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Models / Khloe

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Khloe Vital Stats:
AGE:  20
FROM:  South America
SPEAKS:  Spanish
ETHNICITY:  Hispanic
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag

Khloe is your typical girl-next-door type of girl. She is tall and flirty and she loves being bound and gagged in tight jeans!

She is capable of handling even the tightest and most ruthless gags and she enjoys acting roles as a helpless damsel so much that she sometimes tends to smile even if she should be acting angry... :)

Khloe loves tight duct tape bondage and heavy wraparound tape gags that can shut her fully packed mouth up once and for all!

Khloe Updates

Hanging Out With Khloe: There Will Be No More Dates For You On Our Watch, Sweetheart!
Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya
Khloe is a beautiful tall girl who's an absolute sucker for cock! Khloe has gone on many dates lately and her two best friends Mary and Laika are worried about her. They come up with a plan to keep Khloe away from her date by tying her up and gagging her!

Khloe is on the phone with a new guy she's going to date tonight. Mary and Laika overhear Khloe's conversation. They try to talk Khloe out of dating any more guys, but Khloe wants to date.

Khloe is grabbed by her protective friends Mary and Laika. She is hand gagged by Laika while Mary ties her up with rope: hands tied behind the back, elbows bound, ankles and knees. 

Mary peels Laika's dirty socks off and gives them to Laika who teases Khloe with the smelly socks. The socks are then shoved inside Khloe's mouth followed by a tight duct tape cleave gag.

The two friends make bound Khloe jump to the doorway where they tie her hands back up in a strappado bondage position. With Khloe strung up and helpless, her two friends tickle and humiliate her.

Khloe is tickled in bondage and made to stay home for her own best!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, sock gagged, hand over mouth, duct tape gagged, lesbian domination, cleave gagged, lezdom bondage, gagged girl, bdsm, tied up, bondage, double domination, bound and gagged, handgag, strappado, elbow bondage, gag talk, humiliation, tickling, gag fetish

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Tags: Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Cleave Gagged
Hanging Out With Khloe There Will Be No More Dates For You On Our Watch Sweetheart!
A New Day Of Fun With Duct Tape Bondage And Gags At The Rich Girls House!
Agata , Khloe , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia
Mary is a rich girl who likes to be tied up. She has called Lau and Penelopé to come to tie her up. 

Mary is laying in bed playing with some rope when Lau and Penelopé arrive. They say hi to each other and Mary says she's ready to be tied and gagged. She gives Lau the rope and puts her hands behind her back as she lays on her stomach. Penelopé helps Lau tie her wrists with rope as Mary tells them to make it tight and gag her. Once Mary's hands are tied they sit her up and stuff some socks in her mouth. They gag her with 3 white cloths: one cleave gag and two OTM gags. They leave Mary to struggle for fun on the bed.

While Mary has fun, Khloe walks in surprised to find Mary like this. Khloe says it looks like fun and Lau and Penelopé walk back in with some duct tape. They ask Khloe if she'd like to join Mary and she says yes. Lau and Penelopé tape Khloe's hands behind her back and Khloe says they should wrap her mouth with tape.

They stuff her mouth with a pair of panties and wrap her head multiple with duct tape. Penelopé tells Lau that the girls should get some sun and Lau agrees. They help Mary and Khloe to their feet and walk them downstairs and outside. They sit Khloe down and untie Mary's wrists. They sit Mary on the ground with her back against the pillar. They tape Mary's wrists behind the pillar and wrap her chest/stomach to it as well. Mary sits with her knees bent in front of her as Lau and Penelopé tape her legs and ankles.

Penelopé removes Mary's cloth gags and socks. Lau stuffs a pair of panties into Mary's mouth and then wraps around Mary's mouth and the post multiple times, and adds a couple wraps over Mary's forehead too to really cling her to the pillar. They ask Mary if she is satisfied and she mmpphhs yes.

Lau and Penelopé sit Khloe in her chair back up against the other pillar. They tape Khloe's body to the chair, and then when they're done they tape Khloe's head to the pillar the same way they did Mary. Lau and Penelopé feel/smooth both girls' gags some and then leave them there by themselves.

