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Models / Khloe

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Khloe Vital Stats:
AGE:  20
FROM:  South America
SPEAKS:  Spanish
ETHNICITY:  Hispanic
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag

Khloe is your typical girl-next-door type of girl. She is tall and flirty and she loves being bound and gagged in tight jeans!

She is capable of handling even the tightest and most ruthless gags and she enjoys acting roles as a helpless damsel so much that she sometimes tends to smile even if she should be acting angry... :)

Khloe loves tight duct tape bondage and heavy wraparound tape gags that can shut her fully packed mouth up once and for all!

Khloe Updates

The Mouth Capacity Test
Betsa , Khloe , Nina Naranjo
Three bored girlfriends decide to test each other's mouth capacity. Each girl must get her mouth stuffed with as many socks as her friends can possibly fit in and have her packed mouth plastered shut with layers of clear packing tape. The gag must be worn until the very end of their gag session.

To begin with, each girl receives a thorough warm-up by one of her friends who hooks her fingers inside each cheek and stretches her friend's mouth nice and wide before the gagging process begins.

Betsa gags Khloe, Nina gags Betsa, and Khloe gags Nina in this awesome gag talking clip which also shows the un-gagging of each girl at the very end of the clip!


Included in this clip: gagged girls, mouth fetish, sock gagged, mouth stretching, tape gagged, silly girls, clear tapegag, gag talk, mouth stuffing gag, latinas, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
The Mouth Capacity Test
Silly Live Cam Girls Goes Duct Tape Bonanza!
Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya
While Mary and Laika are hosting a live cam show, Mary had no idea about that one private viewer request for her to become duct tape bound and gagged by Laika and their mutual friend Khloe! The girls do a great job in taping up and gagging Mary who goes through a variety of emotions of being angry, scared, and sad in an attempt for her silly friends to let her go. And once Mary has become tied up and gagged tight, Khloe receives another request to do the very same thing to Laika who is then caught by sudden surprise!

In the end, all three cam girls including Khloe end up bound, gagged, gag talking and gag kissing on the bed, struggling, squirming, and moaning into their perfectly tight tape gags!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, sock gagged, hand over mouth, tape gagged, duct tape fetish, struggling, wrap gagged, mouth stuffing gags, stuck, gag kissing, multiple girls in bondage, gag kissing, latinas, dares and challenges, cam show, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage POV Sock Gagged
Silly Live Cam Girls Goes Duct Tape Bonanza!
What?! You Can't Leave Without Tying Me Up First!
Khloe , Mary Macaya
Khloe is home alone for the weekend when a masked female thief, Mary, breaks in!

Mary grabs Khloe from behind and wants to know where the valuables are. Khloe is super excited to finally have some action going on and happily tells the thief exactly where to find the valuables. But as the thief let go of Khloe and wants to make a run for the items, Khloe demands to be tied up and gagged by her as that is what a real burglar would do!

Mary is confused by Khloe's request to be willingly bound and gagged, but complying with the girl's wish is the least Mary can do now that Khloe has been so cooperative and told where the valuables are!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, masked female, tied elbows, cloth cleave gagged, mouth stuffed, panty gagged, struggling, tape gagged, hogtied on kitchen counter, onscreen gagging, female burglar, gag talk, wrap gagged, onscreen tying, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Cleave Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged
What! You Cant Leave Without Tying Me Up First!
The Bitch Who Fucked My Boyfriend!
Khloe , Nina Naranjo
Nina Naranjo has found and captured the bitch who fucked her cheating boyfriend! Her name is Khloe - a tall, cock-loving blonde Latina slut.

Nina escorts Khloe into an empty room and sits her on a chair. Khloe is blindfolded, tape-gagged and her hands are tied behind her back. Nina duct tapes the tall skank to the chair and calls her cheating boyfriend to let him know that she has his new lover all tied up and gagged!

Khloe is making noise at Nina during the phone conversation so Nina rips the tapegag off Khloe's mouth and immediately silences the bitch with her big palm, keeping Khloe firmly handgagged during the phone call! After the call, Khloe is gagged with a dirty pair of Nina's worn panties, tape wrap gagged tight, and left to struggle!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, domination, hand over mouth, pantygagged, latinas, onscreen gagging, humiliation, handgag, blindfolded, duct tape, struggling, gag talk, sneakers, tapegagged, jeans, mouthstuffing, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Blindfolded Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged
The Bitch Who Fucked My Boyfriend!
An Unusual Interview
Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya
Sexy blonde newcomer Khloe has answered an ad where two girls (Mary and Laika) are looking for a roommate to share their house with. Khloe shows up for an interview at the house and is warmly welcomed by Mary and Laika.

The interview starts out pretty normal but after a few questions, Laika and Mary ask Khloe if she is up for a fun challenge where Khloe will be tied up and see if she can get out. If she can escape, Khloe will be their new roommate!

Khloe thinks it sounds like a fun idea and agrees to be tied up by Laika and Mary who then starts to tie up the blonde hottie with sticky silver duct tape until she's become completely tied up. Mary and Laika clap their hands and start to cheer for Khloe to try to get out.

Khloe is struggling on the floor in an attempt to escape, but escape is nearly impossible for her. Khloe is complaining that the ties are way too tight to escape from and she becomes very confused when suddenly she is sat up and has Laika's hand pressed against her mouth to shut her up!

Mary takes Khloe’s socks off and starts teasing to tease her with them for a good while Laika keeps her handgagged tight. Khloe is confused. She laughs, smiles, and looks scared at the same time. Is this a joke? What are these female strangers gonna do to her now?

After a good long tease, Khloe gets her dirty socks stuffed in her mouth by Mary who then wrap silver duct tape around her head so tight that Khloe's nose is completely twisted to the side! She and Laika stand up, clapping their hands once again, loudly cheering for the bound and gagged blonde to escape for her chance to become their new roommate... Khloe ain't smiling anymore. The ties are tight and the gag too!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, blonde, games and challenges, escape attempt, duct tape fetish, hand over mouth, sockgagged, handgag, sock smelling, gag talk, struggling, latinas, tapegagged, damsel, wrap gagged, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Bondage
An Unusual Interview