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Models / Maria Martinez

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Maria Martinez Vital Stats:
AGE:  20


Maria Martinez Updates

The Kinky Stepmom, The Lesbian Lover And The Curious Stepdaughters! (Episode 1 of 2)
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Laura Martinez and her lover Wendy Lopez are playing naughty tie-up games. Laura is tying Wendy with rope and gagging her with panties and microfoam tape wrapped around her head. She makes Wendy a crotch rope and hogties Wendy on the floor.

As Wendy is hogtied and helpless, Laura lay down next to her lover and laughs at her. This is when Laura's two stepdaughters Katherine and Maria walk in to find their stepmom playing kinky bondage games with her lesbian lover!

Laura is surprised and embarrassed but she thinks it could be fun if her two silly stepdaughters would tie her up and gag her too. And luckily for Laura, her stepdaughters agree. They put a nice BDSM collar with a set of steel handcuffs attached to it on Laura.

Katherine and Maria encase each of Laura's hands in some socks and wrap duct tape around them. They lock Laura's hands in the handcuffs connected to her collar and pop a red ballgag in her mouth. The girls then have Laura cross her legs as they wrap duct tape around her ankles and her legs in an uncomfortable chair tie position.

Kinky Laura is enjoying herself next to hogtied Wendy down on the floor and her stepdaughters are having a great time tying up and gagging stepmom too! The two bound and gagged lesbian MILF lovers are then left to spend some time alone in bondage!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, women tied up and gagged, microfoam tapegag, bdsm collar, handcuffed woman, tape bondage, pantygag, milf bondage, latina bondage, women bound and gagged, double domination, humiliation, crotchrope, hogtied woman, ballgagged, kinky women in bondage, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Ball Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage MILF
The Kinky Stepmom The Lesbian Lover And The Curious Stepdaughters Episode 1
Homeschooled Girl Fails Test And Gets Punished With Bondage
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez is going to school at home. She is sitting in front of a laptop in her school uniform and her pantyhose doing a test in front of her teacher. For every wrong answer she gives, something will happen to her.

Maria reads some questions out loud and answers them. She looks at her teacher (the camera) as she waits for a confirmation of her answers. She is super happy and claps her hands in excitement to have answered the questions correctly. But when she gets a question about the President of the USA and she answers "Donald Trump", Maria gets her first wrong answer and gets her hands encased and duct-taped in a pair of socks tied behind her back!

Sitting on the chair with her sock-encased hands duct-taped behind her back, Maria reads the next question and gives a wrong answer to that as well. Maria's legs are now taped apart and duct tape is tied around her chest and her arms as a consequence of answering wrong.

The chair-tied schoolgirl moves on to the next question and answers that wrong too resulting in a ballgag popped into her mouth, making it extremely difficult to answer any further questions. Maria is upset about being bound and gagged. She bitches as much as her ballgag allows her to while squirming on the chair. She is making so much noise that her teacher decides to give her an extra gagging layer, tying a white scarf over her ballgagged mouth as a tight OTM gag! 


Included in this clip: tape bondage, schoolgirl, ballgagged, test, school uniform, latina, pov, chair tied, bound and gagged, gagged girl, stuck, otm gagged, struggling, gag talk, bdsm, bitching, girl wearing pantyhose, bondage damsel, pov bondage

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Tags: Ball Gagged OTM Gagged POV Tape Bondage
Homeschooled Girl Tested And Punished With Bondage
The Rise And Fall Of The Girl In The Catsuit
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez is held prisoner in her own home by a masked girl in a catsuit (Katherine). She is tied up with duct tape by the catsuit girl who shows Maria a dirty thong while hand gagging her. Maria has the dirty thong shoved into her mouth and tape wrap gagged shut by the dominant female burglar. As soon as Maria is tape gagged, the girl in the catsuit unmask herself. She gives her bound and gagged bondage prisoner a few big wet lipstick kisses and leaves the damsel alone to struggle for a while.

And struggling is what Maria does. She moves her tape entangled body over the floor while grunting into her tight panty mouth stuffed tape gag. The tied-up bondage beauty manages to get herself up on her feet and dial her stepmom, Laura. She speaks muffled gag talk into the phone and stepmom doesn't understand anything her gagged stepdaughter is trying to say. But nevertheless, the gagged grunting into the phone was enough for Maria to warn stepmom and make her come home!

After the phone call, and without knowing anything about it, catsuit girl Katherine comes in to check on her bound and gagged slavegirl. A door opens and a voice is calling "Maria??". It's Maria's stepmom Laura who has come home to check on her little girl. Katherine panics as there is no way out of the room. The door opens and in comes Maria's stepmom. She grabs Katherine and prepares to take revenge for what she did to her stepdaughter!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, catsuit, lesbian bondage, hogtaped, pantygagged, tape gagged, duct tape bound, bondage damsels, hogtied, squirming, tied up and gagged, stuck, gagged girls, tape wrapped around the head, latinas, bdsm, girls bound and gagged, gag fetish

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Tags: Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Sock Gagged
The Rise And Fall Of The Girl In The Catsuit
Maria Martinez Encased In Multilayered Mummification Bondage
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez is carried into the room by Laura and Katherine. She is quickly wrapped in a white sheet and has her sheet-covered body fully wrapped with silver duct tape from her soles all the way up to her neck. She gets gagged with a pair of panties tightly wrapped in her mouth with silver duct tape winded around her head as a nice and silencing tapegag!

Mummified Maria is then put and zipped inside a blue sleeping bag and is once again wrapped up from the bottom of her feet all the way up to her neck. She is completely encased, stuck, and totally trapped inside this massive multilayered mummification cocoon in which she is completely unable to move her steaming body!


