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Models / Laura Martinez

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Laura Martinez Vital Stats:
AGE:  40
FROM:  South America
SPEAKS:  Spanish
ETHNICITY:  Hispanic
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag

Laura is a sexy Latina MILF who was discovered offering dancing videos in a Facebook group in late 2019. We wrote Laura and asked if she would be interested in fetish modeling and she was hooked right away.

It didn't take long for Laura to bring her two daughters, 19-year-old Katherine and 18-year-old Maria into the fetish scene as well - but also their neighbor Wendy Lopez can be seen in multiple scenes throughout the site! A wonderful bondage family indeed!

Laura Martinez Updates

Tickling Step-Mom's Feet!
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez
Sexy step-mother of two Laura Martinez is tied with duct tape and ready for a kinky foot tickling session with her oldest step-daughter Katherine!

Katherine starts tickling her step-mom slowly with light and gentle finger strokes against her pantyhosed feet. Laura laughs. She is so ticklish. Katherine eventually speeds up the tickling, going from slow to rapid movements and causing her tape-tied step-mom to laugh even harder!

The sexy step-daughter interrupts the tickling session and steps behind her step-mom to pop a rubber ball put inside a pair of pantyhose inside her mouth. Laura is ball gagged and her laughing now muffled when Katherine proceeds in tickling her step-mommy's feet while enjoying her step-mom's gagged laughing!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, tickling, foot fetish, ball gagged, pantyhose fetish, sole tickling, step-mother and step-daughter, laughing, latina, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Ball Gagged Lesbian Bondage MILF Tickling
Tickling Step-Moms Feet!
Step-Mom And Step-Dad Found Our Babysitter Hogtaped On The Table With A Stinky Shoe Tied To Her Face
Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Cute Maria Martinez thought it would be an easy job babysitting these two little angels. She's only just left the room where the little ones are napping when she is attacked from behind by a cunning MILF burglar!

The woman lifts the sweet babysitter and carries her over her shoulder. She can't help but slap Maria's cute little ass as she carries her into the other room...

When Maria opens her eyes she finds herself tape bound on a chair in another room. The female burglar responsible for Maria's captivity puts Maria's socked feet on the computer desk and pulls off both of her smelly socks she's been babysitting in all night.

Maria is teased and taunted with her own dirty socks by the woman who's having the time of her life humiliating little Maria. The tape-bound babysitter keeps her mouth shut tight when she realizes what the woman is about to do next, so the woman pinches Maria's nostrils shut and immediately crams the socks into her mouth in the very second Maria grasps for air!

Then, the woman plasters multiple strips of sticky duct tape over Maria's sock-stuffed mouth until she's made the little girl a really big and super effective tape gag. The woman escort tape gagged Maria to lay on the computer desk on which she's being hogtied with duct tape.

With Maria hogtied, the cruel MILF burglar winds layers of tape around Maria's tape gagged mouth and all the way back around her ankles to hold her head up in a really uncomfortable position. What follows next is a stinky pink running shoe tied to Maria's face with her nose digging deep into it!

Of course, Maria is making a lot of noise trying to wake up the little ones next door, but the criminal MILF keeps the little sweetheart under control at all times and Maria does not succeed in getting any help. She is bid farewell by the woman and is left alone to endure the worst and most humiliating predicament she's experienced during her babysitting career... Poor girl!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, babysitter, sock gagged, tape gagged, lift and carry, hogtied on table, predicament bondage, humiliation, foot fetish, gagged girl, hogtaped, carried over the shoulder, struggling, milf, domination, OTS carry, damsel, shoe to face, gag talk, BDSM, gag fetish

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Tags: Babysitters Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Shoe Humiliation
Step-Mom And Step-Dad Found Our Babysitter Hogtaped On The Table With A Stinky Shoe Tied To Her Face!
TV Time With Step-Mom
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez
Hot Latina MILF Laura Martinez and her step-daughter Katherine are watching tv together. They start to fight for the remote control as they can't agree on what to watch. Katherine overpowers her step-mom and is hand gagging her tight from behind. The hand gagging soon turns into breathtaking hand smothering and Laura is put out for a nap.