Khloe and Mary laugh and gag talk to each other, unable to move. Then their maid Agata comes home from the store and walks up to find Mary and Khloe taped to the pillars. Agata shakes her head and laughs at the girls for being too kinky. Agata says she'll come back to cut them free after she puts the groceries away. Agata scratches under Mary's chin and pats her gag a few times before going inside.

While Agata is in the kitchen, she is grabbed by Lau and Penelopé. They tape Agata's wrists behind her back as she gives up and goes along with it. Penelopé stuffs Agata's mouth and Lau gags her with 3 cloths (one cleave gag + two OTM gags). With Agata gagged, Penelopé and Lau walk her out to where Mary and Khloe are waiting.

Mary and Khloe laugh upon seeing Agata. They sit Agata in a chair and tape her heavily to it. Once Agata is secured, Penelopé removes her cloth gags and stuffs a pair of Mary's panties into her mouth. Lau then wraps Agata's head multiple times with duct tape.

Lau and Penelopé put Agata in her chair right between Mary and Khloe. They say goodbye to each girl by patting them on the gag and giving them a kiss goodbye before walking away. Mary, Khloe, and Agata spend the rest of the video gag talking to each other!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, mouth stuffed gags, duct tape bondage, giggling girls, stuck, sock gagged, rich girls, gagged girls, double domination, multiple girls in bondage, girls laughing, gagged teen girls bondage, panty gagged, gilf bondage, cleave gagged, gagged granny bondage, cloth gagged, maid bondage, over the mouth gagged, outdoor bondage, duct tape wrap gagged, tightly gagged girls, gag fetish, bdsm, gag talk

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Tags: Cleave Gagged OTM Gagged Panty Gagged Sock Gagged
A New Day Of Fun With Duct Tape Bondage And Gags At The Rich Girls House!
The Bitchy Bride Deserved To Remain Bound And Gagged!
Agata , Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia
Laika Labado is getting married and she has become something of a tyrant to everyone around her during the wedding preparations. Laika has insisted that her closest people show her what they plan to wear for the wedding for her approval. The situation is complicated by a deranged neighbor who has decided that he wants Laika for himself!

As the scene opens Lau, Agata, Khloe, Mary, and Penelope are in the living room talking to each other. Khloe, Mary, and Penelopé are dressed for the wedding but Lau and Agata have not changed their clothes yet.

They make some expository small talk about how demanding Laika has been lately. They also mention the creepy guy down the street who is infatuated with Laika. The girls each make excuses to leave the room and as they do, each one is grabbed and dragged off-screen. The last girl, Penelopé, is the only one remaining in the living room with everyone gone. She doesn't understand where everybody is so she goes looking for them and finds them tied up with rope and OTM gagged with white scarves!

Then Penelopé gets grabbed too. The scene faces and we see all 5 women tied up and gagged on the living room floor. They are all sock gagged and over-the-mouth gagged with white scarves as they are tied up with rope on the floor.

Laika, the bride-to-be, comes down the stairs from the 1st floor to find all her 5 closest friends tied up and gagged. The bound and gagged women all call to her to warn her to get out. Laika is surprised to see them at first but notes with amusement that they can't argue with her about the wedding now.

The women do their best to warn Laika of the danger. Laika turns to the camera and angrily berates the creepy neighbor! The scene fades and Laika is now tied up next to the other women. But unlike them, she is securely bound and gagged with duct tape! It seems that the man wanted to be extra certain that Laika would stay still and quiet.

Laika is really angry now while the other women are scared. We see them all struggle and get close-ups of their gagged faces. Suddenly, Penelopé manage to break out of her bondage. She un-gags herself and spits the socks stuffed in her mouth out before she helps the girl next to her.

