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Models / Mary Macaya

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Mary Macaya

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Betrayed By Her Roommate
Mary Macaya , Yurca
Yurca and Mary are roommates. They both like the same guy and Mary has made plans to go on a date with the guy tonight. Yurca doesn't like that so to keep Mary from going out Yurca tricks Mary with a magic trick where Mary must be duct-taped to a chair.

Mary says that she doesn't really have the time right now because she is going on the date but Yurca is very persistent and convinces Mary to try it. Yurca duct-tapes Mary to the chair and yells Mary to try to escape. Mary squirms and says that she cannot get free which is perfect for Yurca!

Yurca now reveals her real motive for tying up Mary and says that she is so upset about Mary going on a date with the guy that she also likes tonight! Yurca says that she will call the guy and cancel the date. Mary starts to complain so Yurca puts her hand over Mary's mouth really tight and starts to tease her with a stinky sock!

Yurca dominantly starts to play with Mary's mouth by hooking a few fingers in her mouth to stretch her cheeks. She stuffs the reeking sock in Mary's mouth and plasters multiple pieces of duct tape over it to seal the sock in!

When Mary is gagged, Yurca calls the guy and says that Mary won't be able to meet him tonight but that he can go out with her instead. Mary is frustrated and makes a lot of noise through her sock-stuffed tapegag! The guy accepts Yurca's offer and so, Yurca leaves the room to go change clothes while we are left to watch Mary struggle!

After a while, Yurca returns. She is now wearing a super tight and sexy dress. Yurca bows down in front of Mary, takes Mary's shoes off, and puts them on herself. Yurca demonstratively puts on lipstick on the couch next to chair-tied Mary who loudly moans into her stuffed gag!

Yurca gives Mary a big wet red lipstick kiss right in the middle of her gag and bids her farewell. Yurca leaves, ready to go on the date with the guy while Mary is bound to stay home and suffer!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, betrayal, nose pinching, sockgag, mouth stuffing, latinas, tapegagged, chairtied, damsel, stuck, onscreen gagging, hand over mouth, mouth stretching, struggling, duct tape fetish, lipstick, humiliation, lesbian domination, gag fetish, bdsm, gag talk

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Tags: Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Bondage
Betrayed By Her Roommate
9 Sexy College Girls Bound And Stowed In The Truck!
Alexa , Anli Anila , Khloe , Mary Macaya , Nina Naranjo , Pao , Shantal , Xandra , Yurca
Party's over, girls!

Shantal is a notorious girl who hit the jackpot when she broke into a house where a big party was going on! Here, the criminal bad-ass managed to capture, bind and gag the 9 sexy college girls who were happily celebrating their last day of school before a long holiday.

We follow Shantal's mission to lead each captured party girl out of the house where she ties their arms, chest, and legs up with duct tape and stows them in her truck one by one until she's got all 9 girls ready for transport! Some of the girls are feisty and some try to run away during the escort, but no one escapes the grasping claws of ruthless Shantal!!!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, transportation, tapegagged, domination, struggling, moaning, humiliation, damsels, high heels, duct tape fetish, party clothes, dress fetish, car bondage, escape attempts, stuck, gag talk, latinas, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Nine Sexy College Girls Bound And Stowed In The Truck!
Stakeout Bondage: Three Hot Girls Tied Spreadeagle To The Ground!
Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya
A guy walks with three tape gagged girls (Laika, Mary & Khloe) who's got their hands tied behind their backs.

He makes them sit on the ground and begins hammering two stakes into the ground for the first girl’s arms. The first girl is Laika. He unties her tape-bound hands and ties a rope around her wrists to tie them off, spread out to the stakes.

Next, he hammers two more stakes into the ground, ties rope around her ankles, and ties her legs spread out to them. The other two girls watch as this happens, scared knowing that they’re next.

The guy does the same thing with the other two girls: First Mary, then Khloe and eventually they’re all staked to the ground, desperately trying to get a knot untied, pull one of the stakes out of the ground, anything to escape. But it’s useless. The stakes won’t budge and the girls can’t get the knots loose. The guy stands over them, admiring his handy work.

He goes around checking the stakes, hammering in any of the looser stakes. Through their gags, the girls are begging the guy to free them. But the guy is paying them no attention, if anything he is finding amusement in their struggle.

The guy then walks away as the girls continue to struggle. After a good amount of time spent struggling, the girls are exhausted, begin to lose hope, and give up... But will the girls finally escape???


