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Our Models / Laika Labado

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Laika Labado Vital Stats:
AGE:  20
FROM:  South America
SPEAKS:  Spanish
ETHNICITY:  Hispanic
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag

Laika Labado is a super sexy Latina and natural acting talent!

Whether she has to be the bratty girl tying someone up or be the helpless damsel being tied up, this girl can do it to perfection!

Laika has a lot of real-life friends including Mary Macaya, Anli Anila, Khloe, and a bunch of other hot girls you'll find only here!

Laika Labado Updates

The Compulsive Girl Grabber Returns!

Barby Luna , Khloe , Laika Labado , Penelopé Garcia , Xandra , Yurca

A man notoriously known as 'The Compulsive Girl Grabber' has recently been released from jail after his previous events, but once again his compulsion kicks in and girls must be grabbed, tied up and gagged!

Filmed in POV style, the villain is sitting down with Laika. She explains that she does have a room to rent, but it needs to go to a woman. Laika explains all of her current renters are women only and they need to be able to feel safe. She also explains that the compulsive girl grabber has been released from jail and pulls the story up on her phone. Laika is shocked to discover that the man who was released is now sitting right in front of her. And this is when she and the other girls end up bound and gagged!

Starring: Penelopé Garcia, Barby Luna, Yurca, Xandra, Khloe and Laika Labado

Included in this clip: rope bondage, struggling women, pov, tape gagged, bdsm, otm gagged, multiple women, gagged girls, latinas, gag talk


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Tags: Latinas Maledom Multiple Women OTM Gagged POV Rope Bondage Tape Gagged
The Compulsive Girl Grabber Returns!

The Compulsive Girl Grabber

Agata , Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya

The video is a POV from the villain's perspective, where he has a compulsion to tie up women. He initially believes it won't be a problem if he stays at home, but a series of women knock on his door.

The women are Mary and Khloe, dressed in alluring clothes, who ask for a corkscrew. Lau and Laika, conservative missionaries, enter and ask if he would like to discuss the Bible with them. Agata, who is out of power and has a broken car, enters and finds Lau and Laika tied up on the floor.

They all end up bound and gagged and beg for help through their gags. All five women are tied and gagged together. They struggle and try to talk through their gags, with the camera panning to show a close-up look at each of their gagged faces. The video ends with a knock at the door and the five women screaming for help through their gags together. Could it be the police coming to help them?

Included in this clip: rope bondage, struggling, multiple women, otm gagged, tape gagged, latinas, gag talk, muffled moaning, pov, bdsm


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Tags: Dress Bondage Latinas MILF Bondage Multiple Women OTM Gagged POV Rope Bondage Short Pants Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
The Compulsive Girl Grabber

Haunted House Bondage For Nosey Ladies

Barby Luna , Laika Labado

Barby and Laika, two girls working as secret agents, are investigating a haunted house. They walk into the abandoned house and telling each other that the fantasies about ghosts are not real. A magical event occurs to Barby, who is shocked and calls out for help. The camera cuts to reveal that she has been magically tied up! Laika runs to her but is overwhelmed by energy. Both girls are now tied up with their hands high above their heads and their mouths taped shut!

The girls struggle for about three minutes, confused about what has happened to them. The girls shake their heads looking scared, and the the ghost (the camera) moves close to them and the scene cuts. The girls are tightly gagged with silver duct tape wrapped around their heads- They are hogtied on the ground.

The hogtied and gagged girls struggle and make noise next to each other. After three minutes, Laika feels something is happening to her, and she disappears! Barby looks to where Laika was before, and she is gone. Barby panics, and she doesn't know what happened to her. She struggles and squirms, but Barby also feels something happening to her body... She disappears!

The camera cuts to reveal that the room is empty and quiet, and the girls are gone...

Included in this clip: rope bondage, tape gagged, magical bondage, ghost, latinas, struggling, hogtied, tape wrap gagged, high heels, struggling, disappearance, gagged women, investigators, bdsm


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Tags: Halloween Hogtied Latinas Magical Bondage Multiple Women Rope Bondage Tape Gagged
Haunted House Bondage For Nosey Ladies

Surprise Tickle Party for Bed Bound Birthday Beauty

Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia , Xandra

On Xandra's birthday, Lau, Xandra's stepmother, wishes her a happy birthday and offers her a special surprise. She gives her a blindfold mask on and leads up up the stairs andlie on the bed with her arms and legs spread wide. Xandra is excited about the surprise and can't wait for it.

