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Our Models / Laura Martinez

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Laura Martinez Vital Stats:
AGE:  40
FROM:  South America
SPEAKS:  Spanish
ETHNICITY:  Hispanic
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag

Laura is a sexy Latina MILF who was discovered offering dancing videos in a Facebook group in late 2019. We wrote Laura and asked if she would be interested in fetish modeling and she was hooked right away.

It didn't take long for Laura to bring her two daughters, 19-year-old Katherine and 18-year-old Maria into the fetish scene as well - but also their neighbor Wendy Lopez can be seen in multiple scenes throughout the site! A wonderful bondage family indeed!

Laura Martinez Updates

She Kept Her Problem Girls Home And Hidden Away In The Attic

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

On Friday night, Laura cannot control her two girls, Maria and Katherine, who want to go to a party. Laura tries to keep them from leaving the house, so she ties them up in the attic.

Laura pulls Maria and Katherine's ears and tells them not to leave the house. Katherine and Maria are starting to fight. Laura gives Maria a black rope and instructs her to tie Katherine's hands in front of her. Maria puts a black collar on Katherine with handcuffs attached to the front.

Laura takes off one of her socks and instructs Maria to stuff the sock inside Katherine's mouth. With the sock in Katherine's mouth, Laura puts pieces of silver duct tape on her mouth and wraps Vet Wrap around her head. When Katherine is gagged, Laura tie the rope from Katherine's wrists to the ceiling so that her arms are strung up.

Maria constantly makes fun of Katherine, but when she is tied up, Laura grabs Maria and puts socks around each of her hands. Laura then wraps duct tape around Maria's socked hands. She stuffs a sock in Maria's mouth, duct tapes her mouth shut and wraps vet wrap around her head to complete the gag.

Laura instructs Maria to stand behind Katherine and "hug her" from behind. She attaches both handcuffs from Katherine's collar to Maria's wrists while she stands behind Katherine. With Maria locked to Katherine from behind, Laura uses silver duct tape to tie Maria and Katherine close together, making them unable to walk.

Laura leaves, and Katherine and Maria make noise while calling for Laura to come back and untie them.

Included in this clip: rope bondage, two girls, tied together, latinas, sock gagged, handcuffed, tape gagged, wrap gagged, collared, lesbian bondage, gagged women, bdsm


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Tags: Collared Women Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
She Kept Her Problem Girls Home And Hidden Away In The Attic

We Just Had To Bind And Gag Our Stepmom!

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Laura Martinez, stepmother of Katherine and Maria, has had enough of her girls. The school has started to complain about the girls and how they don't do their homework which has made Laura very upset. She disciplines the girls to make them do their homework, but the girls have a better idea: to bind and gag their stepmom!

Included in this clip: milf, schoolgirls, lezdom, bondage, chairtied, cleave gagged, otm gagged, gag talk, struggling, domination, humiliation, bdsm


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Tags: Brunettes Chairtied Cleave Gagged Double Domination Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage MILF Bondage OTM Gagged
We Just Had To Bind And Gag Our Stepmom!

Tied Up Cheerleader Rivals United in a Tape Gagged Kiss

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Katherine and Maria are rival cheerleaders. Katherine is practicing dance moves with pom poms when Maria sneaks in and grab her with a handgag! She puts handcuffs on Katherine's wrists behind her back and puts a ball gag in her mouth. Then she uses clear tape to tie her legs together. Maria then takes her pom poms and starts dancing around Katherine.

Laura, the stepmom of another cheerleader, sneaks in, holding silver duct tape, and grabs her with hand over mouth! Laura ties Maria's wrists behind her back with the duct tape. Laura takes off one of her dirty socks and stuffs it inside Maria's mouth and wraps duct tape around her head to make her a big tape gag. The woman then proceeds tying up Maria by wrapping tape around her arms, chest and legs. 

Laura then wraps silver duct tape around Katherine's chest and arms, taking the ball gag out of Katherine's mouth and stuffing her other dirty sock in her mouth. She then wraps silver duct tape around Katherine's head as a big gag too.

When Katherine and Maria are tied up, Laura pushes their heads together, making them gag kiss. She then wraps clear tape around their heads and their bodies so they are stuck in a gagged kiss. The girls constantly make angry muffled noises when Laura does this.

She makes the angry girls lay down on the floor while they remain in a gagged kissing position. Laura humiliates the gag kissing ladies and takes cheerful selfies with them. She leaves the bound and gagged cheerleader rivals and soon, the girls start to like being tied up in a gagged kiss. They are moaning softly and giggleing.