Included in this clip: mummification bondage, lesbian domination, multilayered encasement, duct tape fetish, tape bondage, sleeping bag fetish, bondage encasement, tape gagged girl, pantygag, gagged with panties, stuck, humiliation, latinas, struggling, gag talk, double domination, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Mummification Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Maria Martinez Encased In Multilayered Mummification Bondage
A Sensual Handsmothering Day In Handgag Heaven
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Enjoy this custom video where Laura Martinez and her stepdaughters Katherine and Maria take turns hand gagging each other. Watch as they sensually moan into the ears of the girls being smothered with their hands!

An extremely sexy hand-over-mouth clip for lovers of female handgags and handsmothering!


Included in this clip: hand over mouth, moaning, hand covering mouth, female handgagging, latina handgag, smothering, handsmother, nose pinching, hand fetish, milf, handgagging, teens, shushing, gagging, sensual, gagged girls

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Tags: Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage
A Sensual Handsmothering Day In Handgag Heaven!
Fighting Stepsisters Duct Taped By Stepmom!
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
An older and younger stepsister is getting into a fight when their stepmom comes in and puts an end to it!

She grabs her youngest stepdaughter and restrains her by tying her up with duct tape and gagging her with socks and tape wrapped around the head while the older stepdaughter mocks her bound and gagged stepsister thinking that she is safe from being punished by stepmom.

But the older stepsister ain't safe. She too is grabbed, tied up, and gagged in the very same way as her younger stepsister in order for stepmom to control her fighting little brats! Stepmom lectures her tapebound naughty little devils whose words are effectively muffled by their big fat tapegags!

Stepmom finally makes her bound and gagged stepdaughters jump into the nearby bedroom where they are put to bed and covered with a quilt, tied up and gagged to make sure that they won't fight each other anymore tonight!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, sock gagged, mouth stuffings, tied up and gagged, bound and gagged, gagged girls, tapegagged, duct tape bondage, stepsisters in bondage, gagged stepsisters, gagged by stepmom, tight tapegags, sockgag, tight tapegags, latinas, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Fighting Stepsisters Duct Taped By Stepmom
The Halloween Party
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
It's Halloween night and Laura is dressed as a witch. She is determined to work some magic tonight and she is practicing some spells. Her stepdaughter Maria joins the party. She is dressed as a kinky masked catburglar with a ballgag dangling around her neck.

Laura wants to use Maria's mask and transform it into something else. She takes the mask and puts it under a white cloth on the floor, casts a spell, and voila: the mask has turned into a leather BDSM hood!

Laura puts the leather hood on Maria and puts a roll of silver duct tape under a white cloth on the floor. Laura casts a spell while Maria feels some odd power embracing her body... She is instantly tied up with the duct tape and mmmppph'ing under her BDSM hood!

Laura the witch laughs as she is very satisfied with her magical powers! She removes the hood from Maria's head, revealing that her stepdaughter is tapegagged! Laura wants to work some more magic so she once again casts a spell on the white cloth on the floor which suddenly becomes higher!

She removes from white cloth hiding some figure... She has spawned a scary cheerleader dressed as a zombie! Maria looks wide-eyed at the zombie girl in the cheerleader uniform who acts very strange and says absolutely nothing!

Laura orders the cheerleader to re-gag Maria by replacing her tapegag with the ballgag dangling from her neck. The cheerleader silently follows orders while Maria looks scared as hell having her gag replaced by some strange monster girl!

With the ballgag popped into Maria's mouth by the cheerleader, Laura hands her assistant a roll of microfoam tape and tells her to wrap it around Maria's ball-gagged face. The girl follows orders, twisting Maria's face to the side as she pulls that microfoam tape wrapgag around her mouth!

The zombie girl is finally given the leather BDSM hood and told to hood multi-gagged Maria. Maria is then struggling and making muffled sounds underneath her hood with the scary cheerleader standing behind her, guarding Laura's tied-up Halloween prisoner!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, halloween fetish, ballgagged, magic control, witchcraft, costume bondage, catsuit bondage, tapegagged, bound gagged, witch, bdsm hooded, microfoam tapegagged, zombie girl, cheerleader, chairtied, milf, latinas, bdsm, gagtalk, magic wand, gaggedgirl

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Tags: Ball Gagged Hooded Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage
The Halloween Party
Naked Teenage Girl Turned Into The Catburglar's Mummified Playdoll
Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
A home-alone teen girl was found naked in the house as a prepared catsuit burglar enslaves her for a humiliating bondage session.

The woman in the catsuit wraps the adorable little beauty queen up with black duct tape from her ankles to her shoulders, leaving only her perky little tits untaped and exposed. The ballgag in her mouth is then replaced by a mouth-stretching pair of BDSM hooks and a clothespin attached deep to her tongue.

The girl is tightly secured to a nearby concrete pillar as the catsuit woman begins to pinch, tickle and squeeze her exposed nipples. She attaches a set of clothespins to the mummified girl's nipples, causing her pain and discomfort.

The girl is finally left drooling and helpless, waiting for her step-parents to come home and rescue her...


Included in this clip: mummification bondage, ballgagged, teen girl, pigtail hair, catsuit, domination, humiliation, gagged girl drooling, stuck bondage girl, struggling, damsel mummification, duct tape mummified girl, gaggedgirl, Latina, BDSM, masked female, gag talk, fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Mummification Tape Bondage Teens (18/19)
Naked Teenage Girl Turned Into The Catburglars Mummified Playdoll