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Models / Khloe

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Khloe Vital Stats:
AGE:  20
FROM:  South America
SPEAKS:  Spanish
ETHNICITY:  Hispanic
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag

Khloe is your typical girl-next-door type of girl. She is tall and flirty and she loves being bound and gagged in tight jeans!

She is capable of handling even the tightest and most ruthless gags and she enjoys acting roles as a helpless damsel so much that she sometimes tends to smile even if she should be acting angry... :)

Khloe loves tight duct tape bondage and heavy wraparound tape gags that can shut her fully packed mouth up once and for all!

Khloe Updates

Cooperative Bondage Prisoners
Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya
Mary and Khloe are sitting on the couch bored. Mary starts talking about how fun she thinks it would be to get taken and held prisoner by someone and Khloe agrees. Mary leaves the living room real quick and Khloe stays on the couch. Just as Mary enters another room she is grabbed by a masked female bandit (Laika), who hand gags Mary and whispers for her to be quiet.

Mary complies and stays still, trying to contain her excitement! The masked female bandit asks if anyone else is in the house and Mary tells her about Khloe in the living room. Mary suggests the girl tie them both up, confusing the bandit with her willingness to be restrained by her.

The female bandit takes out a fresh roll of duct tape and tapes Mary's wrists behind her back. Mary suggests that she should gag her so the girl bandit takes Mary's stinky pinky socks off and stuffs them in her mouth. The female bandit takes out a couple of cloths and cleave-gags Mary with the first one. Then she OTM gags Mary with 2 large white cloths on top.

The masked girl bandit tells Mary to walk her to where Khloe is and Mary happily complies and brings the bandit into the living room where Khloe is. As they enter, the female bandit tells Khloe to have a seat on the floor in front of the couch. She sits Mary down next to Khloe and Khloe smiles at Mary in excitement!

The bandit duct-tapes Khloe's wrists behind her back and tapes her ankles. She says she needs to shut Khloe up and Khloe suggests that she should wrap duct tape around her mouth many times. The masked girl removes both of Khloe's smelly socks, stuffs them in her mouth, and wraps duct tape around Khloe's head 12 times.

Khloe and Mary giggle under their gags as the girl tapes Khloe's knees, thighs, and above/below her boobs. Once Khloe is all taped up, the bandit removes Mary's cleave and OTM gags. She restuffs Mary's mouth with a new pair of socks, the bandit's own worn socks, and wraps her head with duct tape 12 times as well. She then tapes Mary's body the same way she did Khloe before she leaves to collect the girls' valuables while Mary and Khloe have fun squirming next to each other. They also press their gags together like they're kissing.

The female bandit comes back having found some rolls of brown packaging tape. She wraps Mary's head with the brown tape leaving only her eyes and nose showing in an almost full head encasement. Then she does the same to Khloe and then wraps both girls' hands completely so they can't help each other escape.

The female bandit sits down between Khloe and Mary and puts an arm around each girl. She says she is leaving and that will call the cops eventually to come to rescue the girls. She asks if she should call them in 2 hours and Mary and Laika shake their heads no. Then she asks how about 5 hours and they nod. The bandit kisses both girls goodbye and leaves Mary and Khloe to squirm together and gag-kiss for fun for the rest of the video!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, otm gagged, mouth stuffing, sock gagged, hand over mouth, cloth gagged, struggling, cleave gagged, duct tape bound, wrap gagged, female robber, tape gagged, latinas, gag kissing, head encasement, struggling, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Cleave Gagged Hand Gagged Hooded Lesbian Bondage
Cooperative Bondage Prisoners
Bratty Online Bullies Bound And Gagged By An Angry MILF!
Khloe , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya
Mary and Khloe have been bullying Lau's step-daughter Laika online so Lau wants to teach the girls a lesson!

