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Our Models / Katherine Martinez

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Katherine Martinez Vital Stats:
AGE:  22
FROM:  South America
SPEAKS:  Spanish
ETHNICITY:  Hispanic
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag

Katherine Martinez is the oldest stepdaughter of Laura Martinez and the oldest stepsister of Maria Martinez.

She began her acting career at the age of 19 shortly after we hired her stepmom Laura for a softcore fetish project when she was looking for work in a Facebook group.

Katherine had no experience with bondage, gags, or fetish whatsoever but she is a quick learner and acts amazing as a dom and a sub!

Katherine Martinez Updates

Sara's First Bondage Experience - Part 2: Hogtying Her

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Sara Laya

After being repeatedly gagged by Laura Martinez, the scene begins with Sara walking back to Laura in the white bodysuit, barefoot. Sara is ready to be tied up with rope for the first time. Laura ties her wrists and ankles and then puts a pair of panties in her mouth for Sara's first panty gagging. She then duct tape gags her and wraps a white bandage around her head and mouth. Gagged Sara is then put on a round table. Laura connects her wrists to her ankles with rope, strictly hogtying her, and then ties a rope around her ponytail hair and feet.

Sara is hogtied tight and mmppphs into her gag, making moaning noises to signal her enjoyment. Laura teases Sara and she promises to return soon. After leaving Sara, she starts to squirm while moaning in her hogtie. Laura returns with her stepdaughter Katherine, who introduces herself to Sara. They laugh at Sara's gag talk attempts to say hi and Katherine admires Laura's beautiful BDSM rope work.

Katherine tickles Sara's tied feet for a while, making Sara moan, laugh, and struggle. Laura and Katherine ask if Sara is ready for the final step in her bondage journey. They untie and ungag Sara to make her ready for more tying and gagging!

Included in this clip: Latina bondage, strict hogtie, hair tied, tied feet, barefoot bondage, mouth stuffed gag, bandage wrap gag, moaning, duct tape gagged, lesbian bondage, bdsm, bondage suit


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Tags: Brunettes Costume Bondage Double Domination First Timers Hogtied Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Rope Bondage Tape Gagged
Saras First Bondage Experience - Part 2: Hogtying Her

Nude Girlfriend Tied Spreadeagle While Passionately Worshipped in Sensual Bedroom Bondage

Katherine Martinez

Katherine Martinez recently had a wet dream where she was tied to the bed and fondled all over her body. She asks her boyfriend to bring her naughty fantasy to life because the dream made her super horny and curious about bondage in the bedroom.

Katherine is restrained to the bed, completely naked in a spreadeagle position. She's got a tight crotch rope cleaved between her pussy lips and a red ball gag strapped in her mouth. The sexy girl is bound and vulnerable while we follow her boyfriend's hands massaging her naked body with great passion. He rubs her legs, the sides of her roped crotch, up over her stomach, all the way up to her petite breasts.

Her perky tits are fondled by her boyfriend's groping hands that even massage her sensitive nipples by pinching them. The ball gagged girlfriend is loudly moaning in response to her boyfriend's teasing hands, making her hornier and hornier with every stroke and every pinch.

Even though her vagina is securely locked by the pussy rope working as a form of chastity bondage, her boyfriend chooses to dominantly tease her. He is pulling the crotch rope back and forth, making it grind deeper inside his bound and gagged girlfriend's pussy, causing her a mix of pain, surprise, and pleasure at the same time. Katherine sure loves her restricting pussy bondage, but she also hates it since it prevents her from getting dick!

As the tied lady's sensual body massage progresses, her boyfriend goes down to her roped ankles and begins a long and passionate foot worship session on his beloved girl's feet. He sucks her toes, licks her soles, and gnaws on her feet with little bites to cause sudden reactions of surprise from Katherine who constantly moans in joy!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, tied spreadeagle, ball gagged woman, porn for women, sensual massage, bound foot worship, crotch rope, Latin couple, clips for couples, moaning, bedroom bondage, girlfriend, groping, nipple pinching, pussy bondage, bdsm, fetish


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Foot Worship Groping Latinas Maledom Nude Bondage Romance Rope Bondage Topless Bondage
Nude Girlfriend Tied Spreadeagle While Passionately Worshipped in Sensual Bedroom Bondage

Mummified MILF Sock Gagged in Sleepsack Encasement Bondage

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Maria and Katherine are walking Laura Martinez into a room where she is making angry noises inside her leather hood. Laura is handcuffed as the girls slap her ass and then mummify her with clear tape from her ankles to her shoulders. They remove the hood and take the ball gag out that muffled her inside the hood.

