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Our Models / Raven

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Raven Vital Stats:
AGE:  24
FAVORITE GAG:  Classic Duct Tape Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Raven Updates

Stripper Mummified At Home


After performing at the local strip club tonight, professional pole dancer Raven was unknowingly followed home by a kinky guest with evil plans in mind for the hard-working girl. At home, Raven soon found herself tightly tied to her own private stripper pole and completely immobilized with duct tape wrapped all over her sexy body by the anonymous kinkster who had fantasized about seeing the cute pole dancer in tape bondage all night long.

While Raven knew that pole dancing is a risky business, she would never have thought she would ever end up mummified and helpless in her own apartment. Her mouth is sealed shut with three strips of duct tape holding in the sweaty panties she assumingly danced in tonight. She helplessly wriggles and protests like a damsel in distress but her captor did a really good job imprisoning the mummified dancer.

In an attempt to free herself from the extremely unpleasant tape ties connecting her captivating body to her stripper pole, Raven tries to spin herself around the pole multiple times hoping the tape won't hold, but sadly for Raven it does and she now begins to realize that she'll be spending the rest of her night tightly bound and gagged, all stuck and totally helpless in wicked wraptivity!

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Mummification Tape Gagged
Stripper Mummified At Home

Raven's Hogtied Bondage Struggle


Wearing a short red dress and black high-heeled shoes, beautiful Raven is tied up and struggling against her bonds in her own apartment. In the first half of the clip, we see Raven bound and gagged with a red bandana matching her little dress. She struggles on the couch in an attempt to escape her tight rope bondage, but Raven fails and later ends up tightly hogtied on the floor where escape is impossible.

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Cleave Gagged Dress Bondage Hogtied Humiliation Romance Rope Bondage
Ravens Hogtied Bondage Struggle

German Bondage Girl Speaks No English!


An American man breaks into a German girl's home and is asking for her money. She understands or speaks no English and doesn't know what to do so she tries to answer the man in German while holding her hands in the air.

The man doesn't know what the girl is trying to tell him and decides to tie the bitch up and gag her. He duct tapes her hands and ankles before stuffing a pink pair of panties in the German-speaking girl's mouth. He wraps clear duct tape over her mouth and around her head to keep the panties in.

"Gags are good for any language," the man says while the girl seems rather upset about her situation.

The intruder leaves the bound and gagged German to struggle for a while to search her apartment for valuables. He finds and later returns with a nice chunk of profit to show the girl what he came for.

She grunts, bitches, and struggles in desperation as the man puts away her valuables in his pocket before he leaves the tightly bound and gagged German to struggle all alone and helpless with nobody to rescue her!

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Tags: Classic Content Dress Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Maledom Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
German bondage girl speaks no English!

Come Home And Tie Me Up Tight!


Raven has prepared a lot of kinky toys for her boyfriend to use on her when he gets home from work. But Raven's boyfriend is late and Raven wants to be bound and gagged right now. She's so impatient and decides to tie herself up instead of just sitting around waiting for her boyfriend. Raven grabs a pair of her black panties and stuffs them in her mouth. Then she takes a roll of silver duct tape and thoroughly tapes her mouth shut with several strips until it's completely covered up!

Raven's mouth is fully stuffed and covered in duct tape. She's gagged just the way she likes it and gag talks for a while but she's muffled. Raven mmph's through her effective tape gag that beautifully covers her panty filled mouth. Raven grabs some rope and ties her hands together in front of her before locking a pair of steel handcuffs around her wrists to really secure her already tied up hands. Next, Raven grabs some more rope and ties her ankles together. Raven does an incredible job tying herself up but she likes it tight and secure so she also ties up her ankles with the duct tape.

Now that Raven has gagged and tied herself up, she continues her sweet and sexy gag talk. Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Raven slowly becomes annoyed by her boyfriend's absence because she really wants him to come home, tie her up tight and have his way with her - now!

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Tags: American Classic Content Humiliation Panty Gagged Romance Rope Bondage Self Gagged Short Pants Tape Gagged
Come home and tie me up tight!