Everyone around the coming bride is untied and un-gagged, while Laika is still stuck in tape bondage. The girls then agree not to free Laika right away. The girls all take this opportunity to tell Laika how mean she has been to them over this coming wedding and that she deserves to remain bound and gagged. They finally leave Laika angry and bitching through her tight tapegag!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, multiple girls tied up and gagged, tied up in dresses, tape bondage, gagged bondage damsels, struggling, over the mouth gagged girls, tape gagged, sock gagged girls, gagged latinas in bondage, otm gagged girls, pov, gag talk, bdsm, humiliation, gagging, high heels, gag fetish

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Tags: OTM Gagged POV Rope Bondage Sock Gagged
The Bitchy Bride Deserved To Remain Bound And Gagged!
The Naughty Rich Girl And Her Silly Stepsister Bound And Gagged By The Nannies!
Agata , Khloe , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya
Lau and Agata are babysitting rich girl Khloe. They are tidying up Khloe's bedroom when Khloe walks in. Khloe pulls out a fresh roll of silver duct tape and says she wants her nannies to tie her up.

Lau and Agata tell Khloe they've been doing this way too much recently and Khloe asks if they don't want to gag her as she puts the tape between her teeth like a cleave gag. Lau and Agata say it's too risky because they could lose their job and apologize to Khloe.

Khloe says that the right thing to do would be to confess to her stepsister, Mary, what they've been doing recently. Khloe starts to walk out of the room when Lau and Agata have no choice but to grab Khloe and throw her onto the bed! With Khloe on her stomach, Lau tapes Khloe's wrists behind her back many times as Khloe says to make it tight!

Lau tells Agata to grab another roll of tape and help her. Agata finds another roll and the two of them heavily tape Khloe's body. Once Khloe is all taped up, there is a knock at the door. Lau quickly and tightly handgags Khloe from behind and tells Agata to see who it is. Agata cracks the door open and Khloe's stepsister Mary is there, unable to see Lau and her handgagged stepsister Khloe.

Mary asks Agata if she and Lau are going to start dinner soon and Agata says they will. Mary also asks if they've seen Khloe around and Agata says no before closing the door.

Agata returns to Lau and says they need to gag Khloe now and handgagged Khloe happily agrees with that suggestion. Agata grabs a pair of socks and packs them into Khloe's mouth. Lau gags Khloe with 3 clothes (one cleave gag + 2 OTM gags). Khloe approves of her gag as Lau makes sure they're all nice and tight. Lau and Agata say they have to go make dinner and leave Khloe alone.

Khloe has fun struggling on the bed and mmpphhing to herself. Khloe mumbles and giggles to herself as she tries to break free but can't. After a couple of minutes, Lau and Agata return and say Khloe is making too much noise. Lau tells Agata to find a pair of Khloe's panties as she pulls Khloe on her back to the edge of the bed and removes Khloe's gags and stuffing.

Khloe tells Lau to gag her with lots of tape and Agata shuts her up by packing the panties in her mouth. With Khloe's head dangling off the edge of the bed, Lau rests it up against her thigh so she can use both her hands to wrapgag Khloe. Lau wraps Khloe's mouth multiple times with duct tape as Agata watches. Once Khloe is gagged, Lau and Agata tape Khloe's sneakers, going over the top and under the soles. Lau and Agata leave once again as Khloe squirms on the bed and mmpphhs to herself!

Shortly later, Mary enters the room and finds Khloe taped up on the bed. Mary shakes her head and says she knew Khloe was doing this with Lau and Agata. Mary squeezes Khloe gag/cheeks and says she's going to go get herself tied up too now, giving Khloe a quick spank before she leaves. Mary leaves and goes down to the kitchen where Lau and Agata are. Mary demands they tape her up like they did Khloe. Lau and Agata are annoyed but have no choice when Mary says she'll tell their step-parents if they don't.

Mary puts her hands behind her back and Lau tapes her wrists several times. Mary says she needs a gag and shrugs her shoulders. Lau and Agata stuff Mary's mouth and gag her with 3 cloths (1 cleave + 2 OTM, with the top OTM using an orange bandana). Lau and Agata then lead Mary upstairs into the room where Khloe still is. They sit Mary on the bed and tape her ankles, legs, and chest. They remove her cloth gags and stuff a pair of panties into Mary's mouth. Lau then wraps her head with duct tape multiple times as a tight tapegag!

The 2 women tape Mary's feet/shoes the same way they did Khloe. They leave Khloe and Mary alone to squirm on the bed together for several minutes. Lau and Agata come back later one last time and sit Khloe and Mary back to back and tape them together.

