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Our Models / Misha Mayfair

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Misha Mayfair Vital Stats:
AGE:  19
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Wrap Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Misha Mayfair Updates

Suck It Like A Good Girl!

Misha Mayfair

Look at adorable Misha Mayfair sucking that dildo as if it were a real cock. Kissing, playing and caressing it, Misha teases the hell out of you with her stunning eyes and her dick sucking lips. She knows she shouldn't be talking while she sucks but she also knows you like it when she tries because it makes her gag on it. Misha sucks that dildo so nice and she wants you to see her take it all the way in her mouth. She deep throats and keeps it in until the dildo triggers her sensitive gag reflex.

Misha knows you like it when she deep throats but also that you've got a thing for gagged girls, so to combine those two, Misha wraps clear tape over the bottom of the dildo stuck in her mouth and all the way around her head. Now not only is Misha gagging on the dildo, she is gagged with it too!

Included in this clip: dildo sucking, gagging, tape-gagged, blowjob practice, gag reflex, drooling, endurance, home video, amateur, deep throat, tease, gag fetish

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Tags: Challenges Classic Content Dildo Sucking Humiliation Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Suck It Like A Good Girl

Tighter Gags For The Newbie!

Misha Mayfair

Look who's back already! Gorgeous British newbie Misha Mayfair had only just experienced her very first time gagged when we requested her to gag herself tighter. Misha seems to be a very open-minded girl who is always up for a challenge even if it involves having tape wrapped around her head.

The adorable cutie stuffs her mouth with a pair of panties and grabs the same small roll of clear tape she used for her first gagging to be yanked around her pretty face once again. Misha opens up her panty packed mouth wide as she begins her tight self-wrap-gagging. One layer of clear tape after another is tightly wrapped in between the middle of her kissable lips, pushing the panties all the way back in her mouth while those lips are bulging out amazingly. Her cleaved tape gag is so tight it makes her black mascara run down her cheek and almost makes her gag every time she tries to talk. Clearly in pain from the skintight gag firmly wrapped into her mouth, Misha loudly moaned and whimped like a helpless damsel just waiting to be rescued!

Wow, that sure was one tight hell of a gag you just made there Misha! Now stuff a sock in it and show us some more! Misha replaced her panty gag with one of her socks and grabbed the wide parcel tape she also used for her first time gagged. She starts this gag similar to the clear tape cleave gag by wrapping a thick layer of brown parcel tape in between her luscious lips and then she pulls the tape all the way over her mouth and her bulging lips. This gag is so thick and even more skintight than the first. You can even see those pink bulging lips coming through underneath the tape while she makes so much gagged noise, trying not to make that sock stuffing tricker her sensitive gag reflex. Extremely muffled and with her mascara still running down her face due to the tightness of her gag, Misha takes off her shirt and gives her sexy boobs a little squeezing during her dramatic gag struggle that will blow you away!

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Tags: Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage First Timers Humiliation Panty Gagged Self Gagged Sock Gagged Tape Cleave Gagged
Tighter Gags For The Newbie

My First Time Gagged

Misha Mayfair

Introducing cute and sexy British newcomer Misha Mayfair at Selfgags. Misha had never been gagged before but she really liked the thought of not being able to speak and agreed to make us this video of her very first time gagged. We think it's fairly safe to say that you won't believe what an amazing job this adorable little sweetheart did until you've seen it with your own eyes!

Panty Packed & Cleave Gagged

Misha was told the high importance of a good mouth stuffing when making a gag so to begin with, she nicely stuffs a pair of panties - or knickers as they call them in Britain - in her mouth. Misha's mouth is all packed up and ready for the actual gag to be attached which, at Misha's own desire, is a cleave gag. Misha widely opens her panty stuffed mouth and cleave gags herself very tight with a black stocking. Misha instantly starts making a lot of muffled gag talking noise but it don't take long before the stunning beauty discovers that it's not just the smothered sounds she has to deal with as her gag reflex is being put to a test too! Don't choke on those panties now, sweety!

Double Stuffed & Clearly Tape Wrap Gagged

Misha just endured her very first cleave gagging but how good will she be at shutting herself up with a roll of thin-width clear scotch tape? Misha takes her first gagging one step further and packs her mouth with not just one but TWO sexy panties to be taped in. Now most first time gag debutants would just cut off a few pieces and plaster it over their mouths, but not this girl! Misha grabs the scotch tape roll and wraps it over her mouth and around her head for the total amount of eight fucking times! What just seemed to be tape with a small width has now been united into one hell of a thick multi-layered tape gag wrapped around Misha's pretty face. Misha decides to get more comfortable and takes off her top and her bra, flashing her squeezable boobs while her pink mouth stuffed lips amazingly shows underneath the clear tape, moaning, grunting and whimpering!

Full Nylon Mouth Packing & Tight Brown Parcel Tape Wrapping

Misha totally liked the clear tape gag she did so much she's going to make herself another kind of tape gag with a different kind of tape. Brown parcel tape is normally used to seal cardboard boxes but let's see if it also can seal a British hottie's mouth shut. Sitting topless still, gorgeous Misha packs up her mouth with a full pair of pantyhose nylons. Misha then takes the parcel tape roll and wraps it over her stuffed mouth and around her head a number of times before she makes even more of that muffled mmphh'ing noise that all we gag fetishists love so much! Looks like you enjoy your tape gags tight, Misha? There'll be plenty of more tight self-gagging for you in the future, we promise!

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Tags: Classic Content Cleave Gagged First Timers Humiliation Panty Gagged Self Gagged Tape Gagged
My First Time Gagged

Mouth Packed And Tape Gagged

Misha Mayfair

Miss Mayfair is back and she's got silver duct tape for self gagging! Misha is such a young and gag-able cutie who's able to take even the tightest gags. Sit back and enjoy the gag-muffled ride once again while Misha takes care of the rest, playing effective mouth-silencing games with sticky real duct tape for the very first time!

Misha stuffs her mouth with a pair of panties and tries to make room for a second pair to fit in there too. It's tough. Every time she tries to stuff the other pair in, the first pair trickers her sensitive gag reflex and makes her gag. Poor thing. Misha really struggles to pack her mouth to the limit to shut herself up once and for all. Come on Misha, we know you can do it! After several failed attempts, Misha finally managed to get the second pair of panties stuffed in her mouth! That's a good girl! Misha is ready to duct tape her panty-stuffed mouth shut. Using several long pieces of tape, the adorable cutie tape gags herself with one strip of tape on top of the other. Her mouth is packed with two pairs of panties muffling any sound she makes Misha protests, bitches, and gags on the panties crammed into her whining little mouth in between grabbing and flashing her boobs for you!

With her black mascara totally ruined from her amazing gag talk struggle, Misha decided to go for some tight tape gag action. Rapidly she shoved a pair of panties into her mouth, grabbed the roll of duct tape, and wrapped it all the way around her head and in between her sweet lips like a tight cleave gag! Misha looks stunning and yet so adorably fucked up by doing such a tight gag on her helpless little mouth. She makes so much gagged noise, screaming, yelling, moaning but all there is to be heard is sexy mmmphhh'ing while her ruined mascara keeps running down her gagged bulging cheeks. But Misha's mascara is not the only thing that runs. The panties behind her brutal tape gag are totally soaked with the gagged girl's spit and it comes to a point where the more she gag talks, the more she uncontrollably starts to drool! Keep bitching, Misha!

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Tags: Classic Content Humiliation Panty Gagged Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Mouth Packed And Tape Gagged