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Our Models / Jessi Gomez

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Jessi Gomez Vital Stats:
FAVORITE GAG:  Cloth Cleave Gag
MOSTLY ENJOYS:  To Be Bound And Gagged

Jessi Gomez Updates

I'm Here To Be Tied Up By You!

Jessi Gomez , Lau Labado

Sexy blonde Jessi Gomez responded to an ad where a kinky woman (Lau) was looking for girls to tie up. Jessi shows up and volunteers to be tied up by the woman who has a special fetish for girls in duct tape bondage!

Jessi gets her hands encased in her own dirty socks and her entire body duct tape wrapped tight. Her mouth gets a dirty sock gag worn by the mature fetish woman and cleaved into her mouth with tape tied around her head!

The sweet volunteer gives a nice struggle to test her tape bondage which quickly makes her realize how helpless she has become. She is then sat in a chair and effectively duct-taped to it to make her even more immobilized!

Another fresh dirty sock worn by the bondage-loving woman is carefully packed into Jessi's cleave gagged mouth on the outside of her gag and securely tape wrap gagged with multiple layers of duct tape winded around her head to cover it up!

With the double gags in place, the bound girl is truly all gagged up and can't say a damn thing. But to top it all off, the woman grabs a roll of brown packing tape and wraps the tape-tied girl's entire head - including her eyes - leaving only her nose free to allow her to breathe!

Included in this clip: duct tape bondage, sock fetish, latina bondage, mouth stuffed gags, tape gagged girl, tied feet, sock gagged girl, jeans bondage, tape cleave gagged girl, struggling bondage damsel, tied to chair, duct tape wrapgag, hooded bdsm girl, lesbian bondage, gag talk, milf domination, tape blindfolded girl , bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: Blindfolded Hooded Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Cleave Gagged Tape Gagged
Im Here To Be Tied Up By You!

Jessi Dreams Of Turning Her Roommate Into A Submissive Duct Tape Slave!

Jessi Gomez , Penelopé Garcia

Jessi Gomez and Penelopé Garcia are roommates. The girls are talking about boys when Penelopé lights up a cigarette and starts smoking. Jessi asks if she can have one too but Penelopé says no and starts to smoke her cigarette in a very teasing way to provoke Jessi!

We now enter the mind of Jessi who fantasizes about having her little bitch roommate as her personal duct tape play-pet! Penelopé has her mouth, head, hands, arms, and legs all wrapped up with duct tape. She is made to crawl over the floor by Jessi who bosses her little duct tape bondage bitch around!

Jessi demonstratively lights up a cigarette in front of Penelopé and blows smoke in her gagged face. Penelopé is absolutely helpless and is only supported by her knees and her elbows in a humiliating doggy-style position!

Jessi guides her little gagged duct tape slave to position her in front of the sofa where Jessi sits back and rests her big feet on Penelopé's back while enjoying her cigarette. Jessi starts to record a video while telling Penelopé to crawl around on the floor!

Jessi also removes her own smelly socks and sneakers to put the socks inside one of her shoes and duct-tape it to Penelopé's face! Jessi is a real bitch towards Penelopé in her fantasy. She is constantly telling Penelopé to be quiet and she absolutely loves to humiliate her!


Included in this clip: duct tape fetish, forniphilia, duct tape gagged, human furniture, duct tape bondage, lesbian domination, bound and gagged, lezdom humiliation, shoe smelling, gag talk, Latinas, gagged girl, lesbian bondage, shoe tied to face, smoking fetish, foot fetish, domination, cigarette smoking, bondage fantasy, barefoot, tapegagged, struggling, slavegirl, duct tapegag, bdsm, wrap gagged, gag fetish

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Tags: Hooded Human Furniture Lesbian Bondage Shoe Humiliation Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Jessi Dreams Of Turning Her Roommate Into A Submissive Duct Tape Slave!

The New Girl Next Door Is A Lesbian And She Wanted To Tie Me Up!

Jessi Gomez , Mary Macaya

Jessi Gomez just moved in down the street and she has already noticed her new neighbor Mary Macaya. Jessi walks up to Mary's house to say hello and present herself. She is carrying a plastic bag full of stuff only she knows.

Jessi is invited inside by Mary and explains that she is a lesbian and that she really, really wants to bind and gag Mary. She shows Mary what is inside the plastic bag which is full of rope and some duct tape.