Lau uses rope to tie Xandra to the bed, and when she is tied up, Xandra's 4 friends Mary, Laika, Khloe, and Penelopé enter the room quietly. The girls stand around the bed, touching bound and blindfolded Xandra, and Xandra wonders who is touching her. When Lau pulls the sleeping mask off, everyone yells "SORPRESA!" (Surprise!) Xandra is surprised to see Mary, Laika, Khloe, and Penelopé. Lau tells them to have fun, and leaves.

Mary, Laika, Khloe, and Penelopé start tickling Xandra wildly, tickling her feet, armpits, legs, and sides. Xandra squirms and laughs, and the girls have a great time tickling her. The tickling goes on for several minutes with a few short breaks in between for Xandra to catch her breath.

Lau returns with panties and silver duct tape, saying she can hear how much she's enjoying her surprise all the way down in the living room. The girls are chanting and clapping at Lau while she is putting the panties in Xandra's mouth and duct taping it shut. When Xandra is gagged, Lau starts tickling her wildly, tickling her arms, armpits, sides, stomach, legs, and feet.

Mary, Khloe, Laika, and Penelopé watch Lau tickle Xandra and laugh, and Lau laughs too. The girls then take various tools, such as hairbrushes, and other items, to tickle Xandra wildly. Suddenly, the girls notice that Xandra has peed her pants! She is humiliated and the girls laugh at her. The girls say happy birthday and farewell with a kiss on her gag. All the girls leave, leaving Xandra exhausted and humiliated with pee in her pants.

Included in this clip: rope bondage, tied to the bed, tickling, lesbian bondage, panty gagged, laughing, peeing, humiliation, struggling, tape gagged, latinas, stuck, bdsm


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Tags: Double Domination Latinas Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Rope Bondage Tape Gagged Teens (18/19) Tickling
Surprise Tickle Party for Bed Bound Birthday Beauty

A Gift For Her Boyfriend

Laika Labado , Yurca

Yurca, wearing jeans and a top, is trying to spoil her boyfriend on his birthday by breaking into his ex-girlfriend's (Laika Labado) home and tying her up. Laika is wrapped up like a mummy with duct tape on the sofa, and she is confused and struggles. Yurca takes off Laika's socks and stuffs them in her mouth, then wraps silver duct tape around her head.

With Laika mummified and gagged, Yurca sits down on the sofa with Laika's legs on her. She smells her feet and spreads them, coughing because she thinks they smell bad. She then starts sucking Laika's toes and licking her soles to show dominance and humiliation to the mummified girl.

Yurca puts Laika on the floo and places her sock-clad feet on Laika's face. She rubs them all over her face. Yurca also takes off her dirty socks and grabs them with her toes to rub Laika's face with them. Yurca then uses her phone to call her boyfriend, putting her bare feet on Laika's face while rubbing her feet over the tape gag. Laika makes big eyes while Yurca does this!

Later, Yurca walks in with a box mover. Laika is put on the box mover as Yurca drives her out of the house, ready to deliver her boyfriend his gift!

Included in this clip: mummification, duct tape, sock gagged, foot fetish, tape gagged, lesbian bondage, latinas, foot smelling, toe sucking, domination, foot worship, humiliation, bdsm


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Tags: Duct Tape Bondage Foot Fetish Foot Worship Latinas Lesbian Bondage Mummification Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
A Gift For Her Boyfriend

Six Girls Tied Up, Gagged and Hogtied by Mary the Catgirl!

Barby Luna , Betsa , Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia , Xandra

Mary is the villain wearing red lipstick, dressed in black clothes, high heels and a catgirl mask. She is very strict and super bossy with the six beautiful ladies she is going to bind and gag today!

All the girls are angry, feisty and cursing at Mary. She takes them into the house one by one: blindfolded and their hands tied behind their backs. She duct tapes them up, gags them with dirty socks packed into their cheeks and a clear wraparound tape gag! Mary turns each of the six girls on their stomach and makes a nice connection between their taped wrists and their bound ankles using silver duct tape. She hogties them!

Finally, Mary turns their hogties into a hogtape position by running clear tape around their foreheads tied to the back of the feet of each girl so their heads are held up high. Mary carefully checks each girl, taunting them and making fun of them. Mary stands victoriously above the girls as she laughs and humiliates them.

She leaves, and the six hogtied girls struggle on the floor all barefoot and helpless!