The feisty woman curses at the ladies, so they stuff socks into Laura's mouth, wrapping them all the way inside her mouth with a clear tight tape gag. They encase Laura's tape mummified body in a sleeping bag and then they wrap silver duct tape around Laura's ankles to her shoulders, covering the sleeping bag with the duct tape. They also wrap silver duct tape around Maria's head to cover the clear sock-stuffed tape gag. They lift Laura onto the bed, and they wrap silver duct tape around her encased feet.

Maria and Katherine lie down on the bed and humiliate Laura and then they leave. Laura struggles and makes angry, grunting noises on the bed in frustration of being stuck and encased in the multilayered mummification bondage!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, Latinas, sock gagged woman, tape wrap gagged, mummified, double layered mummification, encasement bondage, milf bondage, gag talk, mouth stuffed gag, lesbian bondage, bdsm, fetish


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Tags: Brunettes Double Domination Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage MILF Bondage Mummification Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Mummified MILF Sock Gagged in Sleepsack Encasement Bondage

Treasuring The Birthday MILF With Sensual Breast Fondling And Lesbian Feet Worship

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

On MILF Laura's birthday, her stepdaughters Katherine and Maria want to spoil and treasure her, to show how much they love her.

The MILF is led into a room with a blindfold on. The girls remove the blindfold, presenting her with an empty chair and a roll of duct tape. The ladies ask their stepmom to kindly take off her clothes and once she's naked, they tie her hands behind her back with silver duct tape and her ankles, too.

The girls sit their nude stepmother in the chair, and Katherine and Maria take her dirty panties and stuff them in her mouth. They wrap a white bandage wrap around stepmom's panty gagged mouth and head, and put her feet on a stool.

With lotion on her hands, Maria sensually massaging her shoulders, chest, and breasts while Katherine sits by Laura's feet and kisses, licks, and sucks her feet. MILF Laura moans, and Katherine and Maria moan too.

After several minutes, the girls switch places. Now it is Maria's turn to kiss and suck Laura's feet and Katherine's turn to massage her shoulders and breasts.

The video ends with Katherine and Maria wishing stepmom Happy Birthday!

Included in this clip: duct tape bondage, naked milf, lesbian feet worship, panty gagged woman, feet licking, moaning, wrap gagged woman, latina feet, stepmom and stepdaughters, bdsm, fetish 


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Tags: Brunettes Busty Women Chairtied Double Domination Foot Fetish Foot Worship Groping Latinas Lesbian Bondage MILF Bondage Nude Bondage Panty Gagged Romance Topless Bondage
Treasuring The Birthday MILF With Sensual Breast Fondling And Lesbian Feet Worship

Magical Horror Night Bondage

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez is meditating when a creepy witch, Laura, enters. Maria is confused and thinks she is dreaming. Laura explains that she has come to alleviate her stress, but she needs help from her friend Katherine. 

Laura casts a spell on the white sheet with her magic wand, and Maria is surprised when the sheet grows bigger. When they remove the white sheet, they find Katherine holding two rolls of duct tape. Maria is shocked and tells herself that this is a dream.

Laura and Katherine tie Maria up, wrapping her wrists, arms, and mouth with strips of duct tape to prevent her from struggling and speaking. They wrap Maria's upper body, ankles, and lower legs with duct tape. They wrap Maria's legs tightly and ask Katherine to remove both of Maria's socks.

Laura rips the tape off Maria's mouth and stuffs both socks into Maria's mouth, wrapping her mouth with duct tape around the head. When Maria is tightly gagged, she is turned onto her stomach on the floor. Laura ties a rope around her feet and her ponytail, ensuring her head is held up in a straight position.