Included in this clip: cheerleaders, tape bondage, sock gagged, latinas, mouth stuffings, duct tape, gag kissing, tied together, handgags, wraparound tape gags, lezdom, moaning, bdsm


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Tags: Brunettes Costume Bondage Dress Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Gag Kissing Hand Gagged Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Sock Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Tied Up Cheerleader Rivals United in a Tape Gagged Kiss

We Punished The Naked MILFs With Bondage and Nipple Torment!

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez

Laura and Wendy are relaxing around the house in their underwear. Katherine and Maria walk in and are embarrassed to find the MILFs walking around wearing only underwear. The girls are upset and tell them to put some clothes on!

Laura and Wendy refuse to put on clothes, telling the girls that they can do whatever they want since it's their house. They strip naked in protest to provoke Katherine and Maria. Katherine and Maria become angry and threaten to make them wear something. They wrap silver duct tape around Laura's and Wendy's mouths with both women laughing as they think it is funny.

Katherine and Maria goes on and wrap Wendy and Laura up with clear tape, ensuring the women are nicely mummified. The girls leave their big breasts exposed and ties them together back-to-back. Katherine and Maria put clothespins deep on their nipples, laughing at the stupid MILFs. They play with the clothespins biting onto their nipples and sometimes they take them off only to put them back on again.

Laura and Wendy makes a lot of gagged sounds in pain, angry and protest of having their nipples tormented by the two girls. They are later blindfolded, toyed with some more and left with their big tits clamped, all bound, gagged and helpless!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, milfs, latinas, mummified, gagged women, nipple play, clothespins, lesbian bondage, lezdom, humiliation, duct tape gagged, mummification, bdsm


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Tags: Brunettes Busty Women Double Domination Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage MILF Bondage Multiple Women Mummification Nude Bondage Tape Gagged
We Punished The Naked MILFs With Bondage and Nipple Torment!

Hot Scammer Fucked Up By Insane Bondage MILF

Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez is a scammer who attempts to trick women into signing up for expensive membership subscriptions. Laura, a woman who has just met Maria, is today's subject. Maria explains that Laura must sign up for a membership in order to become rich. She is determined to get Laura to sign up and if Laura doesn't, Maria promises to send friends over to help her. Laura becomes furious, grabbing Maria by the hair, and dragging her into the attic!

The scene fades, and Maria, sitting on a stool in the attic, has her hands tied back. She is angry for being captured by Laura, but Laura muffles her noise by stuffing panties in her mouth, encasing her head with pantyhose, and tying a clear tape gag inside her mouth!

Laura then duct tapes her ankles tight and makes Maria hop to the counter, placing her on her stomach on top of it. Laura hogties Maria with duct tape, connecting Maria's wrists to her ankles, and wraps clear tape around her forehead to the back of her ankles three times to hold her encased head up high!

The final result is that Maria is totally stuck, tightly gagged while encased in pantyhose, and hogtied on the counter! She makes a lot of gag talking noise, and Laura laughs at her. Laura tells the helpless girl not to go around and scam people, and she leaves. Maria continues to struggle and make noise on the counter, helpless, alone, and humiliated!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, pantyhose encasement, tape cleave gagged, mouth stuffed, Latinas, hogtied, panty gagged, lesbian domination, bdsm, humiliation


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Tags: Brunettes Duct Tape Bondage Hogtied Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Pantyhose Hooded Tape Cleave Gagged Teens (18/19)
Hot Scammer Fucked Up By Insane Bondage MILF

Foul Mouth Cured With Soaping

Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Maria is a misbehaving girl with foul language and a bad attitude. Her stepmother, Laura, tells her to get ready for school. Maria spits on Laura's face, leading Laura to become very mad and pull her hair to drag her out of the room.

The scene fades and we now see Maria tied to a chair in the shower, with her hands strung up above her head. Maria is angry and yelling at Laura. Laura takes a bar of soap and tells Maria to open her mouth. Laura pinches Maria's nostrils to make her open her mouth so she can insert the soap bar.

Laura puts the soap in Maria's mouth and leaves Maria sitting there. The soap becomes more and more activated by Maria's drool and she is gagging on the soap while her drool turns into long curtains of soap.

When Laura returns, she takes the soap bar out of Maria's mouth and tells her to go to school and never to talk bad to her ever again! Maria agrees to go to school and never talk badly to Laura again. Laura puts the soap back in Maria's mouth and turns on the water in the shower!

Laura rubs the soap on Maria's skin under her armpits, arms, and face. Maria promises to be a good girl. Finally, Laura stuffs socks in Maria's mouth and duct tape them in with a tape gag. She leaves Maria sitting in the shower, cold, wet, making noise, and struggling until the scene ends.

