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Our Models / Barby Luna

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Barby Luna Vital Stats:
FAVORITE GAG:  Cloth Cleave Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Barby Luna Updates

Girls Who Love Handgagging

Barby Luna , Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia , Xandra

Seven beautiful ladies are having fun playing handgagging games in a bedroom! Watch as the girls take turns doing hand-over-mouth on each other in different positions: on the bed, in a handgag train, in a handgag pyramid, and in a handgag circle!

Included in this clip: hand over mouth, hom fetish, lesbian handgag, latina handgags, multiple girls handgagging, hand fetish, gagged women, girls having fun, fetish

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Tags: Brunettes Colorful Hair Double Domination Hand Gagged Humiliation Latinas Multiple Women
Girls Who Love Handgagging

Bored 18-Year-Old Wants Sexy Handyman Bondage (Episode 2 of 2)

Barby Luna

After some rest and snooping in Barby Luna's house, the sexy handyman comes back to check on his outdoor bondage prisoner. He's found some rope and a ballgag in the bedroom belonging to the girl's folks!

The handyman unties the sexy tape bondage girl so that she is no longer chairtied but still bound and gagged. The tape tied sandal girl is made to hop to the other side of the house and it is clearly a challenge for her to jump while tied up.

Once they reach the other side of the house, the handyman unties the 18-year-old beauty and un-gag her. He hands her the ballgag he found in her folks' bedroom and tells her to selfgag. Barby is being super submissive, putting on her "begging eyes" while ball gagging herself!

The ball gagged girl is told to lie on the ground and spread her head arms and legs out like an X. The muzzled girl follows orders and patiently watches as the handyman hammers stakes into the ground around her, attaches rope around her wrists and ankles and ties her limbs to each stake!

The girl is then left spreadeagle and ball gagged on the ground to enjoy the helplessness she loves so much. After a while, the handyman comes back with a roll of duct tape. He plasters piece after piece onto the girl's ballgagged mouth, putting tape over ballgag to keep her nice and quiet. The handyman decides to call it a day and leaves the tied up girl to struggle in outdoor bondage, alone and helpless, for her folks to find...

Included in this clip: rope bondage, ball gagged woman, hopping bondage damsel, tape bondage, selfgagged, tape gagged girl, outdoor bondage, stakeout bondage, bound and gagged, struggling, tied up and gagged, bdsm


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Humiliation Latinas Maledom Outdoor Bondage Romance Rope Bondage Short Pants Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Bored 18-Year-Old Wants Sexy Handyman Bondage Episode 2 of 2

Bored 18-Year-Old Wants Sexy Handyman Bondage (Episode 1 of 2)

Barby Luna

Sexy 18-year-old Barby Luna is home alone and she is very bored. The cute girl goes to the window to check on the sexy handyman in the yard. He is so hot and Barby Luna needs entertainment, so she goes down to present herself and asks him if he could please tie her up. The handyman hesitates but eventually agrees to the persistent girl's bondage request!

The naughty girl hands the handyman some duct tape and asks him to get started tying her up. He makes sure the girl has her hands tied back and her legs wrapped tight. Then he sits her in a chair outside the front door and duct tapes her to it!

Kinky as she is, Barby Luna asks the sexy handyman for a gag, so he applies a piece of sticky duct tape to the girl's mouth and gets back to work. So there she is, bound to the chair and tape gagged, looking at the handyman working in the yard!

The gagged bondage girl struggles on the chair as a challenge to herself to see if she can escape her bondage. She quickly learns that her simple tapegag ain't gonna hold her big mouth shut for long, so she has the handyman come over and gag her better!

2 sponges stuffed in her mouth and a clear tapegag wrapped around her head makes sure Barby Luna's lips are sealed tight! The handyman tying up and gagging the silly girl has been working for many hours and he needs some rest. So with the girl all bound and gagged, he takes himself some freedom of using the girl's house to relax with her sitting there chairtied outside!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, consensual bondage, duct tape tied and gagged, roleplay bondage, tape gagged woman, clear tapegag, duct tape gagged girl, chairtie bondage, latina bondage, bound and gagged, tied up and gagged, outdoor bondage, bdsm


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Tags: Brunettes Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Maledom Outdoor Bondage Romance Short Pants Sponge Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Bored 18-Year-Old Wants Sexy Handyman Bondage Episode 1 of 2

Handgag Train

Agata , Barby Luna , Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia

Five bratty girls have formed a lesbian handgag squad and today's subject to receiving hand-over-mouth (HOM) is an old granny!

The noisy girls begin their handgag journey in the kitchen where they share the energized team spirit. The girls are being super loud and bratty as they enter the living room where they keep the old woman duct tape tied to a chair.

The handgag squad lines up behind the chairtied woman and takes turns hand gagging her with the whole train of girls cheering at the hand gagger! The girls handgag the woman for about a minute each and then they put on white latex gloves and repeat the hand gagging domination!

Once all of the five girls have had their turn hand gagging the woman wearing latex gloves, each girl takes a piece of duct tape and plasters it onto the bound woman's mouth, making her a nice and big tapegag with 5 strips of duct tape!

Included in this clip: hand over mouth, lesbian handgag domination, old woman gagged, hand fetish, bratty girls, handgag humiliation, multiple girls handgag, hom fetish, latex gloved handgags


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Tags: Brunettes Chairtied Double Domination Duct Tape Bondage Hand Gagged Humiliation Latinas Tape Gagged
Handgag Train

Trapped In Mummy Mansion: 5 Mummified Girls Struggle All Wrapped Up And Gagged!

