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Mary Macaya

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Hanging Out With Khloe: There Will Be No More Dates For You On Our Watch, Sweetheart!
Khloe , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya
Khloe is a beautiful tall girl who's an absolute sucker for cock! Khloe has gone on many dates lately and her two best friends Mary and Laika are worried about her. They come up with a plan to keep Khloe away from her date by tying her up and gagging her!

Khloe is on the phone with a new guy she's going to date tonight. Mary and Laika overhear Khloe's conversation. They try to talk Khloe out of dating any more guys, but Khloe wants to date.

Khloe is grabbed by her protective friends Mary and Laika. She is hand gagged by Laika while Mary ties her up with rope: hands tied behind the back, elbows bound, ankles and knees. 

Mary peels Laika's dirty socks off and gives them to Laika who teases Khloe with the smelly socks. The socks are then shoved inside Khloe's mouth followed by a tight duct tape cleave gag.

The two friends make bound Khloe jump to the doorway where they tie her hands back up in a strappado bondage position. With Khloe strung up and helpless, her two friends tickle and humiliate her.

Khloe is tickled in bondage and made to stay home for her own best!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, sock gagged, hand over mouth, duct tape gagged, lesbian domination, cleave gagged, lezdom bondage, gagged girl, bdsm, tied up, bondage, double domination, bound and gagged, handgag, strappado, elbow bondage, gag talk, humiliation, tickling, gag fetish

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Tags: Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Cleave Gagged
Hanging Out With Khloe There Will Be No More Dates For You On Our Watch Sweetheart!
Bullied Damsel Dreams Of Revenge In Stakeout Bondage!
Barby Luna , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia , Xandra
18-year-old Barby Luna is getting carried into a yard by 4 female bullies who have made evil plans for their prisoner!

They put Barby on the hard gravel ground and hold her down with her arms and legs spread out in stretched X-position. One of the girls hammers metal stakes deep into the ground and ropes her ankles and wrists, tying her stretched limbs out to each stake!

Once the girl is tied out in a wide spreadeagle on the stony ground, a knotted cleavegag is inserted into her mouth to shut her up. The four girls stand victoriously above her as they look down on their pinned bondage prisoner who can barely move on the ground! The girls all high-five each other and leave Barby to struggle! 

Then, we enter the mind of the young damsel who's tied up on the ground. As she lay there, bound and helpless, she fantasize about having all of her four bullies helpless in stakeout bondage where SHE is in control. She walks to each girl and tapegags them while she enjoys them begging her to not gag them!

The four pinned girls all struggle and moan into their tapegags. Suddenly, Barby returns back from her avenging dream to once again face her own cruel reality where she is the one actually bound and gagged. She struggles hard and is losing energy the more she struggles. She feels so tired and finally closes her eyes, accepting the fact that she cannot escape on her own!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, knotted cleavegag, stakeout bondage, fantasy, barefoot, foot fetish, teen girls, latinas, struggling, bound and gagged, damsel in trouble, gaggedgirl, bdsm, gag fetish, gagged girls, fetish girls, humiliation, duct tape gagged, lesbian domination, slutty girls, lezdom bondage, bullying, gag talk

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Tags: Cleave Gagged Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage Tape Gagged
Bullied Damsel Dreams Of Revenge In Stakeout Bondage
My Nanny And I Were Hogtied And Gagged By Two Girls
Agata , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia
I was laying in bed upstairs when I heard some weird sounds from downstairs. I followed the noise and found my nanny bound and gagged in the laundry room. She was tied with rope and had duct tape on her mouth.

Two masked girls came in and found me. It was these two girls who had been tying and gagging nanny. They were very playful and dominant at the same time. The girls demanded that I grab a pair of my dirty panties from the laundry basket and stuff them in my nanny's mouth. 

I was kinda scared, so I just followed orders and went ahead and gagged nanny with my dirty panties. Then they wanted me to tape my dirty panties in her mouth. They ordered me to wrap duct tape around her head to make her a tight duct tape gag to keep the pantygag in her mouth.

Again, I was scared and did what I was told. 

So there I was, gagging nanny with my dirty panties and duct tape wrapped around her head with the two girls observing the whole thing closely. I thought they would let me be now that I had followed their orders, but that was certainly not the case. They grabbed me. Hand gagged me and tied me up next to nanny.

One of the girls went to the laundry again and grabbed another pair of my dirty panties. She handed my panties to the other girl who did hand over mouth on me to keep me quiet. The girl dangled my dirty panties in front of my eyes, teasing me with the way my panties smelled and how they would soon be going in my mouth.

And they did go in my mouth. 

She stuffed my panties in my mouth and the girls wrap gagged my mouth shut with duct tape in the very same way as they made me gag nanny! The girls turned nanny and I onto our stomachs and hogtied us. They taunted us with a bit of foot tickling before leaving us.