Mary is sitting in the living room on her phone when Lau sneaks up behind her. Lau quickly and tightly hand gags Mary with one arm and wraps the other around Mary's body. Lau presses her hand down tight on Mary's mouth as she tells her that she's going to make sure Mary can't say or write any more mean things to her step-daughter. Lau uses her thumb to pinch Mary's nose shut and soon, Lau lays Mary on the floor on her stomach and puts her wrists behind her back!

Lau takes a full roll of duct tape and tightly tapes Mary's wrists together. Lau makes sure the tape is packed down and then gives Mary's butt a good smack. Lau sits Mary up and stuffs her mouth with a pair of socks before cleave gagging her and then giving her 2 large OTM cloth gags on top, nice and tight. Lau drags Mary over to a chair and sits her in it. Lau quickly wraps Mary's ankles a good many times to make sure she won't go anywhere. Lau leaves Mary and goes to hide in the house, waiting for Mary's friend and roommate, Khloe to come home!

Khloe comes home and is grabbed by Lau when she enters in kitchen. Lau immediately grabs her and hand gags her tight while squeezing her body tightly against hers. Khloe is much less defiant and more still as Lau hand gags her and tells her the same thing she told Mary. Lau tapes Khloe's hands behind her back before stuffing her mouth. Lau cleave gags and double OTM gags Khloe with 3 white cloths. Lau makes Khloe stand up and walks her into the other room where Mary is stuck to a chair!

Lau sits Khloe in a chair right next to Mary and tapes Khloe's ankles and body to the chair as Mary watches and grunts. When Khloe is all secure Lau says Mary needs to be quieter. Lau sits on Mary's lap and removes her cloth gags. Lau keeps the sock stuffing in Mary's mouth and then tightly wraps her head with duct tape 11 times as she verbally humiliates Mary!

With Mary completely gagged, Lau comes behind Khloe and removes her cloth gags and stuffing. Khloe tries to apologize but Lau clamps both her hands tightly over Khloe's mouth. Lau tells her it's too late and that she's going to shut her up. Lau restuffs Khloe's mouth and then tightly wraps her head with tape a good 11 times!

Lau heavily duct-tapes both girls to the chairs and makes sure both girls' gags are smoothed down and tight before leaving to collect their phones and computers. While Lau is gone Mary and Khloe grunt through their gags and struggle to even squirm in their chairs!

Lau returns with some brown packing tape and says the girls need some more tape. Lau first wraps Mary's head completely and then reinforces her body more to the chair with lots of brown tape (wrapping it very fast). Lau then does the same to Khloe as she makes fun of both girls!

Lau once again checks each girls' gags and bonds. Lau says goodbye and smacks each girl on their head/cheeks a couple of times before leaving. Mary and Khloe look at each other and gag talk for the rest of the video!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, over the mouth gagged, hand over mouth, domination, sock gagged, mouth stuffed, duct tape fetish, cloth gagged, struggling, jeans, gag talk, chair tied, head encasement, cleave gagged, latinas, gagged girls, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Cleave Gagged Hand Gagged Hooded Lesbian Bondage
Bratty Online Bullies Bound And Gagged By An Angry MILF!
You Should Just Have Cooked For Me!
Betsa , Khloe
Betsa and Khloe are co-workers and roommates. Both have been working many hours and they are both tired. Betsa wants Khloe to cook something for the two of them but Khloe says no even though Betsa cooked for them the last couple of days!

Betsa starts to talk harder to Khloe and in frustration, she grabs Khloe and starts to tie her up with brown packing tape! Betsa is rather rough with Khloe as she ties her hands behind her back, her ankles, and her legs up while explaining all the things she thinks Khloe is doing wrong!

Betsa takes a pair of dirty panties and a dirty sock. She handgags Khloe and makes her smell the panties and the socks really good over and over while deciding which of them that will go in Khloe's mouth as a gag! 

She chooses the stinky sock over the dirty panties and stuffs the sock in Khloe's mouth. Then she wraps real silver duct tape around Khloe's mouth and head like a tight wrapgag to confine the nasty sock in her mouth!

