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Our Models / Barby Luna

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Barby Luna Vital Stats:
FAVORITE GAG:  Cloth Cleave Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Barby Luna Updates

When Barbies Attack!

Barby Luna

18-year-old Barby Luna is playing with her Barbie dolls when she notices something different: Two of her other Barbies have been tape tied and gagged on the floor! The cute girl carefully studies the two bound Barbies when the evil Barbie sees her chance to overpower Barby!

Barby now finds herself tied up with rope with a sock shoved in her mouth. But this won't be the only gag Barby gets today! She is outraged at the evil Barbie for tying her up and gagging her!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, bondage toys, tied up, bound and gagged, angry gag talk, sock gagged girl, cleave gagged girl, otm gagged girl, struggling, did bondage, bdsm, scarf gagged, barefoot bondage, 18-year-old, blindfolded, gag talk


Tags: Blindfolded Brunettes Cleave Gagged Humiliation Latinas OTM Gagged POV Rope Bondage Short Pants Sock Gagged Teens (18/19) Tied By Toys
When Barbies Attack!

The Abandoned Duct Tape Mummies

Barby Luna , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia

A mummified girl is carried into a large room in an abandoned house by a man and a woman. She is wrapped up in duct tape and tape gagged. The couple put her on the floor next to a pole and leaves. She struggles and moans into her tapegag.

Soon after, the couple comes back, carrying another mummified girl into the room. She too is tape gagged. They put her on the floor in front of a second pole. The couple goes to the first girl and stands her up against the pole.

They tie her to the pole by wrapping duct tape around her cocooned body and the pole. Then they do it to the second girl, too. The two mummified girls are standing in their high-heeled shoes, all wrapped up and helpless.

Meanwhile, outside, the couple gets into an argument and the man grabs the woman. The next thing she knows she too is mummified and gagged, dragged into the room just like the other girls! She is wrapped to a third pillar next to the other two pole-tied girls!

The man wraps duct tape around each girl's forehead and mouth to the back of the pillar, completely immobilizing them. The girls are all stuck and helpless as they stand there in their high heels, trapped and gagged on a line.

The guy abandons the three duct tape mummies in the old, broken abandoned house where no one else is ever gonna find them!

Included in this clip: mummification bondage, pole tied women, duct tape bondage, tape gagged women, stuck, trapped girls, mummified women, duct tape fetish, struggling, gag talk, bdsm, fetish


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Tags: Brunettes Double Domination Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lift And Carry Multiple Women Mummification Tape Gagged
The Abandoned Duct Tape Mummies

The Self-Gagging Train

Agata , Barby Luna , Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia

In a big mansion in South America, kinky Mary Macaya wants to gag herself and see if she can make all of her girlfriends do the same! Her friends are spread around the house, and Mary will approach them one by one and once self-gagged, make them follow her to the next girl!

Mary is in the kitchen where she starts her challenge by taking off her sweaty socks, stuffing them in her mouth, and wrapping many layers of silver duct tape around her head! The tight tapegag makes sure that Mary is properly silenced by her own dirty socks!

Unable to communicate, gagged Mary moves into the living room where she meets Laika. She hands Laika a red ballgag and urges her to put it in her mouth! Laika ballgags herself and follows Mary up the stairs and into a nearby room to approach Khloe.

Khloe is surprised to see her two friends gagged, and while she kinda expects an answer as to what is going on, she knows that the girls can't speak. She is handed some cloth and urged to stuff it in her mouth and cleave gag herself with another cloth.

Khloe joins the fun, and the "train" continues onto the next lady, Penelopé, who is urged to cleave gag herself with rope! Welcome on board, Penelopé! The "gagged girls train" leaves for its final destination - the Master bedroom where Barby is sitting.

Barby pantygags herself and wraps a clear tapegag around her head! Super cute, and super sexy! The 5 gagged girls start gag kissing and playing around when the MILF (Lau) and GILF (Agata) walks in on the gagged girls!

Lau and Agata now join the fun too - Lau gagging herself with a black ballgag and Agata with a sponge and a tight OTN/OTM gag! 

