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Models / Katherine Martinez

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Katherine Martinez Vital Stats:
AGE:  22
FROM:  South America
SPEAKS:  Spanish
ETHNICITY:  Hispanic
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag

Katherine Martinez is the oldest stepdaughter of Laura Martinez and the oldest stepsister of Maria Martinez.

She began her acting career at the age of 19 shortly after we hired her stepmom Laura for a softcore fetish project when she was looking for work in a Facebook group.

Katherine had no experience with bondage, gags, or fetish whatsoever but she is a quick learner and acts amazing as a dom and a sub!

Katherine Martinez Updates

The Gag Training Of Wendy Lopez
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Get ready to enjoy this super sexy gag training session in which our three bondage starlets Laura, Katherine, and Maria Martinez team up on sexy BBW Latina Wendy Lopez to gag the fuck out of her in three different ways!

The first gag is done by Laura Martinez. A pair of panties gets packed inside Wendy's mouth followed by a nice and tight cleave wrap gag made out of transparent packaging tape. To top it all off, Laura ties a white cloth over Wendy's gagged mouth!

Next to gag Wendy is Katherine Martinez. Katherine uses an orange rubber ball to serve as the perfect silencer for the big-mouthed BBW who gets the ball taped in with transparent packaging tape wrapped around her head really tight! A super effective gag!

The last girl to silence Wendy is Maria Martinez. Maria starts out by doing hand over mouth on the gag subject before she, with a bit of help from her step-mom and step-sister, manages to get three balled-up socks stuffed inside Wendy's big mouth. Maria wraps real silver duct tape around Wendy's mouth and head before finally encasing her strongly sock-packed and tape-wrapped mouth with a pair of pantyhose!


Included in this clip: gagged woman, ball gagged, mouth stuffed, bondage, panty gagged, gag talk, sock gagged, bbw, tape wrap gagged, gagging, duct tape fetish, latinas, pantyhose encasement, triple domination, humiliation, muffled moaning, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Ball Gagged MILF Panty Gagged Pantyhose Hooded
The Gag Training Of Wendy Lopez
Our Step-Mom Deserves To Be Bound Gagged And Worshipped!
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Katherine and Maria Martinez are having an argument with their step-mom Laura when they overpower her, tie her up, and shut her up with socks and tape. They hogtie Laura on the floor and playfully agree to pay special attention to her feet which they lick, suck and bite. Their step-mom is fuming mad at her girls for humiliating her although deep inside she enjoys having her feet worshipped. The girls later find themselves tied up, gagged, and struggling next to their step-mom when an intruder breaks in!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, sock gagged, mouth stuffed, tape gagged, foot fetish, hand over mouth, Latinas, step-mother and daughters, toe sucking, domination, foot worship, hogtied, struggling, gag talk, BDSM, milf, gag fetish

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Tags: Foot Fetish Foot Worship Hogtied Lesbian Bondage
Our Step-Mom Deserves To Be Bound Gagged And Worshipped!
Stealing Big Step-Sister's Hot Date!
Katherine Martinez , Maria Martinez
It's early evening and Maria Martinez is wearing pajamas when she walks in to find her big step-sister Katherine doing her make-up all dressed up in a beautiful yellow dress. Maria is curious to know what Katherine is up to and is shown the dating profile of a really hot guy Katherine is about to go on a date with tonight.

Maria is so jealous of her big step-sister that she decides to overpower her and take her place on the date tonight! Maria attacks Katherine with a handgag from behind and manages to get herself into the chair to sit behind Katherine.

Katherine desperately tries to fight off her jealous little step-sister but her struggles are futile. With her legs wrapped around Katherine's body, Maria turns the silencing hand gagging into a nice handsmother which makes her big step-sister!

When we return to the scene, we see Katherine duct-taped to the chair and stripped down to her underwear. She slowly opens her eyes and notices Maria standing next to her while changing from her pajamas to the beautiful yellow dress her chair-tied big step-sister wore just a few minutes ago!

Katherine complains about being tied up while made to look at provoking Maria demonstratively putting on her dress so Maria shuts her up with a handgag followed by the insertion of a soft orange rubber ball stuffed inside her whining step-sister's whining mouth!