Betsa makes gagged Khloe smell the panties again while she taunts, teases, and humiliates her until she decides to hogtie her with duct tape. With Khloe hogtied and helpless on the floor, Betsa leaves Khloe to struggle and to think about what she could have done to avoid this from happening!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, roommates, struggling, duct tape, sock gagged, smell fetish, dirty panties, hand over mouth, domination, latinas, handgag, damsel, tapegagged, hogtied, wrapgagged, jeans, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish 

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Tags: Hand Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged
You Should Just Have Cooked For Me!
Pantyhosed Piggy Girl Horror: 8 Captured Mall Girls
Alexa , Anli Anila , Betsa , Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya , Nina Naranjo , Pao , Xandra , Yurca
Even though these eight girls are total strangers to each other, They all have one thing in common: They were captured at the same mall and taken to a house by two criminal bitches!

One by one, each girl is escorted into the living room by their two female captors who follow the same procedure for each one of their captives. The girls are already tied up with brown packaging tape and their mouths sealed shut with a piece of duct tape as the two criminal bitches make them hop to where they want them.

When having escorted the hopping damsel into the living room, the criminal women remove her tapegag, drags a pair of pantyhose down over her head, and cleaves brown packaging tape in her mouth like a tight tape cleavegag from the outside of the pantyhose head encasement.

Every girl is then made to lie on her stomach where her bound wrists get connected to her tied ankles and the soles of her feet are tightly taped together too. The loose ends of her pantyhose encasement are then pulled back and tied to the back of her ankles, making the hogtied damsel look like a cute little piggy girl.

The two criminal bitches follow the same procedure for all of their 8 captured mall girls who finally end up hogtied, pantyhosed, and struggling on the floor next to each other as they are away from the truck that is going to come to pick them up and take them away!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, damsels, multiple girls tied and gagged, latinas, hopping, duct tape fetish, humiliation, pantyhose hooded, double domination, struggling, predicament bondage, cleavegag, pantyhose encasement, hogtied, gagging, pantyhose bondage, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Hooded Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Pantyhose Hooded
Pantyhosed Piggy Girl Horror 8 Captured Mall Girls
She Caught Us Playing Silly Tie-Up Games In The Kitchen!
Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya
Mary, Laika, and Khloe are three friends playing kinky tie-up games with duct tape!

Khloe is already tied up and gagged when the scene starts. Mary and Laika make Khloe hop into the kitchen where she is sat on the floor and teased by her two bratty friends.

The girls takes Khloe's dirty socks off, removes her classic tapegag, shoves her socks into her mouth, and wraps her mouth shut as a big and brutally tight wraparound tapegag. Khloe is then helped up to lay on top of the dining table where is hogtied with duct tape by Mary and Laika who teases her with foot tickling and verbal humiliation.

Suddenly, Laika's step-mom Lau walks in to find her step-daughter playing tie-up games with her friends Mary and Khloe! Lau angrily lectures the girls for tying up Khloe and she demands her step-daughter Laika to tie Mary.

Laika reluctantly starts to tie Mary's hands behind her back with duct tape, her ankles, her legs, and her thighs as well as her chest and arms. Laika is then told to gag Mary. Laika happily removes Mary's dirty socks from her feet, teases her with how bad they smell, and shoves them in her mouth.

Mary is then given a big and brutal wraparound tapegag by Laika who has started to like what her step-mom Lau is telling her to do to Mary. Laika and Lau co-operate and hogties Mary on a bench next to the dining table Khloe is hogtied on.

Laika is relieved to be on her step-mom's side and is being really bratty towards her two hogtied friends - but Lau has similar plans for her naughty step-daughter! Lau grabs Laika with a tight hand over mouth and effectively ties her up with duct tape in the same way as Mary and Khloe who both look at Lau taking care of Laika!

Laika is then gagged with her own nasty worn socks, heavily duct tape wrap gagged and made to lay on her stomach on another bench next to the dining table. She is hogtied by her step-mom.

