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Models / Alexandra

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Alexandra Vital Stats:
AGE:  27
FROM:  South America
SPEAKS:  Spanish
ETHNICITY:  Hispanic
FAVORITE GAG:  Cloth Cleave Gag

Tall South American beauty Alexandra had absolutely no experience with bondage when she first started fetish modeling with her real-life friend and colleague, Camila.

Alexandra is a dominant girl by nature and this clearly shows on camera, where she loves to bind and gag Camila.

When Alexandra is not working side jobs as a fetish model she is working a normal 9-17 job as an office executive for a huge international multi-million dollar company!

Alexandra Updates

Alexandra's Tape Bound Bondage Bitch!
Alexandra , Camila
Camila is tied up with clear tape and struggling on the floor while calling for her real-life best friend Alexandra to come and untie her right now! Alexandra comes in wearing super high heels, tight jeans, and a sexy blouse.

Alexandra makes bound Camila sit up and shuts her up by putting a hand over her mouth. Tall Alexandra gives her tape bound friend a lecture on shutting up by keeping her hand gagged and teasingly showing her a dirty black thong. Was it worn by Camila? By Alexandra?

Alexandra commands Camila to open her mouth. She stuffs the worn thong in Camila's mouth and then dominantly starts wrapping clear tape around her panty stuffed mouth! Camila is then made to lay on the floor where Alexandra tapes her bare feet together and also wraps layers of tape around her forehead to make the experience a little more exciting for the poor damsel!

Alexandra urges her gagged friend to speak up, totally humiliating about the whole bondage situation before leaving her to struggle against her bonds!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, gag talk, latina, hand over mouth, gagged with thong, mouth stuffed, pantygag, clear tapegag, damsel, wrapgag, struggling, handgag, tightly gagged, high heels, domination, bdsm, humiliation, gag fetish

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Tags: Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Bondage
Alexandras Tape Bound Bondage Bitch!
Texting My Boyfriend For The Last Time!
Alexandra , Camila
Camila has been very naughty. She's been sending flirting messages to her real-life best friend's (Alexandra) boyfriend and today Alexandra found out about it!

Alexandra confronts Camila but Camila totally denies having texted Alexandra's boyfriend and even more so when she is shown the flirting messages as proof. Alexandra grabs her best friend and wrestles her down on the floor where she ties Camila's hands behind her back as well as her ankles with cable wires.

Alexandra drags one sock off of Camila's feet and has her wired friend sit up for the gagging. Alexandra puts a hand over Camila's mouth and explicitly shows Camila her own worn sock as she explains what is going to happen next. Alexandra shoves the sock in Camila's mouth and quickly wraps a layer of support wrap around her head.

Another support wrap is then tied around Camila's sock gagged mouth and over her nose by Alexandra to make her an over-the-nose gag. Camila is then hogtied on the floor by Alexandra, who then shows bound and helpless Camila total dominance and supremacy!


Included in this clip: bondage, latina, gagged, cable wire bound, sock gagged, mouth stuffed, hand over mouth, otn gagged, domination, handgag, damsel, wrapgag, humiliation, high heels, best friends, gag fetish, bdsm, gag talk

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Tags: Hand Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage OTM Gagged
Texting My Boyfriend For The Last Time!
Our Damsel Audition
Alexandra , Camila
At Selfgags we often get contacted by girls who want to make bondage videos for us. This time we received a message from a cute pair of sexy Latina friends, Alexandra and Camila.

Alexandra and Camila told us they could make really sexy damsel videos so we asked the girls to sign our model release, provide ID, and make us an audition video.

The girls' audition turned out to be an extremely sexy video in which they take turns to have each other tied up on a chair, screaming for help and getting gagged by one another. The gags consist of hand over mouth, great sock mouth packings, and tight over-the-mouth gags combined with super sexy struggling!

Should we bring the girls back for more?


Included in this clip: bondage, handgag, latina, damsel, sock gagged, chair tied, mouth stuffing, otm gagged, struggling, humiliation, gag talk, high heeled shoes, domination, hand over mouth, audition tape, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage OTM Gagged Sock Gagged
Our Damsel Audition