Mary is hesitant at first as she doesn't know this new, strange girl who wants to tie her up. But she is also somewhat bi-curious and would like the experience. Mary decides to go with it and allows Jessi to tie her up.

Jessi immediately starts to rope Mary, tying her hands and her elbows back really tight. She's experienced with rope and she loves tying up this hot girl who also needs gagging. Jessi sits Mary down, tells her to open her mouth, and gives her a tight cloth cleave gag. She tells Mary to lead her to the bedroom and so, bound and gagged Mary walks Jessi to the bedroom upstairs.

Mary is put on her stomach and effectively hogtied on the bed by Jessi. Jessi is very dominant and sensual with Mary, constantly making comments to Mary in a soft voice as she ties her up. With Mary hogtied barefoot on the bed, Jessi replace her cleave gag with pieces of duct tape put on Mary's mouth like a tapegag.

Jessi ties a final string from Mary's ponytailed hair to her big toes to enhance the tight hogtie that she is already in. She admires her work and the look of Mary bound and gagged on the bed. A dream come true for Jessi whose pussy might be dripping wet from achieving her goal!

She licks Mary's tape gagged lips and bids her farewell as she heads out of the door, closes it, and leaves her neighbor helpless to struggle on the bed!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, lesbian domination, cleave gagged girl, elbow bondage, hands tied back, bedroom bondage, hogtied on bed, barefoot bondage, tape gagged girl, hair tied, struggling, sensual domination, toe tied, lesbian bondage, jeans bound, licking tape gag, latina bondage, duct tape gagged girl, foot fetish, bdsm, gag talk

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Tags: Cleave Gagged Foot Fetish Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage Tape Gagged
The New Neighbor Girl Is A Lesbian And She Wanted To Tie Me Up!

New Girl Jessi Has Her Way With 18-Year-Old Penelopé

Jessi Gomez , Penelopé Garcia

Jessi Gomez loves Penelopé Garcia's cute sandals and wants to try them on. But Penelopé doesn't want Jessi to try on her sandals. Jessi becomes upset, grabs Penelopé, and starts to tie her up with duct tape. Jessi is rough with little Penelopé, wrapping the tape around her body very tightly!

Jessi removes one of her own sweaty socks and slams it into Penelopé's whining mouth! She wraps Penelopé's mouth shut with duct tape winded around her head to confine the nasty sock in her mouth. Jessi is super dominant so extremely ruthless in her actions!

With Penelopé tied up and gagged, Jessi positions Penelopé on the floor in front of the sofa. She sits on the sofa and rubs her smelly feet all over Penelopé's tape gagged face, making her sniff her feet! Jessi removes Penelopé's sandals and slaps Penelopé's face with them. She then puts the sandals on her big beautiful feet right in front of Penelopé's eyes!

Jessi ties Penelopé's tape bound body to a wooden log decoration in the livingroom to make things a little more tough for helpless Penelopé. Jessi is dominant, strict and ruthless and she loves to be in control of the young 18-year-old bondage girl who is finally left to struggle all tied up and gagged in the living room!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, lesbian domination, sock gagged girls, tied up and gagged, feet smelling, tape gagged girl, struggling, bondage damsel, latinas, humiliation, stuck, squirming, gag talk, redhead, nose pinching, ruthless woman, blonde, foot fetish, tapegag, bdsm, bound feet, duct tape fetish, gag fetish

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Tags: Foot Fetish Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
New Girl Jessi Has Her Way With 18-Year-Old Penelope

Jessi's Bondage Debut: Bound And Gagged For The First Time!

Jessi Gomez , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya

Please welcome sexy Jessi Gomez who's brand new to bondage! Jessi experiences her very first time in bondage, bound and gagged by Mary Macaya and Laika Labado!

Jessi gets tied up with rope and gagged with two dirty socks - one of Mary's socks and one of Laika's socks. The stunning newbie then has her sock-stuffed mouth cleave gagged with a thick white scarf before she is hogtied barefoot and over-the-mouth gagged by the two experienced bondage girls!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, sock gagged, barefoot, cleave gagged, hogtied, OTM gagged, toe-tied, tied up and gagged, mouth stuffed gag, Latinas, multilayered gags, gagging, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Cleave Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage OTM Gagged Rope Bondage Sock Gagged
Jessis Bondage Debut Bound And Gagged For The First Time!