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Our Models / Cassey

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Cassey Vital Stats:
AGE:  26
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Bind And Gag Others

Cassey Updates

Bound And Gagged By A Sexy Bitch! (Episode 2 of 2)

Cassey , Layla

Layla's predicaments in bondage continue as blonde female burglar Cassey now has Layla taped to a chair and struggling for escape. Layla calls out for help but is soon muffled by Cassey who handgags her chair-tied damsel and tells her to shut the fuck up.

A new pair of dirty pussy panties gets stuffed in Layla's smart-ass mouth by Cassey who takes great pleasure in shutting up her tape tied prisoner. With the worn panties keeping Layla quiet, Cassey makes sure they will stay in Layla's mouth by making Layla a tight duct tape wrap gag going all the way around her head. Cassey puts her hands on her hips and victoriously poses in front of her helpless captive who mmph's and desperately tries to fight her tight tape bondage.

Cassey grabs her cell phone, calls Layla's buyer, and lets him know that Layla is tied up, gagged, and ready to go. This is the time where Layla realizes she's being sold into white slavery and now she struggles for freedom more than ever in front of Cassey who's laughing at the poor girl who'll be making her rich by the end of the day!

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Tags: American Chairtied Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
Bound And Gagged By A Sexy Bitch Episode 2 of 2

Bound And Gagged By A Sexy Bitch! (Episode 1 of 2)

Cassey , Layla

Sweet and innocent Layla becomes the victim of a sexy masked blonde female burglar's evil working methods as she finds herself being taped up, gagged, and humiliated. The blonde burglar's name is Cassey and Cassey makes a great living robbing, binding and gagging pretty girls like Layla before she sells them off into white slavery. Cassey tapes Layla's hands and ankles up with duct tape while Layla begs Cassey to be let go.

Cassey is a professional and she's used to dealing with girls like Layla who just won't shut up when they're being held captive. Cassey tightly clamps her sexy hand over Layla's talkative mouth and shuts up her helpless prisoner with a super tight handgag. Cassey hushes on poor Layla who mmphs and looks so desperately helpless with Cassey's hand covering her mouth before Cassey decides to stuff a red ball gag in Layla's mouth before she goes looking for Layla's valuables.

But before Cassey leaves Layla alone to squirm and struggle, Cassey blindfolds Layla with the pink bandana that masked Cassey's pretty face a few minutes ago. Tape-tied, blindfolded, and ball-gagged, Layla struggles, kicks, and screams for her freedom while Cassey is out looking for Layla's valuables. Layla is a bound and gagged damsel in trouble and she doesn't know anything about Cassey's intentions of selling her into white slavery. Layla do not manage to escape her tight tape bondage before Cassey makes her return.

Searching for Layla's valuables, Cassey finds nothing worth taking but she's got Layla and Layla will make her a ton of money when she sells Layla off on the black market. But before Cassey does that, she wants to have a little bit of fun with captured Layla and so she decides to replace Layla's ball gag with a tape gag. Cassey stuffs a pair of her dirty worn panties deep in Layla's mouth and seals them in with a few strips of silver duct tape before she leaves her captured prisoner to struggle, kick and squirm around once again.

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Tags: American Ball Gagged Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Hand Gagged Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Tape Gagged
Bound And Gagged By A Sexy Bitch Episode 1 of 2