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Our Models / Dot

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Dot Vital Stats:
AGE:  19
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Dot Updates

Muffled Gag Screaming Contest!

Alex Reynolds , Dot

Sexy Alex Reynolds and her cute friend Dot are having a muffled gag screaming contest to see who can gag herself the most effective by screaming while gagged. Both girls really want to win over the other so with a whole bunch of different material for gagging between them, Alex and Dot determines which girl gets to pick her gag material first with a game of "rock, paper, scissor" before each round of their muffled gag screaming contest!

The girls play three rounds in which they both gag themselves nice and good! Using everything from scarves, pantyhose, silver duct tape, clear packaging tape and panties for mouth stuffing, Dot and Alex do all they can to really shut themself up and make their gags muffle their screams in order to win over the other. The gags are tight, they're multi-layered and they're most certainly keeping the girls extremely quiet as they begin to scream! Mmmpphhhh!!!

Included in this clip: gagged girls, self-gagging, muffled gag talk, tape gag, cleave gag, mouth stuffed, panty gag, scarves, pantyhose, duct tape, clear tape, gagged moaning, over-the-mouth gag, cloth gags, multilayered gag, tight gag, wrap gag, silent screaming

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Cleave Gagged Jeans Bondage OTM Gagged Panty Gagged Self Gagged Short Pants Tape Gagged
Muffled Gag Screaming Contest!

Help! My Girlfriend Has A Foot Fetish!

Alex Reynolds , Dot

Having a foot fetish is one thing but gagging your girlfriend with your worn sock and then sticking your feet in her face against her will is another. That's what happened to Alex Reynolds after her sweet-ass girlfriend Dot confessed she has a foot fetish. Alex is totally cool with her girlfriend having a foot fetish but when Dot asks Alex to smell her feet and she refuses, Dot tapes up Alex and makes her to do it.

Dot has Alex tied up with clear tape. She sits on Alex and sticks both of her sock-clad feet in Alex's face. Dot takes off her socks and crams one of them in Alex's mouth. She tapes Alex's stuffed mouth shut with a few strips of tape and playfully make Alex smell her bare feet. Tape gagged with her girlfriend's worn sock in her mouth, Alex mmpphhs and moan behind her gag. Not only is she made to smell Dot's feet but she's also chewing on one of her worn socks at the same time! Once Dot is done humiliating Alex, she puts her other sock over Alex's face and leaves her to struggle, bound and gagged on the bed.

Included in this clip: tape bondage, foot fetish, sock gagged, foot smelling, tape gagged, gag talk, socks, happy girl, foot domination, confessions, lesbian domination, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Foot Fetish Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Help! My Girlfriend Has A Foot Fetish!

Turning Alex Into A Duct Tape Mummy

Alex Reynolds , Dot

Dot had so much fun being mummified by Alex Reynolds that she wants to improve her taping skills by mummifying Alex this time. Dot slowly and thoroughly duct tape wraps Alex from her toes and all the way up to her shoulders until she has turned her girlfriend into the perfect mummy. About sixteen minutes later Alex wants to be gagged and asks Dot to gag her. Dot puts a strip of clear duct tape over Alex's mouth but it's too easy for Alex to talk so to quiet her down, Dot laughs and handgags her cocooned girlfriend tight. Perhaps a good mouth stuffing will become Alex? Dot goes through Alex's panty drawer to find a nice pair of panties to stuff in Alex's mouth. Alex begs for Dot to use a clean pair but Dot thinks it will be funnier to use a dirty pair instead and as soon as she returns, Alex gets her mouth stuffed and taped shut with a dirty pair of her own panties while she mmpphh's and protests.

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Mummification Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
Turning Alex Into A Duct Tape Mummy

Dot's Tape Bondage Practice

Alex Reynolds , Dot

Sweet little Dot comes home after a bad day in school. Dot sits down and tells her girlfriend Alex about one of the boys who always talks down to her and the other girls in class. Dot really wants to teach this guy a lesson and show him who's boss by taping him up, gagging him, and humiliating him, but Dot doesn't have much experience in tape bondage and asks Alex to do some practice on her. Alex thinks it's a cool idea and agrees to be taped up by Dot who asks Alex to struggle and fight back like the guy she'll be tying up later will do. With silver duct tape, Dot tapes Alex's hands behind her back and is given an offer by Alex who wants to help Dot tie up the guy later. Dot loves the idea and moves on to taping up Alex's ankles, knees and thighs. Alex says that Dot also should put some tape around the guy's chest and arms so he won't be able to escape, and so Dot wraps the tape around Alex's chest and arms to try it out.

Alex definitely thinks the guy will be calling out for help while he's being taped up, so she starts calling out for help in order for Dot to shut her up. Dot thought about it before starting her tape bondage practice which is why she came prepared with a pair of her worn panties and a clear roll of duct tape. It is important for Dot that the guy will be gagged with clear tape so she and the other girls from school can see that he's got a pair of Dot's panties taped in his mouth when Dot takes some photos of him. Dot stuffs the panties in Alex's mouth, tapes it shut, and tells Alex to struggle as hard as she can. Alex mmpphh's and tries to fight against the tight tape ties Dot put on her but she can't get out. To test if the others at school will be able to hear the guy's muffled noise outside of the room he'll be taped up in later, Dot tells Alex to scream lots and loudly before she leaves Alex alone to struggle. Alex screams, moans, and cries out for help on the couch but Dot's dirty panties keep her really quiet. A while later and with Alex now lying bound, gagged, and helpless on the couch, Dot returns and admires her skills in tape bondage and gagging.

