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Our Models / Dakkota Grey

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Dakkota Grey Vital Stats:
AGE:  48
FAVORITE GAG:  Cloth Cleave Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Dakkota Grey is just an ordinary American MILF with a passion for being bound and gagged in her private life and on camera.

Over the years, Dakkota has modelled for multiple fetish sites, including ours, and with her passion, drive and hard work, this mature woman has most certainly manifested herself as a true classic bondage legend in the fetish community!

Dakkota Grey Updates

My Wife Needed The Gagging!

Dakkota Grey

During a search on her husband's laptop, Dakkota discovered a lot of videos of tied up and gagged girls. Dakkota's love life isn't so bad but she feels like she could spice things up a bit in the bedroom and decides to do a sexy self-gagging video for her husband while he's away on a business trip. Dakkota gags herself good in many different ways and continuously moans, struggles, and mmph's like if she's in real trouble.

The gags are effective and really silences Dakkota well. She gags herself with a scarf tied in her mouth as a double-layered cleave gag, an electrical tape gag, a ball gag, and a penis gag before trying out a sexy ring gag that makes her moaning mouth wide open! Now, Dakkota's husband also likes to see tied up girls so Dakkota also wants to experiment with a bit of self-bondage but before she starts tying herself up, Dakkota stuffs a pair of her own panties in her mouth and tapes it shut with pink colored duct tape!

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Tags: Classic Content Cleave Gagged MILF Panty Gagged Ring Gagged Self Gagged Tape Gagged
My Wife Needed The Gagging!

MILF Teacher's Instructional Video How To Gag Someone!

Dakkota Grey

This clip shows college MILF teacher Dakkota Grey's instructional video for her students on how to gag someone. Ms. Grey gags herself in several ways in order to show her students how well they will be able to silence someone by choosing the right type of gag. She really gets into the project and tests out her gags to their fullest, each time being completely muffled, mmphh'ing and unable to say a word!

The MILF teacher uses six different gags on herself: A double-layered cleave gag that she makes out of her own scarf, a white breathable ball gag, a rope gag tied over a yellow rubber ball stuffed in her mouth, a bit gag and a dental gag replaced by a mouth filling panty stuffing kept in by a super strong, tight and massive silver duct tape wrap-around-the-head gag!

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Tags: Ball Gagged Classic Content MILF Panty Gagged Self Gagged Tape Gagged
MILF Teachers Instructional Video How to gag someone!

Snatched MILF Jogger

Dakkota Grey

Things didn't exactly go as planned for this sexy MILF jogger who thought she was all alone on her way into the quiet woods. The MILF suddenly realizes a man running up behind her before she's grabbed and firmly handgagged by him.

The man tapes the MILF to a tree. A pair of panties gets stuffed in her pleading mouth before it's taped shut with duct tape going all the way around her head. The helpless MILF whimpers behind her strong gag while she struggles against the tape ties that secure her to the tree. Now that the MILF has been captured, taped up, and silenced, the man prepares to get her out of the woods and take her with him.

The MILF is now all taped up and put in the trunk of her captor's car. She squirms, kicks and mmph's but there's no way she's going to escape. Her ankles are tied, her thighs are tied and her hands and arms are tied while the strong tape gag keeps her so quiet. The man pulls off one of the MILF's running shoes and makes her sniff it hard and good! The man throws the worn shoe right back down next to the taped-up MILF. He enjoys the sight of her desperate struggles for a while before he smacks the trunk shut and gets ready to take the captive MILF for a ride...

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Tags: Classic Content MILF Panty Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Snatched MILF Jogger

Stepmommy's Choice: Which gag to use on my bratty stepdaughter? (Episode 2 of 2)

Dakkota Grey

In search of some duct tape to gag her bratty stepdaughter Kelsey with tonight, Dakkota returns and continues her gag testing! She returns with not only one roll but two rolls of tape: Black duct tape and clear packaging tape! She also explains that on her way up from the basement, she got the idea of stuffing a pair of Dakkota's worn panties in Kelsey's mouth tonight before taping it shut! So Dakkota also went to the laundry room to grab a pair of her own well-worn panties but noticed a pair of Kelsey's as well.

