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Models / Maria Martinez

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Maria Martinez Vital Stats:
AGE:  20


Maria Martinez Updates

Owning Step-Mom Tag-Teamed, Hogtied And Humiliated By Her Evil Brat Daughters
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
It's Sunday afternoon and our sweet Latina step-sisters Katherine and Maria want to go to the cinema.

The girls walk into step-mom's bedroom where their sexy step-mom Laura is busy reading a book. Maria and Katherine are asking step-mom Laura for money to go out but Laura wants the girls to stay home today and refuse to give them anything.

Since Plan A didn't work out big step-sister Katherine and her little step-sister Maria decide to go with Plan B and so the girls attack step-mom Laura in order to get their will. Maria and Katherine turn strict and dominant towards their step-mom as they tie her up and prepare to silence her.

Katherine yells at Laura to shut up and puts a hand over her mouth while little step-sister Maria finishes the last tape ties on step-mom's legs. Then Maria engage in the silencing of step-mom, making her hand overlap Katherine's for a nice, easy and smooth transition so that step-mom will be given no chance to speak.

Little Maria keeps step-mom in a tight handgagging grip as she flaunts a white worn thong in front of step-mom's face to her and Katherine's great enjoyment. Maria stuffs the panties in step-mom's mouth and cooperates with big step-sister Katherine who is ready with a black pair of pantyhose.

Katherine drags the pantyhose down over step-mom's panty stuffed face and makes step-mom a full head encasement. Then she winds a few layers of clear packaging tape into step-mom's stuffed mouth and around her head from outside of the nylon hood, making step-mom a nice and tight tape cleave gag to keep the silencing pantygag in place.

Step-Mom Laura is then made to stand and jump into another room as she is closely escorted by her evil brat daughters. The pantyhose hooded MILF is put on the floor where big step-sister Katherine hogties her with duct tape, ties the loose ends of her pantyhose head encasement all the way back to her ankles and co-operates with Maria to run the tape around step-mom's forehead, all the way back to her ankles and back up around to keep step-mom's head held up high.

The girls are having a super great time humiliating their hogtied step-mom who looks like a little piggy with her nose all twisted up underneath her nylon encasement. Now that the sisters' job has been done Katherine takes step-mom's bag and flaunts a great bunch of money right in front of her twisted face. The girls bid their step-mom Laura farewell and are off to enjoy a movie at the cinema while Laura grunts, protests, and struggles for her freedom! What an evil pair of brats!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, hand over mouth, brat domination, pantygag, latina, step-mother and daughters, cleave gagged, encasement fetish, hogtied, tapegag, pantyhose hooded, milf, gag talk, muffled whining, tease, humiliation, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Hogtied Lesbian Bondage MILF Panty Gagged
Owning Step-Mom Tag-Teamed, Hogtied And Humiliated By Her Evil Brat Daughters
Marias Mega Maximized Mouth Sock Stifled To The EXTREME
Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Who would have thought that Laura's youngest step-daughter Maria would have a much bigger mouth than the one of her big step-sister Katherine in whose mouth Laura managed to cram a whopping 6 socks inside?!

Now get ready to enjoy this incredible massive mouth stuffing scene where you'll see how Maria's real-life step-mom Laura manages to fit an unbelievable amount of 10 socks (!!!) inside Maria's big babbling yap using an amazing and rare mouth stuffing technique.

Laura warms up for the megamouth stuffing by giving her sweet step-daughter Maria a nice and soothing shoulder and neck massage. The Latina MILF then let her rubbing hands run all the way up to Maria's face and begins to work the muscles around Maria's mouth.

Laura hooks a finger inside each cheek of her step-daughter's cheeks. She pulls, stretches, and plays with Maria's cheeks in order to stimulate the muscles that are going to be put to a test in just a moment... Maria is patiently waiting for her step-mom to finish the warm-up of her mouth before the test can begin.

After the warm-up is complete, Laura starts stuffing Maria's mouth with one sock after another (and then another, and another) to fully test its capacity... The socks are small so that Laura can really find out how full she can make Maria's mouth.

It's like the sexy mouth stuffing never ends as Laura crams 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 socks inside Maria's mouth, making it completely full and bulgy with absolutely NO MORE ROOM left for another single sock to be stuffed inside!

Laura grabs a roll of clear transparent packaging tape and winds it around Maria's mega stuffed mouth in order for us to enjoy the view of the massive sock packing through the tape from the outside. It's an incredible sight seeing this young little 19-year-old girl with such an insanely big mouthful trapped inside her mouth behind layers of tightly wrapped tape.

