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Our Models / Lau Labado

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Lau Labado Vital Stats:
AGE:  44
FROM:  South America
SPEAKS:  Spanish
ETHNICITY:  Hispanic
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag

Lau is the real-life stepmother of Laika Labado and an awesome, dominant MILF who absolutely loves to be in control of a bound and gagged girl!

She takes very good care of Laika and her friends by doing tight ties and heavy gags on them, only for your viewing pleasures (and for her own)!

Lau Labado Updates

The Ultimate Bonding Experience!

Barby Luna , Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia , Xandra

Six silly friends want to experiment with being tied up together with silver duct tape to make their friendships stronger. Lau, the stepmom to one of the girls, offers her help to bring the girls the ultimate bonding experience in tape bondage!

All six girls get effectively tied up with duct tape: 3 of them seated and duct taped to chairs with ballgags taped in their mouths with extremely tight tape wrapgags.

The other 3 girls are then made to sit on top and face one of the chair tied girls and they get gagged with the dirty socks of the girl they are sitting on, tightly tape wrap gagged in their mouths!

As a final step to complete the setup, the bound and gagged girls are made to gag kiss by having their heads tied together with clear tape to keep each of them stuck in a gagged kiss!

The gagged girls make moaning noises while being tied up and gag kissing, feeling how their friendships grow stronger and stronger by the second! Incredible!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, duct tape fetish, chair tied women, sock gagged girls, lesbian bondage, ball gagged girls, gagged kissing, tape wrap gagged girls, latina bondage, bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Chairtied Duct Tape Bondage Gag Kissing Humiliation Jeans Bondage Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
The Ultimate Bonding Experience

Girls Who Love Handgagging

Barby Luna , Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia , Xandra

Seven beautiful ladies are having fun playing handgagging games in a bedroom! Watch as the girls take turns doing hand-over-mouth on each other in different positions: on the bed, in a handgag train, in a handgag pyramid, and in a handgag circle!

Included in this clip: hand over mouth, hom fetish, lesbian handgag, latina handgags, multiple girls handgagging, hand fetish, gagged women, girls having fun, fetish

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Tags: Brunettes Colorful Hair Double Domination Hand Gagged Humiliation Latinas Multiple Women
Girls Who Love Handgagging

My Playful Stepmom Left The Three Of Us Bondage Girls Hogtied And Ball Gagged In The Kitchen

Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Xandra

Lau is cleaning the kitchen when her stepdaughter Laika walks in with her two sweet friends, Khloe and Xandra. Khloe and Xandra have their hands tied behind their backs and their mouths taped shut.

Laika asks her stepmom if it's OK if they play tie-up games in the kitchen. Lau thinks it's an exciting idea and asks if she can join too. The girls agree to invite Laika's stepmom into the bondage game, and so Lau and Laika get to work by tying up the gagged girls with ropes around their legs.

With both girls tied up, Laika and Lau make them lie on their stomachs on top of the dining table benches where they get hogtied barefoot. The stepmom and her stepdaughter give the girls' sexy feet a little tickle, and then Lau asks Laika if she would like to join her friends in bondage.

Laika would love to be bound and gagged with her two hogtied friends and consents to being tied up and gagged by stepmom! So with Laika roped up, she is put on top of the dining table between her hogtied friends where she also gets to be hogtied by Lau!

With the three girls hogtied, Lau comes up with a new plan. She goes to grab some of her ballgags and comes back to gag the girls one by one. The hogtied bench girls, Khloe and Xandra, who were tapegagged, now have their mouths filled with black ballgags, and her stepdaughter Laika on the dining table is spoiled with a red ballgag!

The hogtied girls look absolutely fantastic tied up with silencing balls filling their open mouths, and as a final step to complete their bondage, the BDSM-loving stepmom wraps transparent tape around each hogtied girl's head, runs the tape back around their feet, and back up around their forehead to keep their heads up high!

Ball gagged and helpless, each girl is now made to endure a strict hogtie challenge as part of the tie-up game!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, tape gagged girls, three girls in bondage, ball gagged girls, strictly hogtied, barefoot bondage, lesbian bondage, gagged girls, restrained, multiple girls in bondage, latinas, bdsm, gag talk


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Hogtied Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Rope Bondage
My Playful Stepmom Left The Three Of Us Bondage Girls Hogtied And Ball Gagged In The Kitchen

She Really Need The Babysitting Job But First She Must Learn To Play Tie-Up Games!