Lau looks at the three hogtied girls totally stuck in her kitchen. She lectures them as they look at her with begging eyes with their big fat tapegags tightly wrapped around their mouths. Lau finally leaves the three silly girls to struggle!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, sock gagged, hand over mouth, dirty socks, mouth stuffed, tape wrap gagged, kitchen bondage, hogtied girls, multiple girls tied and gagged, onscreen tying, struggling, onscreen gagging, big tapegags, duct tape fetish, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Hand Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged
She Caught Us Playing Silly Tie-Up Games In The Kitchen!
Tape Bound Babysitter Stuck In The Playhouse
Your naughty babysitter Khloe comes over to take care of you! She's brought a roll of duct tape and wants you to tie her wrists, arms, and elbows. Once you've done that, she teasingly starts to make a run for it, having you chase her until she gets to the playhouse where she let you catch her!

You tie her legs in a crossed ankles position so she can't run away. Then you tape gag her and watch her struggle inside the playhouse. After a while, you also hogtape her on the ground inside the house!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, babysitter, tape gagged, tied elbows, duct tape fetish, pov, gag talk, hogtied, outdoor bondage, jeans, hogtaped, sneaker fetish, blonde, dirty foot soles, latina, shoe fetish, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Babysitters Hogtied POV Tape Bondage
Tape Bound Babysitter Stuck In The Playhouse
9 Sexy College Girls Bound And Stowed In The Truck!
Alexa , Anli Anila , Khloe , Mary Macaya , Nina Naranjo , Pao , Shantal , Xandra , Yurca
Party's over, girls!

Shantal is a notorious girl who hit the jackpot when she broke into a house where a big party was going on! Here, the criminal bad-ass managed to capture, bind and gag the 9 sexy college girls who were happily celebrating their last day of school before a long holiday.

We follow Shantal's mission to lead each captured party girl out of the house where she ties their arms, chest, and legs up with duct tape and stows them in her truck one by one until she's got all 9 girls ready for transport! Some of the girls are feisty and some try to run away during the escort, but no one escapes the grasping claws of ruthless Shantal!!!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, transportation, tapegagged, domination, struggling, moaning, humiliation, damsels, high heels, duct tape fetish, party clothes, dress fetish, car bondage, escape attempts, stuck, gag talk, latinas, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Nine Sexy College Girls Bound And Stowed In The Truck!
Stakeout Bondage: Three Hot Girls Tied Spreadeagle To The Ground!
Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya
A guy walks with three tape gagged girls (Laika, Mary & Khloe) who's got their hands tied behind their backs.

He makes them sit on the ground and begins hammering two stakes into the ground for the first girl’s arms. The first girl is Laika. He unties her tape-bound hands and ties a rope around her wrists to tie them off, spread out to the stakes.

Next, he hammers two more stakes into the ground, ties rope around her ankles, and ties her legs spread out to them. The other two girls watch as this happens, scared knowing that they’re next.

The guy does the same thing with the other two girls: First Mary, then Khloe and eventually they’re all staked to the ground, desperately trying to get a knot untied, pull one of the stakes out of the ground, anything to escape. But it’s useless. The stakes won’t budge and the girls can’t get the knots loose. The guy stands over them, admiring his handy work.

He goes around checking the stakes, hammering in any of the looser stakes. Through their gags, the girls are begging the guy to free them. But the guy is paying them no attention, if anything he is finding amusement in their struggle.

The guy then walks away as the girls continue to struggle. After a good amount of time spent struggling, the girls are exhausted, begin to lose hope, and give up... But will the girls finally escape???


Included in this clip: stakeout bondage, tape gagged, latinas, damsels, struggling, rope bondage, female desperation, gag talk, outdoor bondage, gag talk, escaping, bound and gagged girls, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Maledom Rope Bondage Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Stakeout Bondage Three Hot Girls Tied Spreadeagle To The Ground!