No question that the guy she'll be tying up later will be able to do or say a damn thing once she's got him tied up and gagged with a dirty pair of panties!

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Duct Tape Bondage Jeans Bondage Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
Dots Tape Bondage Practice

Dot's First Mummification Bondage

Alex Reynolds , Dot

Having been wrapped up like a mummy herself, Alex Reynolds knows it's nearly impossible to escape such extreme tape bondage but when she dares her best friend Dot to see if she will be able to escape and Dot accepts, Alex grabs a few rolls of duct tape and starts taping up her petite girlfriend. Alex is extremely focused while she wraps up Dot who slowly begins to realize how hard it will be to escape when Alex is done with her. Dot's body is wrapped in silver duct tape from her shoulders and all the way down to her bare feet. She's lying on the couch immobilized in her cocoon when Alex stuffs and tapes a pair of panties in her mouth. Dot struggles, wriggles, and fights against the tight tape ties that surround her sexy body while Alex teasingly comments on her helpless girlfriend who fails to escape her very first mummification bondage!

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Tags: American Classic Content Colorful Hair Duct Tape Bondage First Timers Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Mummification Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
Dots First Mummification Bondage

Silenced By Stepmom!

Alex Reynolds , Dot

My talkative stepdaughter Dot and I are trying to watch a movie together but she just won't stop complaining and chattering.

I keep telling her to be quiet but she won't listen to me so I decide to put her in a tight hand gag. She tries her best to squeal and yell behind my hand clamped over her annoying mouth until I let go of her and leave the room. I come back with a pair of my worn undies and a roll of silver duct tape to ensure that she learns her lesson and shuts up throughout the rest of the movie. I tape her hands behind her back, stuff her mouth with the dirty undies and tape it shut.

My stepdaughter is now bound and gagged and we're finally able to enjoy the rest of the movie together in peace and quiet.

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Tags: American Classic Content Colorful Hair Hand Gagged Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
Silenced By Stepmom!

Gagging my bratty little snitch-step-sister again!

Alex Reynolds , Dot

Step-Mom and step-dad are out of the house and my little step-sister Dot and I are home alone. I've got her taped on a chair while I tell her how annoying I think she is. She's really loud-mouthed and never stops talking even though I thought she already learned her lesson after I hogtied and gagged her with her own dirty socks. But she didn't learn her lesson so this time I decide to give her a taste of big step-sister's worn socks instead of her own! I pull off both socks from my feet while I tell my bratty little step-sister what I'm about to do with them.

Ugh, I've worn this pair for so long and it's so not gonna be pleasant for Dot to have them in her mouth but I really don't care, all I care about is how I can keep her quiet and teach her to stop being such an annoying little bitch! She starts calling out for step-mom but step-mom is not home. I'm keeping my little step-sister captive with nobody around to stop me and I love it! Well, where were we? Oh yeah, Dot calls out for step-mom right after I've taken off my dirty socks.

I approach her and make my socks fit right in her annoying little mouth with power - and to my enjoyment, she whimpers and moans in dissatisfaction! I add a few strips of duct tape to her stuffed mouth to make sure my socks won't be coming out until I decide it's time. The tape is transparent and I just love the sight of my dirty socks sealed in my little step-sister's mouth underneath it! She can say nothing at all and mmph's (I love that sound) like the helpless and humiliated little brat she is while I keep teasing her about her predicament.

Once again big step-sister shows who's in charge and if Dot hasn't learned her lesson after this, next time I'll be shoving a pair of my dirty undies in her mouth and tormenting the fuck out of her!

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Tags: American Chairtied Classic Content Colorful Hair Dress Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage POV Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Gagging my bratty little snitch-step-sister again!

Handgag Battling Bitches!

Alex Reynolds , Dot

Alex Reynolds is having an argument with her roommate Dot when she finally has enough of Dot's loud mouth and tightly handgags her! Dot is held in a really tight grip while she desperately mmphs and fights for Alex to let go of her! Not only is Alex's hand firmly clamped over Dot's mmphing mouth, it's also covering Dot's nose which makes Dot even more desperate for escape! Dot knows she has to get out of Alex's insanely tight handgag and really fights for it - and suddenly, she succeeds!

Dot is now the one in charge and firmly handgags Alex to give her a taste of her own medicine! Alex looks extremely helpless and so submissive as she's now made to experience the power of Dot's hand clamped over her mouth so tight! Dot verbally humiliates Alex while the only response she receives is just sexy muffled mmphing! Dot tightens her grip around Alex's mouth even more as Alex starts to fight her off.

Alex's desperate struggles for freedom result in a fantastic couch wrestling between the two roommates while Dot does everything she can to keep her hand solidly planted over Alex's mouth! But somehow, Alex suddenly manages to get out of Dot's handgag and this is where the tables turn again...

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Tags: American Brunettes Classic Content Colorful Hair Dress Bondage Hand Gagged Humiliation
Handgag Battling Bitches!