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Our Models / Loretta Love

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Loretta Love Vital Stats:
AGE:  22
FAVORITE GAG:  Cloth Cleave Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Loretta Love Updates

Bound And Gagged Amateur Model

Loretta Love

Adorable Loretta Love is a true amateur and a real girl next door with very little experience in the fetish world. This scene displays the gorgeous newbie as a captured damsel in bondage made to submit to her captor's kinky desires. Seated on a chair in her captor's living room, Loretta squirms and loudly cries out for help with her hands tied and her mouth cleave gagged. She is making way too much noise for a girl in her position and it doesn't take long for her captor to step in and do something about that big mouth of hers.

The captor removes Loretta's cleave gag and quickly puts his large hand over her mouth so that the neighbors won't hear the desperate cries of his helpless captive. Loretta has no idea of what is coming to her until she finds herself getting a great wad stuffed in her loud mouth by her captor, who really wants to shut his captured beauty up good this time. To make sure the wad now packed in Loretta's mouth will stay, the captor wraps a few layers of microfoam tape over Loretta's mouth and all the way around her head. The outside of Loretta's microfoam tape gag beautifully shows how the tape conforms to Loretta's stuffed mouth.

With Loretta effectively gagged and unable to make any noise, her captor exposes, grabs, and fondles Loretta's beautiful breasts. Loretta is not happy and struggles so much that her captor later decides to tie her arms to the chair and add another layer of gagging with a scarf tied over Loretta's gorgeously gagged mouth.

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Tags: Classic Content Cleave Gagged Maledom Tape Gagged
Bound And Gagged Amateur Model

Self Gagged Amateur Girl Next Door

Loretta Love

Cute real life girl-next-door Loretta Love is an amateur in gags but when we asked her to demonstrate a couple ways on how to gag yourself Loretta accepted. Loretta sits in front of a table filled with lots of gagging material and she's free to use all of the material any way she wants in order to keep herself quiet. This resulted in a sexy self-gagging clip in which Loretta gags herself in four different ways.

Leather belt cleave gag behind tightly wrapped vet wrap

First thing Loretta gags herself with is a leather belt. She opens up her mouth, puts the middle of the belt between her teeth and tightens the strap behind her head. Cleave gagged with the belt, Loretta grabs a roll of green vet wrap from the table and starts wrapping it over her mouth and around her head while she constantly gag talks so you can hear how well her gag works. With the leather belt strapped into her mouth tightly covered with vet wrap, Loretta takes a rope and ties it into a knot on her chin, just for extra security!

Panty gag mouth stuffing tied in with a men's tie

While there is so much gag material to choose from right on front of Loretta, she decides to go with a pair of panties and a men's tie. Loretta balls up the panties, stuffs them in her mouth and ties a blue men's tie over the panties to keep them in her mouth. Loretta is so cute and keeps gag talking under and after the gagging - just the way we gag lovers likes it! Mmpphh! With the panties tied held in mouth with the tie, Loretta decides to have a little bit of fun and adds a nice piece of patterned duct tape to her panty stuffed mouth before she moves on the the next gag.

Thick pantyhose cleave and a tight tape gag

Loretta seems to enjoy turning normal everyday-life clothings into effective mouth muffling gags as she now ties a nice pair of pantyhose into her talkative mouth. Loretta does an incredible job gagging herself with these pantyhose; she stuffs the crotch panel into her mouth and makes the lose ends cross the middle of her mouth until it's finally time to tie the knot. Loretta is thickly cleave gagged with the pantyhose and grabs a roll of clear duct tape and uses it to wrap all the way around her head until she's made herself another sexy and powerful gag. As we're all getting more and more turned on by seeing Loretta all gagged up and silenced, Loretta playfully makes an x right on her double-gagged mouth with two strips of black electrical tape.

High-heeled shoe gag secured with rope, vet wrap and a bandana

Don't for a minute think an amateur girl with little to no experience don't know how to be creative when it comes to gags! We were stunned to see how sweet Loretta suddenly turned a sexy high-heeled shoe into the perfect silencer! Loretta puts the front of the shoe in her mouth and ties a rope over it and around her head. Then, Loretta ties the rope into a knot on the shoe heel and uses a light blue colored vet wrap to really secure the lower part of the shoe and make it stay in her mouth! With the shoe tightly secured, Loretta's final step of her shoe-gagging is to make the upper back part of the shoe cover her nose so she uses a blue bandana and thoroughly ties the shoe into her face, causing herself to smell it while it keeps her babbling mouth quiet!


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Tags: Classic Content Panty Gagged Self Gagged Shoe Humiliation Tape Gagged
Self Gagged Amateur Girl Next Door