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Models / Anli Anila

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Anli Anila Vital Stats:
AGE:  20
FROM:  South America
SPEAKS:  Spanish
ETHNICITY:  Hispanic
FAVORITE GAG:  Tape Cleave Gag

Sexy Anli Anila could easily be mistaken for an Arabian girl but in fact she comes from South America and is a real-life friend of Mary Macaya and Laika Labado!

This sexy devil has big luscious lips, long dark hair, and a sexy phat ass! She is submissive by nature and she loves being bound and gagged!

Anli Anila Updates

Bound To Kneel
Anli Anila , Nina Naranjo , Shantal
Shantal and Nina carry Anli out of her house and puts her on the porch. Anli has her complaining mouth covered by Shantal's big silencing hand as she and Nina prepare to tie her up. Shantal and Nina help each other and put Anli on her knees with her back against a solid cement pillar.

They tie Anli to the pillar with brown packaging tape wrapped around the pillar and around her body in a kneeling position and once they got Anli completely stuck to the pillar, Nina takes off her worn white socks and hands one of them to Shantal while holding onto the other one herself.

Nina and Shantal tease immobilized Anli with the smell of Nina's stinky white socks by covering her nose with them, slapping her face with them, and dangling them in front of her face. Anli is completely stuck and has no choice but to accept what Nina and Shantal are doing to her.

Shantal stuffs one of the thick stinky worn socks in Anli's mouth and wraps tape around Anli's sock-packed mouth, around the pillar, and around her forehead until she is completely stuck. Nina and Shantal mock and teases Anli who is unable to do a damn thing about her situation. They finally leave poor Anli all wrapped up and humiliated on the porch!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, hand over mouth, dirty socks, handgag, mouth stuffing, sockgag, double domination, stuck, duct tape fetish, tapegagged, humiliation, latinas, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

Tags: Handgag And Handsmother Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage Tape Gagged Girls
Bound To Kneel
Pantyhosed Piggy Girl Horror: 8 Captured Mall Girls
Alexa , Anli Anila , Betsa , Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya , Nina Naranjo , Pao , Xandra , Yurca
Even though these eight girls are total strangers to each other, They all have one thing in common: They were captured at the same mall and taken to a house by two criminal bitches!

One by one, each girl is escorted into the living room by their two female captors who follow the same procedure for each one of their captives. The girls are already tied up with brown packaging tape and their mouths sealed shut with a piece of duct tape as the two criminal bitches make them hop to where they want them.

When having escorted the hopping damsel into the living room, the criminal women remove her tapegag, drags a pair of pantyhose down over her head, and cleaves brown packaging tape in her mouth like a tight tape cleavegag from the outside of the pantyhose head encasement.

Every girl is then made to lie on her stomach where her bound wrists get connected to her tied ankles and the soles of her feet are tightly taped together too. The loose ends of her pantyhose encasement are then pulled back and tied to the back of her ankles, making the hogtied damsel look like a cute little piggy girl.

The two criminal bitches follow the same procedure for all of their 8 captured mall girls who finally end up hogtied, pantyhosed, and struggling on the floor next to each other as they are away from the truck that is going to come to pick them up and take them away!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, damsels, multiple girls tied and gagged, latinas, hopping, duct tape fetish, humiliation, pantyhose hooded, double domination, struggling, predicament bondage, cleavegag, pantyhose encasement, hogtied, gagging, pantyhose bondage, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

Tags: Head Encasement Fetish Hogtied Girls Lesbian Bondage Pantyhose Encasements
Pantyhosed Piggy Girl Horror 8 Captured Mall Girls
9 Sexy College Girls Bound And Stowed In The Truck!
Alexa , Anli Anila , Khloe , Mary Macaya , Nina Naranjo , Pao , Shantal , Xandra , Yurca
Party's over, girls!

Shantal is a notorious girl who hit the jackpot when she broke into a house where a big party was going on! Here, the criminal bad-ass managed to capture, bind and gag the 9 sexy college girls who were happily celebrating their last day of school before a long holiday.

We follow Shantal's mission to lead each captured party girl out of the house where she ties their arms, chest, and legs up with duct tape and stows them in her truck one by one until she's got all 9 girls ready for transport! Some of the girls are feisty and some try to run away during the escort, but no one escapes the grasping claws of ruthless Shantal!!!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, transportation, tapegagged, domination, struggling, moaning, humiliation, damsels, high heels, duct tape fetish, party clothes, dress fetish, car bondage, escape attempts, stuck, gag talk, latinas, bdsm, gag fetish

Tags: Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage Tape Gagged Girls Teens Bondage (18/19-yo)
Nine Sexy College Girls Bound And Stowed In The Truck!
Bound And Gagged By Her Boyfriend's Little Bitch Step-Sister
Anli Anila , Mary Macaya
Mary is the girlfriend of Anli's step-brother. Anli never liked Mary and she wants her out of the family. Mary won't go willingly so Anli decides to capture her to show her just how much she hates her!

When the scene starts Mary is already bound and gagged. Anli escorts Mary into the room by making her hop on over to the couch. Here, she is sat down and made to watch as Anli pulls off her own stinky white socks and shows them to Mary.

