coming into my room! Then I pull off her silly robber mask, showing how I have tape gagged her moaning mouth with a piece of microfoam tape and put a blindfold on her eyes too!

The ziptied catburglar has officially become a totally fucked and humiliated damsel and it's clear she craves to be heard and rescued by the hotel guests next door. The microfoam tape beautifully conforms to her sealed lips and makes the outlines come through on the outside of the tape perfectly. She keeps trying to call for help while she squirms and struggles, hysterically trying to free herself from the restraining zip-ties which securely keeps her tied down to the bench.

Her loud and endless gag talk/calling for help through the microfoam tapegag makes me want to do something extra cruel to really shut her up. I peel the microfoam tape off from her mouth and puts a handgag on her before she can say anything. She frantically cries for help into my silencing palm which effectively shuts her up. She has no idea what I will do to her next because she is completely blinded by the black blindfold on her eyes.

While I keep the whining catburglar handgagged I also grab a black pair of socks from the floor and when I take my hand away from her mouth I thoroughly start packing those two socks deep in her mouth and into her cheeks before anyone can hear her screaming! She mmpphhs in desperation during the nasty sock stuffing of her mouth that already keeps her even quieter than before. I tape the two socks in her mouth with several pieces of silver duct tape turning that loud mouth into one stuffed little package!

I watch the sock stuffed and ziptied catburglar writhe, stomp her high heels and struggle on the bench as I enjoy the look of her fully tape gagged mouth for a great while until I decide to pull the robber mask over her face again... This amateurish bitch of a catburglar had never dreamed someone could or would turn her into a bondage slave like I have and my time with her is far from over...


Included in this clip: bondage, tapegagged, catburglar, damsel, zip tied, microfoam tapegag, high heels, ripped leggings, skank, gag talk, muffled screams, predicament bondage, handgag, duct tape gag, mouth stuffing, sockgag, hand over mouth, squirming, domination, masked girl, handgag, blindfolded, humiliation, struggling, skank, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Blindfolded Costume Bondage Humiliation Maledom Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
Skanky Catburglar Turned Into A Mouth Stuffed Bondage Slave Episode 1 of 2