The 7 gagged ladies are having so much fun gag kissing and moaning into each their own gag, and at the end of the video, each girl un-gags herself!

Included in this clip: gagged women, mouth stuffed gags, self-gagged girls, sock gagged, tape gagged, ball gagged, cleave gagged, rope gagged, multiple girls gagged, otm gagged, gag kissing ladies, otn gagged, gag talk, gagged fetish


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Cleave Gagged Double Domination Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women OTM Gagged Panty Gagged Self Gagged Short Pants Sock Gagged Sponge Gagged Tape Gagged
The Self-Gagging Train

The Roommate Bondage Deal

Barby Luna , Betsa , Xandra

Stepsisters Xandra and Betsa are looking for a new roommate and Barby Luna is a girl in need of a room.

She is given a house tour and offered the available room by the stepsisters. But when Barby learns how much rent is a month, she becomes really sad as it is way beyond her budget.

Xandra and Betsa come up with the idea of giving Barby a great discount against some fun and kinky bedroom bondage playtime with her, twice a month. If Barby can accept that, she will be getting the room at a better rate. Barby accepts their offer and is immediately ball gagged and tied spreadeagle to the bed by the two stepsisters.

They tickle their new bondage roommate, making her laugh with the silencing ballgag stuck in her mouth. She even gets her sexy belly button tickled! Xandra leaves the room and returns wearing a sexy dress and a domina mask. She is given some alone time with Barby by Betsa.

Xandra plasters strips of duct tape over Barby's ball gagged mouth and slaps a rubber band against her gag. She enjoys watching Barby squirm and being in full control over the bed-tied beauty! She finish the session with a kiss that makes her red lipstick come off on Barby's duct tape gag!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, ball gagged girl, bedroom bondage, spreadeagle bondage, tied up and gagged, lesbian bondage, latinas, tape gagged, bondage tickling, bdsm, fetish


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Double Domination Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage Short Pants Tape Gagged Tickling
The Roommate Bondage Deal

The Ultimate Bonding Experience!

Barby Luna , Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia , Xandra

Six silly friends want to experiment with being tied up together with silver duct tape to make their friendships stronger. Lau, the stepmom to one of the girls, offers her help to bring the girls the ultimate bonding experience in tape bondage!

All six girls get effectively tied up with duct tape: 3 of them seated and duct taped to chairs with ballgags taped in their mouths with extremely tight tape wrapgags.

The other 3 girls are then made to sit on top and face one of the chair tied girls and they get gagged with the dirty socks of the girl they are sitting on, tightly tape wrap gagged in their mouths!

As a final step to complete the setup, the bound and gagged girls are made to gag kiss by having their heads tied together with clear tape to keep each of them stuck in a gagged kiss!

The gagged girls make moaning noises while being tied up and gag kissing, feeling how their friendships grow stronger and stronger by the second! Incredible!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, duct tape fetish, chair tied women, sock gagged girls, lesbian bondage, ball gagged girls, gagged kissing, tape wrap gagged girls, latina bondage, bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Chairtied Duct Tape Bondage Gag Kissing Humiliation Jeans Bondage Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
The Ultimate Bonding Experience

No Pain, No Gain: An Intense Day of Fitness, Discipline and Gags at Mary's Training Camp

Barby Luna , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia

Two girls named Penelopé Garcia and Barby Luna are sent to a training camp by their step-parents, where they meet their strict trainer Mary. As soon as they enter the gym room, Mary gives them instructions to sit on the floor. Mary is wearing high heeled shoes, a black dress, and some pantyhose. Penelopé and Barby are wearing dresses, pantyhose, socks, and shoes, with their hair in pigtails.

Mary is a no-nonsense trainer and immediately shows her authority by throwing Barby a red ball gag, instructing her to put it in her mouth and lock it tight. She then throws a roll of silver duct tape to Penelopé and tells her to tape her mouth shut. Mary tells the girls not to talk or complain in her class, and she makes them run on the spot, do jumping jacks and squads for about 3 minutes!