Barby Luna , Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia

In the heart of South America, a grand mansion conceals a dark and captivating secret. Five young women, each with their own unique personalities and backgrounds, find themselves mysteriously trapped within its walls.

The ladies are barefoot and stuck in entangling duct tape mummification on a bed and their mouths are stuffed and tape wrap gagged tight.

The gagged girls mmpppphh into their silencing tapegags while they struggle all tied up and totally helpless with nowhere to go!

Included in this clip: gagged girls mummified, wrapped mummification, 5 girls mummification, mummified mummy, mummification bondage, tape mummification, 5 girls tied and gagged, duct tape mummification, mummification encasement, barefoot mummification, tape bondage, tape gagged girls, girls gagged tight, barefoot bondage, bdsm

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Tags: Brunettes Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Multiple Women Mummification Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Trapped In Mummy Mansion 5 Mummified Girls Struggle All Wrapped Up And Gagged

The Secret Agent's Girl VS Government Bitches

Barby Luna , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya

Barby Luna is the girl of a former secret agent who has been telling national secrets to foreign governments  Mary and Laika are secret agents from the national government and they have come to look for some secret papers.

The two government bitches find the former agent’s little girl Barby home alone so they tie her up and gag her to send her old man a special message!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, ball gagged girl, tied to the bed, bedroom bondage, duct tape gagged, lesbian domination, did bondage, gagged girl, struggling, damsel in trouble, duct tape bondage, double domination, gag talk, bdsm


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Double Domination Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage Short Pants Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
The Secret Agents Girl VS Government Bitches

The Gagged Confessions Of 7 Christian Girls

Barby Luna , Betsa , Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia , Xandra

Franco is a very respected Christian preacher and a guru. Today he is hosting a ceremony session at his home where a team of girls has come to be blessed by him. Franco uses alternative methods in his rituals and all of the girls end up bound and gagged!

7 conservatively dressed Christian girls stand in line outside Franco's house. He welcomes each girl with a handshake and has them sit on their knees in the living room. Franco tapegags all seven girls with two pieces of duct tape and has them confess with the gag on their mouths.

Franco the guru carefully selects the girl he was able to understand the most and has her come forward in front of everyone. He ties her hands behind her back with rope, peels the duct tapegag off her mouth, and stuffs dirty panties from previous participants into her mouth. Then he wraps layers of tight duct tape around her head. The girl is then ordered to stand with her face against the wall before a new round of confessions begins for the remaining girls.

Once again, Franco carefully selects the girl whose gagged confession he was able to understand the most and gives her the same treatment as the first girl. He repeats this until 6 girls have been chosen, tied, and gagged tight. Then he uses the seventh girl (whom he couldn't understand as clearly as the other ones) as his helper in tying up all the other girls.

Franco and the last girl cooperate in tying up the 6 girls: 3 girls get duct-taped to chairs and 3 girls get hogtied with rope on the floor. With all girls bound and gagged, Franco invites his helping girl up into his bedroom to give her a special blessing. The 6 Christian bondage girls are then left to struggle!

Included in this clip: duct tape gagged, gag talk, multiple girls in bondage, panty gagged, multiple girls gagged, hogtied girls, duct tape wrap gagged girls, mouth stuffed gags, chairtied girls, tape bondage, struggling, rope bondage, latinas, gag fetish, bdsm


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Tags: Brunettes Chairtied Dress Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Hogtied Humiliation Latinas Maledom Multiple Women Panty Gagged Rope Bondage Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
The Gagged Confessions Of 7 Christian Girls

Barby's Week As A Slave - DAY 7: Chair Tied, Panty Gagged And Un-Masked By Mistress

Barby Luna , Penelopé Garcia

18-year-old rich girl Penelopé Garcia is home alone for a whole week while her step-parents are on holiday. Penelopé's folks have given her a submissive slave girl (Barby Luna) to keep their beloved stepdaughter company while they're away. The slavegirl is the same age as Penelopé. She is wearing a BDSM bunny mask, a leather collar with a leash, and a red ballgag.

Penelopé enjoys watching and listening to her ball-gagged slave drooling and constantly saying "Si Maestra" and "Gracias Maestra" with muffled gag talk!

The bratty rich bitch has her personal slave do different slave tasks around the house throughout the week while making her fulfill her personal needs by using her as a foot masseur, human furniture, a mirror holder, pedicurist, manicurist, and an ashtray!

DAY 7:

On Barby's last day as Penelopé's slave, she is ordered to give her mistress fingernail polish, worship her hands and get duct tape tied to a chair. The obedient slavegirl is then rewarded for her duty with a pair of mistress' dirty panties stuffed and duct taped in her mouth. The slave is also getting unmasked for the very first time but is immediately pantyhose hooded and left to struggle in tape bondage by her thankful mistress!


Included in this clip: duct tape bondage, panty gagged, lesbian domination, collared slave, drooling girl, submissive, manicure, slave training, nail polish, chair tied bondage slavegirl, gagged girl, pantyhose hooded, gagged talk, obedience, pantyhose encasement, muffled gag talk, bdsm bunny mask, nylon encasement, bdsm, gag fetish

Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Chairtied Collared Women Costume Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Pantyhose Hooded Slave Training Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Barbys Week As A Slave DAY 7 Chair Tied Panty Gagged And Un-Masked By Mistress


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