Maria grabs a roll of transparent packaging tape and wraps the rubber ball inside Katherine's mouth, making her a nice and tight wrap-around gag to keep the ball in place. Maria then sits down next to Katherine and starts putting on make-up!

Katherine gag talks at her provoking little step-sister who doesn't seem to give a damn about whatever she is trying to say. Maria slowly finishes her make-up and when she is just about ready to go, she takes a couple of selfies with her bound, gagged and humiliated big step-sister!

Katherine is finally left tied up and helpless at home while Maria is ready to steal her big step-sister's hot date in her stolen dress! What a bitch!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, hand over mouth, Latinas, ball gagged, sisters, tape-gagged, damsel, struggling, chair-tied, humiliation, wrap gagged, bound and gagged, gag talk, BDSM, gag fetish

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Tags: Ball Gagged Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage
Stealing Big Step-Sisters Hot Date!
Monstrous Gagging Fun With The Martinez Family!
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Are you ready for yet another super fun and amazing bondage adventure that involves huge gags?

Our story begins in the main hall of the house where sexy Latina MILF Laura Martinez has her youngest step-daughter Maria tape tied and heavily over-the-mouth gagged over her shoulder. Maria smiles as Laura smacks her ass while carrying her into a nearby room.

Maria is put on a chair and un-gagged by Laura who removes the big white OTM-gag and the big white sock mouth stuffing behind it. Maria is really amused and so excited that she asks Laura to gag her again but this time with duct tape wrapped around her head! Laura puts a foot in Maria's lap and drags off one of her white socks.

Laura stuffs her worn sock in Maria's mouth and starts wrapping real silver duct tape around Maria's head until she's made her a really (really!) HUGE tape gag covering all skin from below the nose all the way down to the chin! Unbelievable!

Maria is really happy with the result of the heavy gagging her step-mom has put on her. She laughs and is generally digging the whole situation while Laura starts tying her up even better, using duct tape around Maria's chest, arms, and legs.

Once Laura has got Maria all taped up, she picks up the sweet little girl with the enormous gag, carries her into the main hall, and puts her on a wooden bench. Laura sits down next to her cute step-daughter where she slaps her face and kisses her gag when her other step-daughter, Katherine, walks in!

Laura looks rather embarrassed by the sudden presence of Katherine who thinks her step-mother and step-sister are so silly... Laura comes up with the idea to join Maria in her bondage and asks Katherine to tie her up and gag her. A request that Katherine accepts.

Katherine drags off the remaining sock from Laura's foot and gently stuffs it in her mouth after which she starts wrapping tape around her head with a bit of help from Laura who wants her gag big and massive like Maria's. When the gagging is done, Katherine ties up Laura and immediately puts her and Maria down on the floor to sit on their knees.

Katherine spanks her bound and heavily gagged step-mother and step-sister and has a really good time acting silly with her sweet family. Laura and Maria are finally left to sit on the bench next to each other where they passionately start a super sexy gag kissing session before the clip ends!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, latinas, duct tape, step-mother and daughters, gag talk, otm gagged, milf, willingly bound and gagged, muffled moaning, lift and carry, spanking, ots carry, tape-gagged, mouth stuffed, carried over the shoulder, sock gagged, bdsm, gag kissing

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Tags: Lift And Carry MILF Sock Gagged Spanking Bondage
Monstrous Gagging Fun With The Martinez Family!
How Dare You Disrespect Your Babysitter!
Katherine Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Some might say Katherine Martinez is too old to be needing a babysitter but clearly her step-mom thinks otherwise and has hired fierce Latina BBW Wendy Lopez for the job.

Katherine is all dressed up in a sexy blue dress and high heels while she is doing her make-up. She has a plan to go out with her friends tonight but her step-mom has given babysitter Wendy explicit orders that Katherine is at no time allowed to leave the house.

Wendy steps up to the rebellious young lady and asks what she is doing. Katherine mistakenly starts an argument with Wendy and is immediately grabbed and thrown into a chair. Wendy aggressively duct tapes Katherine's hands behind her back, ties tape around her arms and chest and also tapes Katherine's ankles up.

Wendy goes to the bathroom, fills up a bucket with water, and returns to the tape tied brat. Wendy ruthlessly grabs Katherine's head and puts her face down under the water in the bucket over and over again, showing poor Katherine absolutely no mercy!