Lau Labado , Penelopé Garcia

A cute female student has applied for a job as a babysitter but one of the requirements is that she must know how to play tie-up games. The adorable student is put through a bondage stress test by the woman of the house to see if she is capable of being bound and gagged.

The sweet job applicant soon finds herself being hogtied barefoot on the dining table with her own dirty socks tightly taped in her mouth while the woman is taking notes on how the restrained girl is dealing with being tied up and gagged in order to qualify for the babysitting job!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, sock gagged, hogtied barefoot, bound and gagged, bondage test, cleave gagged, sock mouth stuffed, struggling, gagged girl, carried in bondage, gag talk, bdsm


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Tags: Babysitters Brunettes Cleave Gagged Costume Bondage Dress Bondage Hogtied Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
She Really Need The Babysitting Job But First She Must Learn To Play Tie-Up Games

Hogtaped Student Lectured With Foot Whipping And Tape Bondage!

Laika Labado , Lau Labado

Laika Labado, a struggling student, wakes up in tape bondage on the sofa next to her stepmother, Lau. Lau is on the phone with the school principal, assuring them that she will do everything in her power to help Laika improve her grades.

Laika realizes that she is tied up and barefoot, and she starts to make noise. So stepmother handgags her tied up stepdaughter while talking with the principal on the phone.

As the call ends, Lau takes matters into her own hands in order to lecture her stepdaughter. She stuffs her socks in Laika's mouth and duct tapes her mouth shut by wrapping tape around her head, before making her stand and jump to the kitchen.

There, Lau straps Laika onto a table, face down, in a seriously tight and uncomfortable hogtie made out of duct tape. Laika is hogtaped and Lau begins to whip her feet with a hard stick!

Laika begs for mercy into her tight tapegag, but Lau won't stop until she's satisfied that Laika has learned her lesson.

After 5-6 minutes of intense whipping of the helpless bondage girl, Lau leaves the room, leaving Laika struggling and making noise on the table. But Lau returns a few minutes later, continuing to whip Laika's feet and asking if she's learned her lesson.

Finally, after enduring another unpleasant foot whipping punishment, Laika concedes that she will do better in school.

The video is a shocking 18 minutes, leaving viewers to wonder just how far Lau will go to get her stepdaughter to succeed.

Included in this clip: duct tape bondage, handgag, mouth stuffed gag, sock gagged girl, tape gagged woman, hogtaped, barefoot bondage, tight gag, foot whipping, hogtied girl, bound and gagged, tied up, bdsm, gag talk


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Tags: Duct Tape Bondage Foot Fetish Hogtied Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Slave Training Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Hogtaped Brat Lectured With Foot Whipping And Tape Bondage!

Owning The Bitches Who Tied Up Her Girl!

Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia

Two thieving girls are stealing valuables from a house when a girl comes home from school. The girls go downstairs and grab the schoolgirl with a tight handgag. They tie her up with rope, cleave gags, and blindfold her!

The thieves walk their schoolgirl prisoner to her room upstairs where they work together in getting her legs roped. One of the thieves finds a pair of the girl's dirty panties in the room and she wants to gag her with them!

The girl's cleave gag is undone and she is immediately hand gagged tight while taunted with what is going to happen with her dirty panties. The thieves are ruthless and they don't care about the schoolgirl's feelings...

They stuff her dirty panties inside her mouth, tie the cleavegag back in her mouth followed by two more cloths tied over her mouth as tight OTM gags! The schoolgirl can't say a word with the multilayered gags embracing her panty-stuffed mouth!

She is made to lie on her stomach on her bed where the thieves hogties and leaves her to continue their thieving journey. The hogtied girl struggles and mmmmmpppphhh into her tight gags!

In the meantime, her stepmother comes home. She hears her girl's muffled screams and runs up to liberate her from her silencing gags to know what is going on! The girl informs her stepmom about the two girls in the house and the stepmom immediately goes on a mission to own the bitches who tied up her girl!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, hand over mouth, cleave gagged, lesbian bondage, humiliation, panty gagged girl, schoolgirl bondage, otm gagged, school uniform, multilayered gags, sock gagged girls, tape gagged girls, hogtied school girl, tape bondage, girls tied together, bound and gagged, lesbian domination, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: Brunettes Cleave Gagged Double Domination Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Panty Gagged Rope Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Owning The Bitches Who Tied Up Her Girl!

I'm Here To Be Tied Up By You!