After this, Mary makes Barby sit on the bike, while Penelopé goes to the machine. She instructs them to start exercising, and Mary constantly watches them, telling them to go faster and not to stop. If Barby starts drooling, it would be nice. The exercise goes on for about 2 minutes, and then Mary tells the girls to swap positions!

Penelopé goes on the bike, and Barby on the machine. The exercise continues for another 2 minutes. Penelopé is exhausted after using the bike, and she takes the tape off her mouth, asking Mary to stop. Mary gets angry at Penelopé for taking off her gag and tells her to sit down on the floor. Mary then removes both of Barby's shoes and socks, and stuffs both socks into Penelopé's mouth, wrapping silver duct tape around her head as a really tight gag!

"For that behavior, you will now get 2 more minutes on the bike! Let's go!" Mary yells at Penelopé (in Spanish). She instructs Barby to stand up and run on the spot while Penelopé goes back on the bike!

After 2 more minutes, Mary tells the girls to stop and take a 30-minute break. Mary ties up Barby's and Penelopé's hands in front of them with some rope and takes them outside, where she ties their arms up exactly like this next to each other!

"You can stay here to refresh yourself now. See you again in 30 minutes!" Mary says (in Spanish) as she leaves the girls to struggle, walk around, and squirm. Penelopé and Barby are nervous and scared about what Mary might do next. They wonder if they will survive the training camp, and if they will be able to escape Mary's strict rules!

Included in this clip: gagged girls, workout girls, self-gagged, verbal humiliation, ball gagged, lesbian domination, strict trainer, tape gagged, fitness girls, sock gagged, rope bondage, gag talk, tape wrap gagged, bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Colorful Hair Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Rope Bondage Short Pants Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
No Pain No Gain An Intense Day of Fitness Discipline and Gags at Marys Training Camp

18-Year-Old Cutie Bound And Gagged By Kinky Step-Granny

Agata , Barby Luna

18-year-old Barby Luna is visiting her step-grandma Agata when she finds a ballgag and some tape in the bedroom. The cute lady asks step-granny what this is all about and this is when she is offered a kinky bondage experience she will remember forever!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, ball gagged, chair tied, domination, 18-year-old, panty gagged, duct tape, tape gagged, kinky girl, tape hooded, bdsm


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Duct Tape Bondage Hooded Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
18-Year-Old Cutie Bound And Gagged By Kinky Step-Granny

Exercising Their Bondage Slave

Barby Luna , Laika Labado

Franco and Laika are a kinky couple sitting on a sofa with Barby Luna, their submissive bondage slave, cuffed, collared, and ball gagged on the floor in front of them. They notice that Barby has gained a bit of weight lately and decide to put her through some exercise.

Franco attaches a leash to Barby's collar and takes her for a walk outside with Laika. The couple makes dominant comments to their slave and she replies with subservient responses. After a few rounds, Franco starts to run with Barby and removes her high heels, and they run again at a faster speed. Laika then ties Barby up with silver duct tape to make her exercise harder!

After tying Barby up, Laika takes her for a jump around the yard while making dominant comments. Then, Laika makes Barby jump to the gym room where they meet Franco. Laika gags Barby with silver duct tape tightly wrapped around her ballgagged mouth while she yells at Barby to look into her eyes while gagging her.

With the tapegag done, Laika and Franco leave their slave bound and gagged in the room, and Barby struggles on the floor for a few minutes before managing to stand up and look out of the window. Franco and Laika return to the gym and tie Barby's leash to a heavy weight, making it impossible for her to stand up and escape.

The couple leaves to buy groceries, leaving Barby tied to the weight on the floor!

Included in this clip: ballgagged, collared slave, bondage hopping, jumping in bondage, gagged girl, exercise, tape bondage, bound and gagged, struggling woman, tape wrapgagged, latina bondage, multilayered gags, bondage humiliation, tied up girl gagged tight, barefoot bondage, bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Collared Women Double Domination Dress Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Maledom Outdoor Bondage Slave Training
Exercising Their Bondage Slave


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