The cruel BBW babysitter is extremely brutal towards sweet little Katherine. She slaps Katherine's face and starts flaunting a reeking pair of dirty panties in front of Katherine's face, causing Katherine to cough in revolt. But Wendy is on a mission. A mission to teach Katherine never to disrespect her babysitter ever again.

Wendy stuffs the stinky panties in Katherine's mouth and makes the panty stuffed cutie a super strong and effective silver duct tape wrap gag to keep the filthy panties in place. Katherine is a total mess and her mascara is running down her cheeks.

Wendy puts bound and tape wrap gagged Katherine on her knees on the floor for a wicked ass spanking punishment. Wendy whips Katherine's big round juicy ass with a belt again and again until the poor cutie is on the edge of her breaking point.

Then, Wendy escorts bound and gagged Katherine into the bedroom by making her hop her way in there. She puts Katherine in bed, covers her with a blanket, and finally turns out the lights, leaving Katherine all bound, gagged, and helpless for a long and lonely night to come!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, domination, bbw, latinas, duct tape fetish, ass whipping, babysitter, panty gagged, high heeled shoes, underwater fetish, tape-gagged, spanking, face slapping, upskirt, humiliation, wrap gagged, damsel, bdsm

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Tags: Babysitters Panty Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
How Dare You Disrespect Your Babysitter!
Generous Girlfriend Gives Tape Gagged Handjob And Gets Cum On Face!
Katherine Martinez
Beautiful Latina sweetheart Katherine Martinez is such a generous girlfriend who will do anything to make you happy. She opens the door to the bedroom and sees you lying on the bed. Katherine playfully enters, takes off your pants, and starts to toy with your dick when she gets an idea and asks you to hang on a moment.

Katherine stands up in front of a mirror where she tapes her mouth shut with two perfectly placed pieces of equally long pieces of silver duct tape. She goes down to sit between your legs again with the beautiful tape gag on her mouth because she knows you love seeing her gagged and listening to her muffled moaning.

Katherine once again starts to play with your dick, turning it rock-hard more and more for every time she jerks it up and down! The lovely cutie also rubs your pulsating cock against the tape covering her mouth, but there will be no blowjob for you tonight. Just a brilliantly done handjob that ends in a facial cumshot all over your tape-gagged girlfriend's beautiful face!

This handjob is Katherine's very first handjob ever done on camera!


Included in this clip: handjob, tapegagged, latina, gag talk, smiling, moaning, facial cumshot, masturbation, duct tape fetish, self-gagged, girlfriend, pov, silent jerking, gag fetish

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Tags: Handjobs Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Generous Girlfriend Gives Tape Gagged Handjob And Gets Cum On Face!
Silly Step-Daughters Crave To Be Gagged: Please Gag Us Tight And BIG!
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Silly Latina sweethearts Katherine and Maria crave good and effective gagging by their real-life MILF, Laura Martinez. The two girls fight to be the one getting gagged by Laura when, to Maria's great disappointment, Laura randomly chooses Katherine to be the first to be gagged.

Laura's mission is to make her girls a really tight huge tape wrap gag each - a job the incredible MILF masters to the fullest extent!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, duct tape fetish, gagged girls, taboo, tape gagged, sock gagged, carried over the shoulder, wrap gagged, lift and carry, milf, Latina, gag talk, tight tape gags, bondage, BDSM, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Lift And Carry Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Silly Daughters Crave To Be Gagged Please Gag Us Tight And BIG!
Handgag Wrestling Step-Sisters!
Katherine Martinez , Maria Martinez
Welcome to a round of extreme and dramatic female wrestling where the only rule is to keep the opponent handgagged for as long as possible!

The two opponents in today's incredible handgag fight are the two 19-year-old real-life Latina sisters; big step-sister Katherine and her sweet little step-sister Maria (who gets totally owned by her powerful big step-sister in this supreme wrestling match!)

3, 2, 1... FIGHT!


Included in this clip: hand over mouth, wrestling, domination, handgag, bitch fight, Latinas, step-sisters, humiliation, drama, female fighting, gag talk, hand fetish, catfight

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Tags: Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage Teens (18/19)
Handgag Wrestling Step-Sisters!