Laura ties Maria's hands behind her back and gets back to massage Maria's shoulders again to keep her relaxed and comfortable in the extreme situation she's in. Then Laura ties a black scarf around Maria's eyes to blindfold her pretty little girl, gives her a kiss, and turns off the light.

The sexy Latina step-mom finally leaves her step-daughter alone and humiliated in the dark: bound, blindfolded, and extremely gagged!


Included in this clip: extreme mouth stuffing, sock gagged, mouth play, bondage, tapegagged, step-mother and step-daughter, mouth stretching, humiliation, tight tapegag, muffled moaning, latinas,  transparent tape gag, tape bondage, blindfold, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Marias Mega Maximized Mouth Sock Stifled To The EXTREME
Harsh Hogtape Humiliation For Katherine!
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Sexy Katherine Martinez is in deep trouble when she becomes the victim of her ruthless little step-sister Maria and her dominant step-mom Laura.

Laura and Maria are taking turns hand gagging and tying up Katherine using sticky silver duct tape in a well-organized tie-up co-operation. They keep Katherine under their control until they have her fully restrained when the time has come to shut her mouth for good.

Maria is the one leading the tape that is going to shut Katherine up. She cleaves the sticky duct tape tight and deep into her big step-sister's wide-open mouth and makes her an awesome yet painful tape cleave gag where her luscious lips bulge out beautifully.

Katherine is then put on her stomach on the cold marble floor where her gag-loving little step-sister Maria holds her head up high while step-mom runs duct tape around Katherine's ankles, over her mouth, and all the way back around her ankles again, hogtaping her oldest step-daughter down nice and tight!

Maria certainly loves seeing her big step-sister tied down and humiliated like that as she is hushing her, slapping her, and kissing her. Step-Mom joins the fun and Katherine now has her step-mom and her little step-sister laying down playing with her on each side of her taped-up face.

The hogtaped Latina bitch is finally left by little step-sister Maria and step-mom Laura to struggle all by herself and there is no way she'll be getting outta this one!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, hogtied, tape gagged, sisters, Latina, struggling, step-mother and daughters, gag talk, underwear, hand over mouth, cleave gagged, duct tape fetish, hand gagged, domination, humiliation, damsel, hogtaped, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Harsh Hogtape Humiliation For Katherine!
Fucked Up By Step-Mom: From Pretty Little Princess To Pantyhose Hooded Piggy Girl!
Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Get ready to experience a serious transformation where step-mommy's pretty little princess is turned into a pantyhose hooded, hogtied, and humiliated little piggy girl in under 12 minutes!

Maria is tape bound, handgagged, and dominated by her step-mom Laura as the scene opens. Laura ruthlessly toys with nineteen-year-old Maria's whining mouth with slapping and smothering before she teasingly flaunts a white pair of panties in front of Maria.

Laura crams the white panties in Maria's mouth, drags a pair of pantyhose down over her head, and cleaves layers of tightly wrapped packaging tape into her stuffed mouth and around her head as the first step in turning her lovely little step-daughter into a piggy girl.

Step-Mom Laura toys with her step-daughter's gagged and nylon encased face by slapping her and laughing at her before she picks her up to be carried over her shoulder. Laura carries Maria over her shoulder and spanks that sweet little ass strutting right up into the open air. Then Laura brings Maria into the other room and puts her on a table.

Laura grabs a roll of duct tape and hogties Maria on the table. Then the pantyhose encasing Maria's face is tightly pulled all the way back and tied to her ankles by step-mom Laura who makes sure that her step-daughter's head and nose are held up high!

Layers of clear tape are then wrapped around Maria's ankles, over her forehead, and back around her ankles again to secure the position of her head looking straight out into the air. A really uncomfortable and painful position for the young nineteen-year-old princess who's now become a helpless little piggy girl!

Maria is drooling, tickled, spanked, kissed, and generally humiliated by her step-mom who really got her step-daughter completely fucked up incredibly good!


Included in this clip: bondage, nylon encasement, pantygag, tape bound, hooded, struggling, piggy girl, tapegagged, lift and carry, duct tape fetish, drooling, spanking, step-mother and step-daughter, ots carry, gag talk, hand over mouth, tickling, gagged sobbing, pantyhose bondage, handgagged, pantyhose hooded, latina, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Drooling Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Lift And Carry
Fucked Up By Step-Mom From Pretty Little Princess To Pantyhose Hooded Piggy Girl!
Surprise You Are Gagged!
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Don't let the innocent looks of young Maria Martinez fool you: She can be a real bitch when she needs to!