Lau and Agata then tape Mary and Khloe's gags together by wrapping their heads together several times. Lau and Agata bid the girls goodbye and say they will untie them before their parents come home. Mary and Khloe spend the rest of the video mumbling and giggling together tied back to back!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, sock gagged, duct tape fetish, tied up and gagged, panty gagged, tape gagged girls, latina bondage, bound and gagged, mouth stuffing gags, cleave gagged, gagging, over the mouth gagged, cloth gagged girls, bondage damsels, girls wearing jeans, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish, struggling, nannies, lezdom, humiliation, stuck, lesbian domination, bondage slaves

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Sock Gagged Tape Bondage
The Naughty Rich Girl And Her Silly Stepsister Bound And Gagged By The Nannies!
What A Lovely Day To Practice Tape Bondage And Gags!
Agata , Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya
Lau and Agata are relaxing on the couch when Khloe comes up to them holding something behind her back. They ask Khloe what's up and she says she's embarrassed to say. Lau and Agata comfort her and tell her not to be embarrassed. Khloe reveals she's holding 2 full rolls of silver duct tape and admits she wants to be taped up and asks if they will help her. Lau and Agata say of course they'll help and have Khloe sit on the floor.

Agata and Lau each take a roll of tape. Lau tapes Khloe's wrists behind her back as Agata tapes her ankles. While Lau tapes Khloe's upper body and Agata tapes her legs, Lau is talking Khloe through the proper technique to tape someone up. When they finish Khloe asks if they'll gag her too. Agata stuffs some socks into Khloe's mouth and then Lau wraps her head with duct tape multiple times nice and neat.

Lau and Agata look at Khloe and tell her how cute she looks all taped up. They roll her onto her stomach. Agata and Lau talk about how cute her little butt is and spank it. They sit her back up in between them and put an arm around her shoulders as they ask her if she likes being taped up. Khloe nods her head yes as the two women laugh.

Mary and Laika walk in to find the Lau and Agata with Khloe. They're jealous. Mary and Laika say they want to learn how to tape someone up. Lau says she will show them and Agata suggest that Lau can demonstrate on her while Mary volunteers to let Laika practice on her. Mary and Agata takes seats on the floor next to bound and gagged Khloe.

Lau tapes Agata's wrists behind her back as she tells Laika how to do it to Mary, which Laika does at the same time. Lau then tapes Agata's ankles as Laika tapes Mary's. Lau tells Laika to watch carefully as she is about to gag Agata. Lau stuffs some socks into Agata's mouth and then neatly wraps her head multiple times with duct tape as she narrates the correct way to do it.

Laika then stuffs Mary's mouth with socks and neatly wraps her head multiple times with tape. Lau tapes the rest of Agata's body as she coaches Laika on how to tape Mary's. Once they're done Lau and Laika ask Agata and Mary if they feel well taped and they both nod and laugh yes. Lau asks Laika if she feels confident in taping someone and Laika says yes. Lau then tells Laika that she's going to prove it by letting Laika tape Lau up.

Lau takes a seat on the floor and tells Laika to do her best as Laika tapes Lau's wrists and ankles. Lau tells Laika she better wrap her mouth many times and make the gag nice and neat. Lau opens her mouth to receive her stuffing and Laika shoves a couple of socks into it. Laika wraps Lau's head multiple times as Lau keeps still for her.

Laika then tapes the rest of Lau's body as she watches what Laika is doing closely. Once Laika is done she invites Lau to test her work. Lau squirms and temporarily tries to get the gag off but soon realizes she can't. Lau is happy and nods her head in approval as she tries to tell Laika what a good job she did.

Laika puts her arm around her Lau and asks her how long she should leave the girls like this. Laika keeps counting how many hours to wait until she gets to 4. Laika asks if 4 hours works and Lau looks to and gag-talks to all the other girls and they agree on 4. Before she leaves, Laika checks/feel every girls' gag and hugs them goodbye.