Included in this clip: mouth soaping, lezdom bondage, tied up, dirty mouth, misbehaving girl, milf domination, tape gagged, humiliation, sock gagged, water bondage, bound and gagged, chair tied, latinas, attitude adjustment, bdsm


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Tags: Brunettes First Timers Humiliation Jeans Bondage Latinas Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage Slave Training Teens (18/19)
Foul Mouth Cured With Soaping

Mummify The Ungrateful Birthday Girl Next To Her Silly Stepsister

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez

It is Katherine's birthday, and Laura, Wendy, and Katherine's stepsister Maria have got together to surprise Katherine. The group is discussing what they can do to surprise Katherine. Wendy and Laura team up on Maria and attack her, wrapping silver duct tape around her feet and shoulders to turn her into Katherine's birthday gift. Maria is angry and tells them to let her go while they wrap her up.

Wendy and Laura put a candlelight in Maria's mouth and wrap tape around her head to hold the candle in. They then wrap silver tape around her chin and head so that the mummified girl is hooded and gagged.

Maria is put on the floor, where Laura and Wendy light up the candle and turn off the light. Being stuck in her mummification bondage, the silly candlelight holder struggles on the floor. After a short while, Laura and Wendy return with the birthday girl, Katherine.

Laura and Wendy sing a birthday song to Katherine while Laura holds Katherine's eyes closed, leading her into the room to her surprise. Katherine sees Maria on the floor, mummified and helpless. Katherine thinks it is a weird surprise and asks Laura and Wendy to let her cocooned stepsister go.

Laura and Wendy can't believe how ungrateful Katherine is for their hard work mummifying Maria! They grab Katherine and wrap her up with silver duct tape, just like Maria. A candle is put in her mouth too and with duct tape wrapped around her head, the candle is held in place while gagging and hooding her.

Katherine is made to lie down next to her silly stepsister Maria on the floor. Laura and Wendy then put duct tape blindfolds on the two girls so only their noses are left free. Wendy and Laura light up the candle and wish Katherine a happy birthday. They leave the room and turn off the light, leaving Katherine and Maria moaning and making noise on the floor for the rest of the clip.

Included in this clip: mummification bondage, gagged girls, birthday, Latinas, lesbian bondage, gagged sounds, duct tape hooded, blindfolded, tape gagged girls, bdsm, fetish


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Tags: Brunettes Double Domination Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Mummification Romance Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Mummify The Ungrateful Birthday Girl Next To Her Silly Stepsister

Trained For Face Fucking On Valentines Day

Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

On Valentine's Day, Maria Martinez is struggling with her relationship issues with her boyfriend. Her stepmom, Laura, suggests that Maria should give herself 100% and allow her boyfriend to do whatever he wants with her for the rest of the day. Laura wants to help save her stepdaughter's relationship, and she offers to warm Maria's mouth up and invite her boyfriend over for a good ol' face fucking.

She tells Maria to take off her clothes to wear only underwear. Then she makes Maria wear a black posture collar with steel handcuffs attached. Laura encases Maria's hands in socks and wraps silver duct tape around them, turning them into mittens. She locks each socked hand in the handcuffs connected to her BDSM collar.

Laura attaches homemade hooks to Maria's face, stretching her mouth and nose wide and far to make her look pathetic and stupid. Laura then ties Maria's legs together with silver duct tape in a frogtie position on the chair. She instructs Maria to let her boyfriend use her mouth as he wishes and tells Maria to be a good girl and satisfy him.

To prepare the stepdaughter for her coming face fuck, Maria is told to stick her tongue out for one minute, but she struggles to keep her tongue out, so Laura gives her a hard and painful slap every time she tries to put it back in her mouth. Laura clips a clothespin on Maria's tongue to make it extra painful and challenging for Maria, and if the clothespin falls off, Laura must slap Maria's tongue one time hard every time it happens.

Laura carefully studied Maria's face and tongue. She calls Maria's boyfriend on the phone and tells him that Maria has a special Valentine's gift for him. Laura sticks her fingers inside Maria's mouth and does a thorough examination. Her mouth is definitely ready to have her boyfriend's dick shoved in there.

At the end of the scene, we hear a knock on the door, implying the arrival of Maria's boyfriend.

Included in this clip: face bondage, mouth fetish, tongue slapping, stepmother and stepdaughter, Latinas, bondage, tongue fetish, bdsm, clothespinned tongue, mouth examination, drooling, humiliation, lesbian domination


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Tags: Brunettes Chairtied Collared Women Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Slave Training Teens (18/19)
Trained For Face Fucking On Valentines Day


i love Your vids. i love it how You humilation Your step-daughters with Your smelly feets
Super happy you like our videos! :)
amazing videos, you and your daughter's are fantastic. huge fan of you and wendy, definitely the best milfs!