When we return to the scene Laura is tied up (off-screen) with duct tape next to Katherine on the bed. Katherine is now in total control of the remote control and her step-mom whose sock-clad feet lay in her womb. Laura starts waking up to Katherine's great annoyance and starts yelling at her dominant step-daughter.

Katherine pull a sock off Laura's feet and stuffs it inside her mouth. Then follows a nice beautiful tape gagging made out of strips of duct tape. Katherine can now sit back and enjoy whatever she wants to watch on the tv.

Laura shrieks and makes a lot of muffled noise with the sock taped in her mouth but Katherine doesn't seem to give a fuck. The only attention Katherine gives her tape-bound step-mom is her bare feet which receive a sexy tickling while she continues to watch tv.

Katherine is tired of having her step-mom in the bed with her so she puts her on the floor. Laura mmmpphs and struggles on the floor, longing for her step-daughter's attention and mercy. Katherine just sits on the bed watching tv now completely ignoring her step-mom.

Katherine starts to feel sleepy and finally takes a nap with her bound and gagged step-mom whining down on the floor!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, hand over mouth, tape gagged, foot tickling, sock gagged, duct tape fetish, ignore, step-mother and step-daughter, gag talk, whining, bound and gagged, struggling, hushing, BDSM, gag fetish

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Tags: Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage MILF Sock Gagged
TV Time With Step-Mom
Step-Mommy's Little Panty Cleaner
Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Sexy Latina MILF Laura Martinez is super tired of her lazy step-daughter Maria not doing anything around the house. So to make some kind of use the lazy little brat, Laura makes her clean her dirty underwear with her mouth!

Laura enters the front door with her stepdaughter bound and gagged over her shoulder. She smacks Maria's jeans-clad ass, closes the door behind her, and carries Maria into the bedroom. Maria is put on a chair in front of the laundry basket without knowing what her step-mom is going to put her through next.

Laura starts to comb her sweet little princess's hair and removes her cleave gag in order to make use of her mouth. Maria is making a lot of noise so Laura has to quiet her down with a firm handgag. Mmpphh! Step-Mommy's handgag is nice and tight while she sexily hushes on her step-daughter to shut up!

Laura reaches for the laundry basket and pulls out a black pair of her dirty worn panties which needs a good cleaning. Maria's eyes are full of fears as her step-mom flaunts her nasty panties in front of her and has Maria stick her tongue out to clean her stepmom's dirty panties!

Laura drags her worn panties down Maria's tongue, rubs them in her face, and stuffs them deep inside her mouth too. Maria coughs in revolt by the taste and the smell of her needing to clean her step-mom's nasty pussy panties, but she is bound and can't escape!

When Maria has cleaned the first pair of panties Laura grabs a second pair to be cleaned and once again she makes Maria get a good whiff and even makes her a brief panty hood with them before having her obedient step-daughter clean them with her tongue!

But there is no pair with such a strong smell and taste as the third and final pair of step-mom's panties which is so super dirty and so super stinky that Laura estimates it needs a more thorough cleaning. So after making Maria smell and lick them, Laura stuffs the stinky panties inside Maria's mouth and tapes them in by wrapping clear packaging tape around her head! So cruel!

Maria is so humiliated and can only *mmpphh* in protest to what her crazy step-mom puts her through. Laura laughs and has such a good time dominating her sweet little panty cleaner, but Maria's business is done for now. So to end things off Laura lift bound and panty gagged Maria from the chair, puts her over her shoulder, and spanks her ass before she carries her away! Super sexy!


Included in this clip: bondage, cleave gagged, panty fetish, spanking, lift and carry, jeans, Latinas, gagged girl, mouth fetish, tape gagged, humiliation, carried over the shoulder, coughing, hand over mouth, smell fetish, panty gagged, ots carry, step-mother and step-daughter, gag talk, struggling, domination, BDSM, gag fetish

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Tags: Cleave Gagged Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Bondage
Step-Mommys Little Panty Cleaner
Happy Birthday From The Martinez Family!
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Today is your birthday and your secret fetish family, Laura, Katherine, and Maria, know all about your love for bondage and gagged girls. So to spoil you on your special day, the girls and their step-mom have made a really special video that might be the best birthday present you'll ever get.