The video ends with all 4 girls, Khloe, Mary, Lau, and Agata, having fun by playing with each other while they are left all taped up and gagged next to each other!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, duct tape fetish, sock gagged, mouth stuffing gags, tape gagged, stuck, multiple girls bound and gagged, onscreen tying, wrap gagged, onscreen gagging, lesbian bondage, latina bondage, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
What A Lovely Day To Practice Tape Bondage And Gags!
Stepmom Hired Some Bondage Girls To Keep Us All Tied Up And Gagged!
Agata , Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia
Sexy MILF stepmom Lau is sitting on the couch with Mary and Khloe. Mary and Khloe want to be tied up and ask Lau to tape them up. Lau says she's made other plans though and has hired some girls to tie them all up!

Lau says she instructed the girls to tape their bodies up really well showing where/how they will be taped. Lau says Mary and Khloe will be getting cloth gags, saying she thought it would look cute on them. And Lau says that she will be getting her mouth wrapped with lots of duct tape to shut her up, miming her head being wrapped and putting both her hands tightly over her mouth. Lau tells the girls that each of them will be grabbed when they least expect it as Lau goes upstairs...

Lau walks into the bedroom and is immediately grabbed by Laika and Penelopé and pushed onto the bed! The girls tape Lau's wrists behind her back many times as Lau tells them to make it tight. They sit her up and tape her chest/stomach and arms as Lau tells them to use more tape. Penelopé tapes just Lau's ankles.

Lau tells the girls to wrap her mouth many times, saying not to hold back. Penelopé stuffs Lau's mouth with socks until it's completely full. Laika then wraps Lau's head multiple times as Lau encourages her to keep going. Penelopé and Laika say they're going to get Mary and Khloe and tell Lau a surprise is coming for her... They leave and Lau tests her bonds and gag real quick as she tries to break her arms free and grunts into her gag!

Suddenly Lau's maid Agata walks in and laughs at Lau. Lau is confused and mmpphhs at Agata who tells her that she actually hired Laika and Penelopé to tie Lau up! Agata says she is tired of being bossed around and criticized by Lau! Agata squeezes Lau's mouth as she says how long she has wanted to gag Lau. Lau angrily mmpphhs at Agata who just mocks her for not being able to talk. Agata sits with Lau and toys with her...

Meanwhile Khloe and Mary are walking through the house when Khloe is suddenly handgagged by Laika, and Mary is handgagged by Penelopé! Laika and Penelope lead the girls to the living room and sit them both in a chair. Penelopé tapes Mary's wrists as Laika tapes Khloe's behind the chair. Laika then stuffs Khloe's mouth with a wad of socks and gags her with 3 cloths: 1 cleavegag, 1 OTM gag and 1 OTN gag! Penelopé then does the same thing to Mary...

Laika heavily tapes Khloe's body to the chair as Penelopé tapes Mary. Mary and Penelopé playfully talk to each other as they are being taped!

Back in the bedroom, Agata removes the tape from Lau's ankles, allowing her to walk. Agata helps her stand and tells her to start walking as Lau angrily mmpphhs at her. Agata walks Lau down the stairs where she sees Penelopé standing Mary with her hands on her shoulders, as Laika poses the same with Khloe!

They bring over another chair for Lau and sit her in it. Agata tells Laika and Penelopé to tape Lau to the chair. As they secure Lau, Agata goes and checks/tightens Mary and Khloe's gags and says how cute they look. Once Lau is secure Agata tells Laika and Penelopé to tape Mary and Khloe's mouths!

Laika removes Khloe's cloth gags and wraps her head multiple times with duct tape. Agata sits on Lau's lap and continues squeezing her gag/face as she toys with her. Penelopé then removes Mary's cloth gags and mouth stuffing. Mary requests a few cleave wraps with the duct tape first and Penelopé takes a seat on Mary's lap. Mary opens her mouth wide and Penelopé wraps between her teeth 3 or 4 times before wrapping over her mouth 11-12 times. Penelopé squeezes Mary's gag and hugs her while Laika toys with Khloe!

Lau curses Agata through her gag so Agata grabs a roll of brown tape and gives it to Laika. She tells Laika to wrap Lau's head to hopefully shut her up more. Laika wraps Lau's head leaving her nose and eyes free as Agata laughs at Lau.

Laika checks Khloe's gag and bonds and kisses her goodbye on the gag before smacking it one last time. Penelopé checks Mary's gag and bonds and does the same kiss/smack to Mary. Agata smacks Lau's taped head and asks Lau to criticize her cleaning now! Lau can only angrily grunt under the tape, and Agata laughs and says she needs to shut Lau up once and for all...