Having her step-mom Laura and her big step-sister Katherine tied up side-by-side with a black plastic bag over their heads cunning little Maria enters the scene wearing a blue top and tight jeans.

Maria removes the plastic bag covering Katherine's head and reveals how she already got her big step-sister gagged with a single piece of duct tape. But a single piece of tape ain't enough for Maria to shut up her step-sister so she pull the strip off from Katherine's mouth and handgags her insanely tight!

Maria hushes on big step-sister Katherine who ain't happy about being handgagged by her little step-sister. Maria flaunts a white sock in front of Katherine as a teaser to what Maria got planned for her next. The young strict latina bitch rapidly crams the sock inside her big step-sister's mouth and covers it again by putting Katherine in another super tight hand gagging grip.

With Katherine's mouth sock stuffed, sexy little Maria takes really good care of her big step-sister's whining mouth by winding skintight layers of real silver duct tape around her head and over her mouth! The gag is big, it's heavy and it's so damn tight and effective! Maria really knows how to do a mouth jamming gag and she loves it so much that she decides to take a selfie with her gagged big step-sister!

Once the selfie has been taken, Maria pull the black plastic bag hood back on over Katherine's head and then she moves on to step-mom Laura who receives the very same gagging treatment as her oldest step-daughter sitting right next to her!

Katherine and Laura are later unhooded at the same time by Maria who says "ta-daaa" followed by a big wet lipstick kiss on big step-sister Katherine's and step-mom Laura's super strict sock stuffed tapegags!!


Included in this clip: bondage, duct tape fetish, hand over mouth, tapegagged, mouth stuffed, sock gagged, latina, domination, tease, humiliation, plastic bag fetish, hooded, gag kissing, step-mother and daughters,  handgagged, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Surprise You Are Gagged!
Young Party Girl Snatched And Toyed By A Criminal MILF!
Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
It's all about the money for criminal MILF Laura Martinez who works a shady job as a secret girl snatcher.

Today Laura has captured a young 19-year-old party girl (her real-life step-daughter) Maria Martinez in order to make a quick buck by selling her off to a notorious dark web network.

As the scene opens we see Laura dominantly carrying bound and cleave-gagged Maria over her shoulder outside Laura's apartment. Laura happily toys with the nabbed party girl by repeatedly smacking her gorgeous upskirt exposed ass which beautifully struts right up into the open air.

MILF Laura then carries her helpless prey into the apartment, her secret lair which works as a preparation and transfer station for young captured girls like Maria.

Maria is tossed on a bed and her cleave gag is removed. She tries to scream but her mouth is immediately covered by the hand of the experienced MILF who takes no chances in letting Maria be heard. Laura slaps Maria's face and grabs a white pair of panties on the counter right next to the bed while she maintains keeping a really tight handgag on Maria!

Laura puts her foot on Maria's tape-tied legs to hold her still as she wildly swings the white panties in the air in front of hand-gagged Maria. The criminal MILF makes Maria smell the panties and also sniffs them herself to make sure they're nice and dirty. They are perfect!

A good long tease later, Laura rapidly stuff those dirty white panties in Maria's screaming mouth, muffling her right there on the spot! Multiple pieces of sticky silver duct tape carefully placed over Maria's stuffed mouth then make really sure those panties ain't going nowhere! One can only wonder who those panties now taped inside Maria's mouth really belong to... Was it one of the many other victims of the criminal MILF?

Laura leaves the bound and gagged party girl to struggle on the bed for a while. Maria makes a lot of gagged noise by whining, screaming, and loudly protesting into her panty stuffed tapegag. She is a true damsel who wants out of MILF Laura's claws before it's too late but there is nothing she can do but to writhe, squirm and struggle to regain her freedom.

But it's too late. Laura comes back. Nighty, night, Maria. The cunning MILF can now finish the rest part of her job in peace and quiet.

Laura lifts Maria from the bed and carries her over the shoulder once again. She then allows herself a little playtime with Maria's ass by fondling and spanking it right before she disappears out of the door with the poor party girl whose fate still remains unknown.


Included in this clip: tape bondage, lift and carry, milf, hand over mouth, upskirt, struggling, over the shoulder, mouth stuffed, tease, spanking, tape gagged, real step-mother and step-daughter, panty gagged, damsel, gag talk, gagged girl, ots carry, latinas, shushing, face slapping, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Lift And Carry Panty Gagged Tape Bondage
Young Party Girl Snatched And Toyed By A Criminal MILF!
Tape Tied Selfie Queen
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
18-year-old Maria is always busy taking new pics for her social media accounts and her step-mom and big step-sister are sick of it.