MILF Laura, Katherine and Maria all wish you a happy birthday and explain they have a present for you. MILF Laura goes behind the camera as her sweet 19-year-old daughters engage in a deep wet kiss to get your dick nice and hard for what is about to come!

Then Katherine starts singing "Happy Birthday To You" on repeat as she takes off her very own worn sock, stuffs it inside her little step-sister Maria's mouth, and wrap-gags her nice and tight with clear packaging tape! After that, the time has come for Maria to do the very same thing on Katherine and with muffled words, she keeps singing "Happy Birthday To You" while she gags Katherine with her used sock!

Katherine and Maria both have each other's dirty socks taped in their mouths as Laura steps in to complete your birthday present. She ties the girls' hands behind their back and finally unites them in a very special gagged kiss by wrapping clear tape around both of their heads to keep their mouths close to each other.

Laura wish you a happy birthday and film the girls humming "Happy Birthday To You" this time both gagged and while they stand face-to-face, taped together in a long, sexy, and beautiful gagged kiss!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, sock gagged, dirty socks, tape gagged, birthday video, home video, Latina, clear tape gags, step-mother and daughters, gag talk, wrap gagged, muffled singing, gagged kissing, sock fetish, BDSM, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Happy Birthday From The Martinez Family!
Latina MILF Step-Mommy Makes Bridged OTN Monster Tape Gag For Sexy Step-Daughter!
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez
It's Sunday afternoon and step-mom Laura Martinez is bored so much that she decides to put on some action using her oldest step-daughter Katherine for a wicked tape bondage session!

Katherine is playing with her phone as her step-mom Laura comes rushing in and immediately attacks her. Laura puts a handgag on Kathe who is confused about why her step-mom would come in and do hand over mouth on her...

Laura puts Katherine's phone away, grabs a roll of duct tape, and puts a nice strip of tape on Katherine's mouth to avoid any questions asked! Then Laura proceeds with her plan and tapes each of Katherine's hands into hoof mitts tied behind her back.

Laura effectively duct tapes Katherine to the chair by running many layers of tape around Katherine's body to secure her to the chair. When Laura has her sexy step-daughter chair tied she then remove the silencing piece of tape from her mouth and handgags her from behind.

Laura teases handgagged Katherine with a stinky white sock and Katherine knows what that means! It means that it will soon be going in her mouth! Laura is having so much fun teasing Katherine but what must be done must be done. She takes her hand away from Katherine's mouth and stuffs the nasty sock inside Katherine's mouth!

Eww! Katherine ain't happy about being sock gagged by her step-mom but things are about to get even worse for her as Laura starts taping her mouth shut by thoroughly winding multiple layers of duct tape around her head super tight until she's made Katherine a really strong and big tapegag!

When Laura has finished gagging her sock-stuffed step-daughter she adds a piece of tape bridged over Katherine's nose to complete her step-daughter's tight and heavy monster gag! Katherine mmphhs and gag talks but there is no words escaping this incredible tapegag! Well done, step-mom!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, sock gagged, duct tape fetish, milf, tape gagged, step-mother and step-daughter, wrapgagged, taboo, struggling, latina, gag talk, muffled moaning, gagged girl, humiliation, bridged OTN gag, chair tied, domination, taped to chair, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Latina MILF Step-Mommy Makes Bridged OTN Monster Tape Gag For Sexy Step-Daughter!
Heartless Hogtape Humiliation
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
It's playtime and MILF Laura and big step-sister Katherine is going to spend it by tying, gagging, and humiliating sweet little Maria!

Step-Mom Laura and big step-sister Katherine take turns doing firm and silencing hand over mouth. Maria screech out loud while being attacked by the hands of her step-mom and her big step-sister who hush on her and tell her to shut up!