Included in this clip: stakeout bondage, tape gagged, latinas, damsels, struggling, rope bondage, female desperation, gag talk, outdoor bondage, gag talk, escaping, bound and gagged girls, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Maledom Rope Bondage Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Stakeout Bondage Three Hot Girls Tied Spreadeagle To The Ground!
Silly Live Cam Girls Goes Duct Tape Bonanza!
Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya
While Mary and Laika are hosting a live cam show, Mary had no idea about that one private viewer request for her to become duct tape bound and gagged by Laika and their mutual friend Khloe! The girls do a great job in taping up and gagging Mary who goes through a variety of emotions of being angry, scared, and sad in an attempt for her silly friends to let her go. And once Mary has become tied up and gagged tight, Khloe receives another request to do the very same thing to Laika who is then caught by sudden surprise!

In the end, all three cam girls including Khloe end up bound, gagged, gag talking and gag kissing on the bed, struggling, squirming, and moaning into their perfectly tight tape gags!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, sock gagged, hand over mouth, tape gagged, duct tape fetish, struggling, wrap gagged, mouth stuffing gags, stuck, gag kissing, multiple girls in bondage, gag kissing, latinas, dares and challenges, cam show, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage POV Sock Gagged
Silly Live Cam Girls Goes Duct Tape Bonanza!
Bound And Gagged By Her Boyfriend's Little Bitch Step-Sister
Anli Anila , Mary Macaya
Mary is the girlfriend of Anli's step-brother. Anli never liked Mary and she wants her out of the family. Mary won't go willingly so Anli decides to capture her to show her just how much she hates her!

When the scene starts Mary is already bound and gagged. Anli escorts Mary into the room by making her hop on over to the couch. Here, she is sat down and made to watch as Anli pulls off her own stinky white socks and shows them to Mary.

Anli rips the tape off of Mary's mouth and immediately handgags her. Then begins a nice long tease where Mary is shown Anli's smelly socks which are about to go in her mouth. And in they go! Anli wraps silver duct tape around Mary's sock-gagged mouth and around her head. A super tight wraparound gag!

Anli so enjoys shutting up her step-brother's annoying girlfriend. She then wraps duct tape around Mary's chest and around her arms before she put her on the floor where she connects Mary's bound wrists to her tied ankles with a strong connection of duct tape!

Mary is now hogtaped and helpless, made to taste the sweaty foot juices of her boyfriend's little step-sister whom she dislikes so much. Mary's bare feet are given quick little tickle by Anli who then leaves the hogtied bitch all alone, struggling and helpless in the room!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, handgag, sock smelling, tease, duct tape fetish, hand over mouth, struggling, gagged bitching, wraparound tapegag, squirming, foot tickling, hogtied, tapegagged, latinas, humiliation, barefoot, hogtaped, foot fetish, domination, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Hand Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged
Bound And Gagged By Her Boyfriends Little Bitch Step-Sister
The Lesbian Lovers And The Step-Niece
Agata , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya
Lau and Agata are lovers in a lesbian relationship. They are watching their step-niece, Mary, who is asleep upstairs.

Lau and Agata are sitting on the couch together unable to keep their hands to themselves. Agata says they should do something fun but Lau says they can't risk it with Mary upstairs. Agata won't take no for an answer and whips out a full roll of duct tape.

Agata says she wants Lau to gag her with it. Agata holds the tape between her teeth like a cleave gag. Agata tells Lau to wrap her head many times and tape her body nice and tight. Lau takes the tape from her and says she'd love to do it but can't because of Mary.

Agata gives up asking and says she'll be in the kitchen. While Agata is gone, Lau picks up the duct tape and is overcome by her kinkiness. Lau goes to the kitchen where Agata has begun to clean. Lau sneaks up on Agata and hand gags her! Agata moans in delight and Lau asks Agata if she wants her to be rough with her and Agata moans yes.

Lau bends Agata over the table and begins tightly wrapping Agata's wrists behind her back. Agata tells her to make it tight and Lau tells her to shut up. Lau says she needs something to gag Agata with. She takes the rag Agata used to clean the table and stuffs it into Agata's mouth. Lau cleave gags her with a white cloth and then gives her two OTM gags on top with more white cloths.