Pretending they want Maria to take a nice family pic, step-mom Laura and big step-sister Katherine are happily posing next to sweet little Maria who never says no take a selfie with anyone! But once Maria has snapped a few selfies with her posing step-mom and big step-sister she is immediately attacked and overpowered by them.

Big step-sister Katherine keeps Maria tightly handgagged while step-mom restrain her hands behind her back using silver duct tape. Laura then engage in the silencing hand over mouth action her oldest step-daughter Katherine is doing on Maria.

They both take turn in handgagging Maria and dominantly pinches her nose shut in a playful and dominant way. Maria shrieks and calls out for help while she is constantly shushed by her step-mom and her big step-sister who are being extremely rough to her.

The long and powerful handgag action is then followed by step-mom Laura giving Katherine a white sock to be stuffed in Maria's mouth. Laura takes Maria's phone and starts filming big step-sister Katherine up close as Katherine ruthlessly starts gagging poor Maria with the sock after which layers of sticky duct tape is tightly wrapped around her head! Maria is heavily tape wrapgagged by her big step-sister and her gagged sounds has now become more muffled with this super gag on her mouth...

Laura and Kathe then starts to tie Maria up even further. Duct tape around her chest, her arms, her belly, her knees, her legs and her ankles. Maria is now totally restrained by step-mom and big step-sister and a moment like this requires a selfie.

Laura once again takes Maria's phone and snaps a couple selfies with Katherine and bound and gagged Maria, but Maria is definitely not happy about the situation and is hold still by Katherine. Maria screams. She is in pain. The gag is hurting her, the ties are too tight and she is humiliated and helpless.

Step-Mom Laura finally decides it's time for Maria to be taken somewhere else, so she pick her up to be carried over her shoulder with her beautiful little hotpants ass strutting in the air. Laura gives Maria's ass a nice little spanking and Katherine joins in too and smacks Maria's ass as she is carried over step-mom's shoulder and taken away into another room...


Included in this clip: tape bondage, hand over mouth, sock gagged, mouth stuffed, humiliation, taboo, selfies, step-mother and daughters, domination, tape gagged, lift and carry, milf, ots carry, ass smacking, damsel, chair tied, duct tape fetish, bound and gagged, wraparound tapegag, latina, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Lift And Carry Sock Gagged Tape Bondage
Tape Tied Selfie Queen
Thoroughly Sock-, Tape- And OTN-Gagged By Little Step-Sister!
Katherine Martinez , Maria Martinez
Everyone knows how annoying step-sisters and their big mouths can be sometimes.

18-year-old Maria has had enough of her 20-year-old big step-sister Katherine's babbling yap and decides to keep her nice and quiet for the night.

Katherine is already tape tied on a chair and cleave gagged with a black scarf next to her bed as little step-sister Maria comes in to shut her up even more. Maria approaches her bound big step-sister who sobs and shrieks through the scarf tied in her mouth by the sight of her little step-sister's presence.

Maria removes Katherine's cleave gag and replaces it with a really firm and airtight handgag. She hushes on hand gagged Katherine and tells her to shut up while she most obviously seems to enjoy being in charge.

Maria teasingly plays with Katherine by swapping hands covering her mouth and also pinching her nostrils shut from time to time. Maria then takes off one of her very own white smelly socks and dangles it in front of her big step-sister's hand gagged face. She makes sure that Katherine gets a good whiff of her nasty worn sock just seconds before she crams it deep inside her mouth.

Katherine is far from happy about being sock gagged but she is at the complete mercy of her little step-sister who chooses to wrap the nasty sock in her big step-sister's mouth using strong gray duct tape. Maria makes Katherine a very big, strong and tight wraparound duct tape gag and teases her by giving her multiple kisses.

Finally, Maria grabs a white cloth and ties it over Katherine's mouth and nose to make her big step-sister a multilayered gag that will keep her nice and quiet for the rest of the night!


Included in this clip: bondage, gag talk, muffled moaning, cleave gagged, hand over mouth, step-sister fetish, sock gagged, mouth stuffed, sock smelling, tape gagged, wraparound gagged, otn gagged, humiliation, domination, tied up, otm gagged, tight tape gag, latinas, gag fetish, bdsm

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Thoroughly Sock-, Tape- And OTN-Gagged By Little Step-Sister!