To find out how humiliated Kelsey is gonna be having step-mommy's worn panties taped in her mouth tonight, Dakkota decides to stuff Kelsey's worn panties in her mouth to realize the humiliation of being gagged with another girl's worn panties! She stuffs Kelsey's panties in her mouth and tapes it shut using several strips of black duct tape until the gag is complete. Dakkota sexily moans and struggles as she finds herself having a hard time talking with Kelsey's panties taped in her mouth! After a good while of having the panties sealed in her mouth by the black duct tape, Dakkota decides to go with some of clear packaging tape.

She wants to be able to see her own panties in Kelsey's mouth behind the tape tonight. She stuffs Kelsey's worn panties back into her mouth and tapes them shut with several strips of packaging tape. It looks so sexy seeing Kelsey's worn pink panties being kept in stepmom's mouth behind the tape. After a great gag testing session, Dakkota finally decides to go with the clear packaging tape and before it becomes a reality, she can only imagine how HER well-worn panties are going to look behind the tape in Kelsey's bitchy mouth tonight!

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Tags: Classic Content MILF Panty Gagged Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Stepmommys Choice Episode 2 of 2

Stepmommy's Choice: Which gag to use on my bratty stepdaughter? (Episode 1 of 2)

Dakkota Grey

Stepmom Dakkota is sick and tired of her bratty stepdaughter Kelsey who constantly tries to talk her rich step-dad into leaving her, so tonight Dakkota has something special planned for her stepdaughter: She's gonna tie her up, punish her and gag her - but which gag is she gonna use?

Dakkota decides to test out various gags from her "kinky box" to choose which one Kelsey is gonna wear tonight. The first gag Dakkota tests is the ball gag. She puts the white ball in her mouth, straps it behind her head tightly and tries to scream, struggle and moan to see how well it works... While Dakkota would love to see her bratty stepdaughter's lips wrapped around the ball gag, she's gonna test out even more gags before she decides which one to use.

She puts a bit gag in her mouth and tests it out by making a lot of noise that comes out as only mmpphh's! The next gag to test is the ring gag which shows the inside of Dakkota's mouth while she's unable to talk! Dakkota looks so sexy and so helpless trying out all these different gags and even more when she goes for the cleave gag!

While all of these gags are pretty effective, Dakkota still isn't quite pleased with any of them as she really wants to SHUT UP Kelsey's bratty mouth tonight. Dakkota gets a brilliant idea: She's going to check the basement to see if she's got some duct tape! If you like seeing MILFs effectively gagged, you're gonna love this super sexy clip!

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Tags: Ball Gagged Classic Content Cleave Gagged MILF Ring Gagged Self Gagged
Stepmommys Choice Episode 1 of 2

Bondage Gear Seller's Gag Demonstration

Dakkota Grey

Dakkota is a bondage gear seller who demonstrates how to properly silence someone with the use of a ball gag and microfoam tape. She shoves a white ball gag in her mouth and tightens the straps behind her head. Dakkota then adds layers of strong microfoam tape over her ball gagged mouth by wrapping it all the way around her head several times! There is lots of gag-talking and mmphing in this amazingly sexy video!

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Tags: Ball Gagged Classic Content MILF Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Bondage Gear Sellers Gag Demonstration

MILF Jogger Gagged With Her Own Sweaty Panties

Dakkota Grey

Dakkota just got home from jogging. She’s really sweaty as she tells you not to go anywhere because she’s got something special to show you after taking a quick shower. After showering, Dakkota returns and stuffs her mouth with the pair of panties she wore during jogging. She then cleavegags herself with a pair of her worn jogging socks before wrapping duct tape all around her face to secure the gag! This clip contains lots of gag talk, moaning, and mmpph‘ing!

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Tags: Classic Content Cleave Gagged MILF Panty Gagged Self Gagged Tape Gagged
MILF Jogger Gagged Wth Her Own Sweaty Panties