Lau whispers in Agata's ear that they need someplace private and Agata agrees. Lau leads Agata out the kitchen, up the stairs, and to an empty bedroom. Once inside Lau pushes Agata onto the bed. With an evil smile, Lau says now no one will disturb them. Lau sits Agata up and removes her cloth gags. Agata tells Lau to stuff one of Mary's panties in her mouth and wrap it with lots of tape.

Lau stuffs a pair of Mary's worn panties into her mouth and wraps her head with duct tape multiple times! Lau rubs Agata's gag when she's done as Agata moans in pleasure. Lau pushes Agata down onto the bed and then begins taping her body fast and rough like Agata likes it. Lau wraps from her ankles to her knees, above her knees, and then wraps her stomach completely.

Lau plays with Agata for a bit, squeezing her, feeling her gag, and tickling her some as Agata moans and laughs into her gag. Lau says she's going to leave her for a bit. Agata spends several minutes trying to get loose as she squirms on the bed and grunts.

Mary suddenly enters the room to find Agata on the bed. Mary laughs saying she had a feeling she and Lau were into this stuff. Mary doesn't notice Lau as she sneaks up behind her. Lau hand gags Mary and asks Agata if they should tie her up too. Agata moans/nods yes so Lau sits Mary down and gags her with a pair of panties and wraps her mouth with duct tape!

Lau sits Mary in a computer chair and tapes Mary to the chair fast and rough with lots of tape. Agata watches and moans in approval. With Mary secure, Lau plays with Agata a little bit more before leaving again. While Lau is gone, Agata enjoys squirming on the bed as Mary mmpphhs trying to get loose.

Lau returns with some brown tape, which excites Agata. Lau first wraps Mary's head with it, leaving only her eyes and nose showing. Lau asks Agata if she wants more tape on her gag and Agata moans yes. Lau wraps Agata's head the same way with the brown tape.

Lau lays on the bed with Agata and plays with her more, rubbing her body, spanking her, and kissing her on the gag. Agata is loving it and Lau can tell. Lau says she thinks it's time they took this to the next level and had some real "fun". Agata nods and mmpphhs yes and Lau says that they don't want Mary watching.

Lau walks over to Mary and says as she adds a few more wraps of brown tape over Mary's eyes, leaving only her nose showing. Lau kisses Mary on the head and the camera stays on Mary's face as we hear Lau's laughs and Agata's moans start to get louder...


Included in this clip: tape bondage, hand over mouth, mouth stuffed, panty gagged, struggling, tape gagged, tied up, chair tied, bedroom bondage, head encasement, wrap gagged, gag talk, cloth cleave gagged, otm gagged, lesbian bondage, stuck, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Cleave Gagged Hand Gagged Hooded Lesbian Bondage
The Lesbian Lovers And The Step-Niece
What?! You Can't Leave Without Tying Me Up First!
Khloe , Mary Macaya
Khloe is home alone for the weekend when a masked female thief, Mary, breaks in!

Mary grabs Khloe from behind and wants to know where the valuables are. Khloe is super excited to finally have some action going on and happily tells the thief exactly where to find the valuables. But as the thief let go of Khloe and wants to make a run for the items, Khloe demands to be tied up and gagged by her as that is what a real burglar would do!

Mary is confused by Khloe's request to be willingly bound and gagged, but complying with the girl's wish is the least Mary can do now that Khloe has been so cooperative and told where the valuables are!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, masked female, tied elbows, cloth cleave gagged, mouth stuffed, panty gagged, struggling, tape gagged, hogtied on kitchen counter, onscreen gagging, female burglar, gag talk, wrap gagged, onscreen tying, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Cleave Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged
What! You Cant Leave Without Tying Me Up First!
Mary's Tape Bound Bitches!
Anli Anila , Ari Gonzalez , Mary Macaya
Sexy Mary Macaya is in the mood for some kinky bondage fun. The playful beauty has captured two of her friends (Anli and Ari) and gags each of the two girls with both of her very own stinky worn socks - one sock for each mouth! Her stinky socks are then taped inside her friends' mouths with real sticky silver duct tape wrapped around their heads!

Mary loves to play with the two tape-bound beauties whom she finally hogties side-by-side on the floor where she leaves them to struggle!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, domination, humiliation, latinas, gag kissing, barefoot, struggling, onscreen gagging, hand over mouth, sockgagged, mouthstuffing, tapegagged, tight wrapgags, damsels, gag talk, gagged girls, handgag, wraparound tapegags, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Marys Tape Bound Bitches!