Agata grabs an orange cloth and ties at as an OTM gag over Lau's tapegagged face. Agata then wraps over Lau's eyes with more brown tape several times, completely blindfolding her! Agata smacks Lau's head as she leaves. Mary and Khloe playfully squirm with each other as Lau grunts under her gag as she fails to break free...


Included in this clip: tape bondage, sockgagged girls, milf bondage, latina bondage, duct tape gagged women, mouthstuffed girls, bdsm, teen bondage, chairtied girls, damsel bondage, tapegagged girls, cleavegagged, otm gagged girls, otn gagged girls, muffled gagtalk, tape bound and gagged, onscreen tying, onscreen gagging, gag fetish, tape hooded, blindfolded with tape, struggling, bdsm girls

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Tags: Blindfolded Cleave Gagged Hand Gagged Hooded
Stepmom Hired Some Bondage Girls To Keep Us All Tied Up And Gagged For The Weekend
The Bikini Bitches Strikes Back At The Flirting Cock-Tease From The Beach!
Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya
Khloe loves to flirt with guys no matter if they already have girlfriends...

Today the lovely tall Latina just returned home from the beach and is about to lock herself into the house when two angry girlfriends overpower the flirting cocktease!

Khloe has been flirting with the two girls' boyfriends at the beach and the girls can't accept that. They co-operate to tag-team Khloe and duct-tape her to a chair on the porch. They gag Khloe with her own dirty panties from her beach bag and wrap her to a solid pillar, leaving her bound and gagged to think about her slutty behavior...


Included in this clip: tape bondage, chairtied, pantygagged, latinas, tapegagged, double domination, struggling, bondage damsel, humiliation, gagging, lesbian handgag domination, stuck, bikini bondage, bdsm girls, handgagged girl, girl tied up gagged, tape wrapgagged, hand over mouth, lesbian bondage, duct tape bound gagged, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
The Bikini Bitches Strikes Back At Flirting Cock-Tease From The Beach!
My Playful Female Captors Were Crazy Gag Fetishists!!!
Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia
Two bad-ass girls wearing facemasks and sunglasses lead their hands-tied and cleavegagged damsel into an abandoned house.

The gagged prisoner is making muffled noise while her two female bandits are unusually quiet as they get her tied up with rope and sit her down on the dusty floor. The two girl-takers remove the prisoner's cleavegag and immediately puts a handgag on her!

The girl doing the handgag points her foot at her criminal colleague, signaling for her to take off her sock and stuff it into the girl's mouth. The colleague plays along and removes the handgagging friend's worn sock and stuffs it in the damsel's mouth! 

The two criminals gag the sock-gagged girl with many layers of brown packing tape wrapped around her head like a big fat tape wrapgag, and with the prisoner tightly gagged the two girls have a special surprise for her!

On the finger count of three, the girls simultaneously remove their facemasks, revealing that their mouths are taped shut with silver duct tape! This is why they were unusually quiet! The girls giggle while the wrapgagged prisoner wonders what the hell is going on!

One of the tapegagged girl-takers removes one sock from the prisoner's feet and positions herself behind her colleague. She removes the tape from her colleague's mouth, stuffs the prisoner's dirty sock in her mouth and wraps brown tape around her head really tight. Then the tightly tapewrap gagged colleague does the same thing on her friend until they are both equally gagged just like their prisoner!

The two criminals enjoy their gags so much that they start to gagkiss while the young prisoner is looking extremely confused! The two gagged girl-takers mumblingly agree to hogtie the girl they brought here when another one of their colleagues walks in and finds out that the two bitches are being silly and foolish!

She hogties her gagged colleagues next to the female prisoner and leaves to tell the boss about the two dumb bitches living out their personal gag fantasies while they are on duty!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, bound gagged damsel, latinas, hand over mouth, masked females fetish, cleavegagged, foot fetish, ff handgagged, sockgagged, gagkissing, girls gagging, mouthstuffed gags, tapegagged tightly, struggling, gagtalk, tied up and gagged, hogtied girls, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Hand Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage
My Playful Female Captors Were Crazy Gag Fetishists!!!