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The Catsuit Burglar Break-In! (Episode 1 of 2)

Carleyelle , Jet Black

Cunning catsuit burglar Carleyelle breaks into a house to steal a valuable diamond necklace. Silently snooping around in her stunning black leather suit, Carleyelle want to make sure nobody's home when she sees a girl napping on the couch. Her name is Jet Black and she's the owner of the house and the necklace Carleyelle has come to take.

With blazing speed, Carleyelle rushes into the room where she immediately grab Jet with a tight handgag. Jet wakes up all confused and terrified of the masked female burglar who hold her in a very tight grip. She desperately tries to scream but Carleyelle's solid handgag muffles her and makes it very hard to make a sound. Carleyelle orders Jet to stay still if she don't wanna get hurt whereafter she pulls Jet's hands behind her back and tape them together with white duct tape.

Jet starts to complain while she's being tied up so Carleyelle decides to silence her protesting captive with a nice and firm multi-layered tape gag. With Jet's mouth sealed shut, Carleyelle rapidly wraps several layers of tape around Jet's squirming body to make escape impossible. The catburglar know what she's doing and she's being extremely rough in taping up her helpless captive. Carleyelle tells Jet she's going to ransack her house to find the diamond necklace she wants, then leaving Jet to struggle against her bonds.

While Carleyelle search the house for the diamond necklace, Jet fights to escape the tight tape restraints that surrounds her beautiful body. Struggling, squirming and jerking around her living room, it becomes clear to Jet that it won't be easy to get out of her bondage. Afterall, she isn't the first girl Carleyelle has had to deal with during home burglaries. The masked catsuit burglar ransacks the lower floor of Jet's house but she can't find the necklace. What she does find is a pair of panties left on a counter.

Carleyelle takes the panties and hold them up to get a good look at them: "You dirty girl!" she says and re-enters the living room. Jet loudly mmmpphhh as Carleyelle comes back into the room and makes her sit up. Carleyelle is very mad and shows Jet the panties she found. She smell them in front of Jet to conclude they're worn but Jet already know they're worn because it's her panties. The catsuit burglar think Jet is being way too loud behind her tape gag and decides to gag her even better. She peel the tape off of Jet's mouth and quickly stuff the dirty panties in before Jet is able to say anything.

Carleyelle means serious business as she tightly begins to wrap multiple layers of tape all the way around Jet's head to really make her suffer from her massive gag! Jet's helpless mmmphh'ing has gotten way quieter now that her mouth is packed and thoroughly wrapped with tape. Then Carleyelle add even more painful tape ties around Jet's body to completely immobilize her. Carleyelle leave Jet with a firm and wet kiss on her tight tape gag before she goes upstairs to continue her search for the valuable diamond necklace.

Carleyelle is an extremely strict, rough and ruthless catsuit burglar who will do whatever it takes to get what she wants - even if she have to keep her poor damsel tightly bound and thoroughly gagged! Don't miss the amazing first episode of this incredible bondage thriller!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, catsuit burglar, struggling, gag talk, muffled screams, tape gag, duct tape fetish, leather, wrap gagged, hand over mouth, tape around the head, helpless, panty gagged, humiliation, worn panties, female desperation, mouth stuffed, domination, squirming, handgag, damsel bondage

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Tags: Brunettes Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
The Catsuit Burglar Break-In! Episode 1 of 2