Included in this clip: duct tape bondage, mouth stuffings, sock gagged, latinas, multiple women, struggling, barefoot, clear tape gags, hogtied, lesbian bondage, domination, masked dominatrix, humiliation, hogtaped, bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: Brunettes Duct Tape Bondage Hogtied Humiliation Jeans Bondage Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Six Girls Tied Up, Gagged and Hogtied by Mary the Catgirl!

Challenged The Group Leader And Got Gagged With Her Dirty Panties

Barby Luna , Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia

Mary, Khloe, Laika, Penelopé and Barby Luna are 5 beautiful ladies are having a pre-party. The youngest girl, 18-year-old Barby, pushes Mary (the group leader) during a toast to a fun night, causing her to spill over herself. Mary is upset and goes to the kitchen with Laika, Khloe, and Penelope following her for support.

Mary is determined not to go to the party if Barby is going too. Laika finds some rope and suggests that they can challenge Barby to be tied up - and if she refuse the challenge, she will be tied up anyway and left at the house! Mary and the girls love the idea and they are determined to let Barby engage in the challenge or make her be tied up no matter what.

The girls go back to the livingroom and break the news to Barby. Barby willingly allows the girls to tie her up, and they carry her up the stairs and into the bedroom. Barby is put on the bed, and each girl ties rope around her wrists/ankles and ties her to the bed. Barby's arms and legs are spread out wide.

When Barby is stretched out and tied to the bed, group leader Mary takes off her worn panties, causing her three supportive friends to cheer! She goes close to Barby's face, showing her the dirty panties while saying "These dirty panties belong in your mouth!" (in Spanish)

Mary stuffs her dirty panties in Barby's mouth and puts pieces of silver duct tape outside of it so Barby can't spit out the panty gag. When Barby is gagged, Mary goes close to Barby's face and, in Spanish language, says "We leave in 10 minutes. If you're not free by then, there will be no party for you!"

Mary, Khloe, Laika, and Penelopé leave the room, and Barby struggles to escape her spreadeagle bondage - but fails. A while later, Mary and the girls come back, holding their glasses. They make a toast above Barby to humiliate her. They are off to a fun night of party and Barby isn't.

Penelopé thinks Barby's high heels are super cute so she removes the heels from Barby's feet and puts the shoes on her own feet. She gives Barby a farewell kiss on her gag, followed by a kiss from Khloe and Laika. Still upset with Barby's behavior, Mary is the only one not kissing her farewell but makes a dominant comment to humiliate her one last time before they leave!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, Latinas, panty gagged, mouth stuffed, tape gagged, spreadeagle, carried, bedroom bondage, tied to bed, lesbian bondage, domination, gag talk, struggling, BDSM, humiliation


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Tags: Challenges Double Domination Dress Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Rope Bondage Tape Gagged
Challenged The Group Leader And Got Gagged With Her Dirty Panties

Buried Our Stupid Co-Worker On The Beach

Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya

Khloe is working in the same bar as Laika and Mary and she has been getting more tips from the customers than Mary and Laika lately! Mary and Laika are super pissed at Khloe and so they have duct tape mummified her and brought her to the beach to bury her!

The girls make tape gagged Khloe jump towards a sand pit, and makes her sit down to watch as they prepare the hole for her. Khloe pleads the girl for mercy through her tape gag, but the girls are ruthless and doesn't care about Khloe's whining.

They remove Khloe's cute sandals and make her lie down in the hole where they cover her mummified body in sand, completely burying her. Laika puts on Khloe's sandals to tease Khloe. They leave Khloe for some minutes, and Khloe realize just how stuck she really is.

The girls return to completely hide away their co-worker. They replace her tape gag with a dirty panty gag plastered in with several pieces of duct tape. The dirty panties belong to one of the girls and serves as a reminder to Khloe that the girls are superior to her! Mary and Laika tell Khloe they have to go to work now. They cover Khloe's head with a bucket and leaves her buried and helpless in the sand, hidden away from public view. Khloe makes angry noises inside the bucket and tries to call for help, but there is absolutely no one around to rescue her!

Included in this clip: beach bondage, mummification, duct tape, mouth stuffing, tape gagged, gag talk, lesbian bondage, lezdom, panty gagged, beach buried, confinement bondage, encasement, latinas, buried in sand, bdsm


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Tags: Beach Bondage Brunettes Double Domination Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Mummification Outdoor Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
Buried Our Stupid Co-Worker On The Beach