Anli rips the tape off of Mary's mouth and immediately handgags her. Then begins a nice long tease where Mary is shown Anli's smelly socks which are about to go in her mouth. And in they go! Anli wraps silver duct tape around Mary's sock-gagged mouth and around her head. A super tight wraparound gag!

Anli so enjoys shutting up her step-brother's annoying girlfriend. She then wraps duct tape around Mary's chest and around her arms before she put her on the floor where she connects Mary's bound wrists to her tied ankles with a strong connection of duct tape!

Mary is now hogtaped and helpless, made to taste the sweaty foot juices of her boyfriend's little step-sister whom she dislikes so much. Mary's bare feet are given quick little tickle by Anli who then leaves the hogtied bitch all alone, struggling and helpless in the room!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, handgag, sock smelling, tease, duct tape fetish, hand over mouth, struggling, gagged bitching, wraparound tapegag, squirming, foot tickling, hogtied, tapegagged, latinas, humiliation, barefoot, hogtaped, foot fetish, domination, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

Tags: Handgag And Handsmother Hogtied Girls Lesbian Bondage Sockgagged
Bound And Gagged By Her Boyfriends Little Bitch Step-Sister
Bratty Rich-Bitch Teen Turned Into The Housekeeper's Panty Cleaning Slave Girl!
Anli Anila , Shantal
Shantal is working a job as a maid for a rich family. Anli is the bratty teen step-daughter and she is always so rude and disrespectful to Shantal!

Today is Shantal’s last day before she quit her job and she wants to give Anli payback for disrespecting her before she leaves.

Shantal is in the laundry room where she puts on white latex gloves. She takes 3 super dirty panties from the laundry basket and smells each pair as she takes them. The panties are Anli’s and today Shantal is going to make Anli wash her own nasty pussy-panties!

We follow Shantal as she goes to the bedroom where Anli is on the bed playing with her phone. Shantal shows Anli the panties and says that her panties are so dirty. Anli is shocked that Shantal, the maid, has taken her panties from the laundry basket and demands that Shantal puts the panties right back in the laundry room where she took them!

Shantal attacks Anli and wrestles her onto the bed. Shantal pulls Anli’s arms behind her back and ties her hands behind her back with the brown packaging tape. Anli is so upset as she is sat on the edge of the bed where she receives a tight hand over mouth by Shantal's latex-gloved hands!

But things are about to get much worse for the bratty rich-bitch as Shantal is going to use that bratty mouth of hers as a panty cleaning washing machine for all 3 pairs of Anli's very own dirty panties!


Included in this clip: hand over mouth, panty fetish, latinas, dirty panties, tape bound hands, latex gloves, panty smelling, mouthstuffing, pantygagged, glove over mouth, panty licking, handgag, domination, handsmother, gagging, humiliation, gag talk

Tags: Handgag And Handsmother Lesbian Bondage Pantygagged Girls Teens Bondage (18/19-yo)
Bratty Rich-Bitch Teen Turned Into The Housekeepers Panty Cleaning Slave Girl!
Mary's Tape Bound Bitches!
Anli Anila , Ari Gonzalez , Mary Macaya
Sexy Mary Macaya is in the mood for some kinky bondage fun. The playful beauty has captured two of her friends (Anli and Ari) and gags each of the two girls with both of her very own stinky worn socks - one sock for each mouth! Her stinky socks are then taped inside her friends' mouths with real sticky silver duct tape wrapped around their heads!

Mary loves to play with the two tape-bound beauties whom she finally hogties side-by-side on the floor where she leaves them to struggle!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, domination, humiliation, latinas, gag kissing, barefoot, struggling, onscreen gagging, hand over mouth, sockgagged, mouthstuffing, tapegagged, tight wrapgags, damsels, gag talk, gagged girls, handgag, wraparound tapegags, bdsm, gag fetish

Tags: Lesbian Bondage Sockgagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged Girls
Marys Tape Bound Bitches!
Stalked By Her Crazy Ex-Boyfriend
Anli Anila
Sexy Anli Anila thought everything was going to be okay after she broke up with her crazy ex-boyfriend earlier this year. But one night, after months of stalking the poor girl, the ex-boyfriend showed up at her house, broke into it, and crept up on her during her rest - ready to take her back at all costs!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, latina, tapegagged, struggling, damsel, lift and carry, gagged moaning, shoulder carry, sockgagged, duct tape fetish, wrapgagged, barefoot, cleavegagged, bdsm, gag fetish

Tags: Lift And Carry Fetish Maledom Bondage Sockgagged Tape Bondage
Stalked By Her Crazy Ex-Boyfriend
Handgag Party!
Anli Anila , Ari Gonzalez , Betsa , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya , Nina Naranjo
Mary and Laika are bored, so they invite four of their girlfriends over for a party.

The friends arrive at the house one by one and are each grabbed, gagged, and duct tape bound by Mary and Laika.

The two cunning girls get all four friends tied up and tapegag talking side-by-side on the bed and then they decide to put the tape-tied bitches through a sexy hand-over-mouth session!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, double domination, hand over mouth, gag talk, struggling, tapegagged, latinas, hom fetish, double handgag, smother, hand fetish, muffled, handsmother, humiliation, duct tape, gag fetish, bdsm

Tags: Handgag And Handsmother Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage Tape Gagged Girls
Handgag Party!