When Maria is tied down, Katherine and Laura lie down next to her and laugh at her. They then bite Maria's feet with small, light bites, biting her toes and the sides of her feet. Katherine and Laura quietly leave the room, leaving Maria stuck in the room. Maria is surprised that they are gone, but she remains trapped in the room on this magical horror night.

Included in this clip: duct tape bondage, sock gagged, magic bondage, duct tape gagged, lesbian bondage, biting feet, mouth stuffed gag, latina bondage, tightly gagged, stuck, bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: Brunettes Double Domination Duct Tape Bondage Foot Worship Halloween Hogtied Humiliation Jeans Bondage Latinas Lesbian Bondage Magical Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Magical Horror Night Bondage

Horny Couple Bound Together

Katherine Martinez

A horny couple is ready to have sex when the guy goes to the bathroom to freshen up. Once the guy is out, a stranger walks into the room and turns the girl into a tied-up bondage prisoner!

She is tape bound and tape wrap gagged as she angrily squirms on the bed, tied up and naked! Her boyfriend comes back, surprised to find his woman bound and gagged when he too is grabbed!

The couple is now bound and gagged side by side, angry and squirming all helpless and frustrated! They are later tied together to enjoy each other, but the stranger who tied up the couple left the guy's underwear on to keep his dick trapped!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, couple bondage, tape gagged man, couple tied up and gagged, tape gagged woman, struggling bondage, pov bondage, bdsm, fetish


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Tags: Brunettes Duct Tape Bondage Gag Kissing Humiliation Latinas Nude Bondage POV Romance Tape Gagged Topless Bondage
Horny Couple Bound Together

Woken Up For Masturbation

Katherine Martinez , Maria Martinez

Maria is resting in bed when her older stepsister Katherine walks in. Katherine is in a naughty mood and she takes the blanket away from Maria's naked body. Katherine starts to feel Maria and immediately handgags her when she wakes up! Maria is confused about the situation while Katherine starts to rub and and finger her pussy while keeping Maria hand gagged!

Later, Katherine winds a duct tape wrap gag around Maria's head and ties her wrists behind her back before she continues to masturbate her pussy to bring her to a nice orgasm!

Included in this clip: lesbian masturbation, hand gagged, lesbian domination, tape wrap gagged, bondage orgasms, tied up and gagged, Latinas, pussy rubbing, bound orgasms, handgag fetish


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Tags: Bondage Orgasms Brunettes Groping Hand Gagged Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Nude Bondage Romance Tape Gagged Topless Bondage
Woken Up For Masturbation

Preparing The Sex Slave

Katherine Martinez

Worthless bondage slave Katherine Martinez finds herself blinded and gagged with duct tape on top of a table with her wrists tied to her ankles. The man who tied her up walks in and feels her big juicy ass. He spanks it and pulls down her panties to expose it.

He rubs the girl's vagina to see if it is wet enough. He has a small object that he is going to insert into the slave girl's pussy. He puts lube on the object and inserts it in her pussy, but the bound girl pushes it back out again.

The man pushes it back in and pulls the girl's panties up to hold the object in place. He then lifts her down on the floor where he begins to wrap her up with saran wrap (cling film), making her as compact as possible. He drags some other woman's dirty panties down over her face and wraps tape over her mouth outside the panties to hold them in place.

The bound, gagged and blindfolded girl is made to smell the filthy crotch panel of some other woman's nasty panties while being completely immobilized with an object in her pussy. The slave is finally put on a box mover and tied to it before being driven out of the room! 

Included in this clip: bondage, humiliation, spanking, ass humiliation, tape gagged woman, duct tape fetish, blindfolded, transported, saran wrap mummification, bondage mummified, panty hooded, bdsm, fetish


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Tags: Blindfolded Brunettes Humiliation Latinas Maledom Mummification Nude Bondage Panty Hooded Rope Bondage Slave Training Tape Gagged
Preparing The Sex Slave


Las mejores, bendita familia, solo os falta añadir algun vibrador para hacerlo epico. Saludos.