Jessi Gomez , Lau Labado

Sexy blonde Jessi Gomez responded to an ad where a kinky woman (Lau) was looking for girls to tie up. Jessi shows up and volunteers to be tied up by the woman who has a special fetish for girls in duct tape bondage!

Jessi gets her hands encased in her own dirty socks and her entire body duct tape wrapped tight. Her mouth gets a dirty sock gag worn by the mature fetish woman and cleaved into her mouth with tape tied around her head!

The sweet volunteer gives a nice struggle to test her tape bondage which quickly makes her realize how helpless she has become. She is then sat in a chair and effectively duct-taped to it to make her even more immobilized!

Another fresh dirty sock worn by the bondage-loving woman is carefully packed into Jessi's cleave gagged mouth on the outside of her gag and securely tape wrap gagged with multiple layers of duct tape winded around her head to cover it up!

With the double gags in place, the bound girl is truly all gagged up and can't say a damn thing. But to top it all off, the woman grabs a roll of brown packing tape and wraps the tape-tied girl's entire head - including her eyes - leaving only her nose free to allow her to breathe!

Included in this clip: duct tape bondage, sock fetish, latina bondage, mouth stuffed gags, tape gagged girl, tied feet, sock gagged girl, jeans bondage, tape cleave gagged girl, struggling bondage damsel, tied to chair, duct tape wrapgag, hooded bdsm girl, lesbian bondage, gag talk, milf domination, tape blindfolded girl , bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: Blindfolded Chairtied Duct Tape Bondage Hooded Humiliation Jeans Bondage Latinas Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Cleave Gagged Tape Gagged
Im Here To Be Tied Up By You!

Doctor Boobsie Boo's Bondage Boob Enlargement Clinic

Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia

A group of 4 ladies has come to the home of a self-proclaimed boob doctor 'Doctor Boobsie Boo' who believes she can enlarge women's breasts using a special duct tape technique!

The alternative boob doctor is having a brief conversation with her 4 new patients who are all told to take a seat on 4 lined up chairs.

The doctor tightly duct-tape the girls to the chairs, tying their hands behind the back of the chairs to really keep their chests pushing forward as the most important part of the boob enlargement. 

When the 4 girls are chair tied and stuck in the right position to allegedly grow their tits, one of the girls asks how long they are supposed to sit like this. The boob doctor answers that the treatment is going to take 5 whole hours.

The girls are shocked to know how they are now going to be chair tied and stuck for 5 whole hours with absolutely no option to visit the toilet! They all start to whine and complain so the boob doctor takes drastic measures in use in order to carry on with their boob enlargement treatment in peace and quiet.

Doctor Boobsie Boo goes to the first chair-bound girl in line, peels off both of the girl's own sweaty socks, packs the socks deep in the girl's mouth, and wraps duct tape around her head to shut her up! The boob doctor does the very same thing to all four girls, duct tape gagging them nice and tight with their own nasty socks wrapped in their mouths!

She re-check the stuck boobs of all 4 bound and gagged girls to make sure the position is right. All of the girls  "mmmpphh" as they gag talk protesting words into their heavily sock-packed tapegags, giving Doctor Boobsie Boo a brand new idea to quiet them down even more.

The doctor takes a roll of brown packing tape and makes each of her gagged female patients a confining head encasement, winding the packing tape around their solid duct tape gags, below their jaws, and up over the top of their heads!

Hooding the girls certainly have a better effect in quieting down their whining, but Doctor Boobsie Boo is now pretty annoyed with their begging eyes. She thinks the girls should be thanking her for providing them an alternative to breast enlargement surgery instead of begging to be let out of their boob enlargement bondage. 

Doctor Boobsie Boo decides to completely hide the girls' begging eyes, wrapping packing tape over their eyes as part of their tight tape hoods where only their noses are left untaped! When finished gagging, hooding, and blindfolding the 4 stuck girls, she leaves the room with the comment that she will be back in about 4 hours!


Included in this clip: duct tape bondage, chair tied girls, multiple girls bound and gagged, Latinas, sock gagged girls, mouth stuffed gags, duct tape wrap gagged, hooded bondage girls, gagged girls, muffled moaning, female doctor fetish, wrap gagged girls, stuck in bondage, damsels in trouble, gag talk, tape blindfolded girls, multiple girls in bondage, gag fetish, bdsm

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Tags: Brunettes Busty Women Chairtied Duct Tape Bondage Hooded Humiliation Jeans Bondage Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Sock Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Doctor Boobsie Boo Boob Enlargement Clinic