Laura and Katherine also take turns pinching Maria's nostrils shut to manifest the power and control they have over her. Laura begins tying up Maria using clear packaging tape while Katherine keeps her moaning little step-sister nice and quiet with a handgag.

Once Laura is done tying up Maria she gives Kathe the tape roll and takes over the handgagging while Katherine prepares for the gagging of Maria - and when Laura lets go of Maria's mouth Kathe immediately starts to wrap tape in between Maria's lips and around her head super tight!

Maria receives an extremely tight and painful tape cleave gag by her evil big step-sister who absolutely loves to shut up her whining little step-sister. Laura and Kathe put Maria on her stomach face-down on the floor where they connect Maria's bound wrists to her ankles to hogtie the sweet little bitch.

When Maria has been hogtied by her step-mom and big step-sister, Katherine keeps Maria's head up pulled back up high by grabbing and holding her ponytail really tight while Laura runs layers of tape from all the way around Maria's ankles, into her cleave gagged mouth and all the way back around her ankles again!

Laura also runs layers of tape around Maria's forehead and back around her ankles too so Maria's head is held up high. Maria is hogtaped and it's such a humiliating experience for her having her big step-sister and her step-mother laughing at her, hushing on her, and not feeling any kind of sympathy for her!

Katherine and Laura finally leave Maria hogtied, humiliated, and alone to struggle on the cold floor! Poor girl!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, humiliation, gag talk, cleave gagged, Latina, real step-mother and daughters, hushing, tape gagged, hogtaped, duct tape fetish, gagged girls, damsel, struggling, tight wrapgag, hogtied, muffled moaning, BDSM, gag fetish

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Tags: Cleave Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage
Heartless Hogtape Humiliation Crying Wont Help You Maria!
Introducing Oriana: Her First Time Bound And Gagged!
Laura Martinez , Oriana Gonzalez
We're happy to announce the arrival of 28-year-old Oriana Gonzalez who is the real-life niece of our sexy Latina MILF Laura Martinez!

Oriana is brand new to everything fetish and this is her very first time bound and gagged ever! As it is with all our models we strongly demand that they are capable of getting gagged tight and there is no exception for this sweet newcomer.

Oriana introduces herself while her aunt Laura carefully prepares to tie up her sexy newcomer niece with real silver duct tape. Laura ties Oriana's hands behind her back, her ankles, and her legs together and puts her sock-clad feet on Oriana.

Laura dominantly drags a sock off one of her feet with Oriana looking like one big question mark. Laura tries to make Oriana smell her white worn sock but Oriana seems resistant and tries to avoid sniffing her auntie's smelly socks for so long.

Oriana then watches aunt Laura ball up that stinky sock right in front of her eyes right before it is then crammed inside her mouth as the first important part of her first time gagged! With big, wide, and beautiful eyes Oriana mmpphs sexily just like we gag lovers expect a mouth stuffed girl to do!

Laura grabs the duct tape roll and starts to wind it around her sock-gagged niece's sock-stuffed mouth again and again and again until she's made her one big tight and fat tape wrapgag! How is that for a first-time gagged experience?!

Oriana is quite the natural gag moaner! She whines, gag talks, and cries out muffled noise with her tight tapegag holding auntie's white worn sock in place. Laura leaves her bound and gagged niece alone to whine and struggle in her tape bondage. A really sexy sight!

At the end of the video Laura returns and un-ties and un-gags Oriana to know what she thinks of her first experience being bound and gagged. Do you think she liked it?


Included in this clip: tape bondage, mouth stuffed, tape gagged, Latinas, sock gagged, milf, struggling, sock smelling, humiliation, first time gagged, muffled moaning, domination, BDSM, duct tape, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Introducing Oriana Her First Time Bound And Gagged!


i love Your vids. i love it how You humilation Your step-daughters with Your smelly feets
Super happy you like our videos! :)
amazing videos, you and your daughter's are fantastic. huge fan of you and wendy, definitely the best milfs!