So there we were, nanny and I, both hogtied and gagged right next to each other with my dirty panties stuck in our mouths. I can only imagine how humiliated nanny must have felt having the taste of my pussy flowing inside her duct tape gagged mouth. I know it was humiliating for me to think of her being gagged with my dirty panties just as much as I was humiliated by being gagged with them.

But even though this whole bondage experience was quite humiliating, it certainly was an experience I will never forget!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, older woman tied, hand over mouth, hogtied barefoot, gagged women, teen girl, struggling, gagged damsels in bondage, hand gagged, duct tape gagged, mouth stuffed gags, dirty panties, latinas, panty gagged, granny bondage, tied and gagged, double domination, tight tape gag, humiliation, barefoot bondage, gag fetish, bdsm

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Tags: Babysitters Hogtied Lesbian Bondage MILF
My Nanny And I Were Hogtied And Gagged By Two Girls
Unruly Teen Girl Imprisoned In The Quarantine Facility For Breaking Curfew
Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia
There's a virus breakout and a blindfolded 18-year-old teenage girl wearing a face mask with her hands tied behind her back is led out of a red car by two government girls. 

They have arrived at a special facility installed for people who's been caught breaking a curfew enabled by the government in order to control the rapidly spreading virus.

The teen girl is led to a concrete pillar and has her body duct taped to it in a standing position in the bright light sun. The government girls remove the girl's blindfold and her face mask, revealing the silver duct tape gag that was hidden underneath.

The government girls rip the tape gag off the girl and immediately wind duct tape around her mouth and her forehead, tying her to the concrete pillar to cling her to it for what's next to come. The duct tape bound girl is left standing in the hot sun while the girls go inside the facility to tell the doctor that the girl is ready to be tested.

The doctor (Lau) comes out and sticks a cotton bud up the bound girl's nose and leaves to get the test results. The girl is not infected with the virus. She is negative. And so, the government girls are sent back out to bring the curfew-breaking teen girl inside for her punishment.

The girl is untied and walked inside the doctor's office. Here, she is immediately hooded with a pair of pink pantyhose and cleave gagged with duct tape wrapped in her mouth from the outside of the pink piggy pantyhose. The government girls rope up the girl, hogtying her on the floor.

With the girl hogtied, doctor Lau grabs the loose ends of the pink pantyhose hooding the little girl, pulls them back tight, and ties it to her ankles to keep her head up. The girl is now hogtied, gagged, and hooded in a very uncomfortable and punishing position.

Doctor Lau leaves the office and the government girls stay with their prisoner. They laugh at her, make fun of her and mock her to really humiliate her for the way she looks, and sounds and for what she did in order to end up bound and gagged in this place!


Included in this clip: duct tape bondage, face masks, duct tape gagged girl, pole tied, pantyhose hooded, hogtied girl, struggling, doctor fetish, gag talk, blindfolded girl, lesbian domination, gag fetish, humiliation, piggy girl bondage, rope bondage, uncomfortable bondage position, damsel tied up, bound and gagged, cleave gagged, latinas, bdsm

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Tags: Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Pantyhose Hooded Rope Bondage
Unruly Teen Girl Imprisoned In The Quarantine Facility For Breaking Curfew
A New Day Of Fun With Duct Tape Bondage And Gags At The Rich Girls House!
Agata , Khloe , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia
Mary is a rich girl who likes to be tied up. She has called Lau and Penelopé to come to tie her up. 

Mary is laying in bed playing with some rope when Lau and Penelopé arrive. They say hi to each other and Mary says she's ready to be tied and gagged. She gives Lau the rope and puts her hands behind her back as she lays on her stomach. Penelopé helps Lau tie her wrists with rope as Mary tells them to make it tight and gag her. Once Mary's hands are tied they sit her up and stuff some socks in her mouth. They gag her with 3 white cloths: one cleave gag and two OTM gags. They leave Mary to struggle for fun on the bed.

While Mary has fun, Khloe walks in surprised to find Mary like this. Khloe says it looks like fun and Lau and Penelopé walk back in with some duct tape. They ask Khloe if she'd like to join Mary and she says yes. Lau and Penelopé tape Khloe's hands behind her back and Khloe says they should wrap her mouth with tape.

They stuff her mouth with a pair of panties and wrap her head multiple with duct tape. Penelopé tells Lau that the girls should get some sun and Lau agrees. They help Mary and Khloe to their feet and walk them downstairs and outside. They sit Khloe down and untie Mary's wrists. They sit Mary on the ground with her back against the pillar. They tape Mary's wrists behind the pillar and wrap her chest/stomach to it as well. Mary sits with her knees bent in front of her as Lau and Penelopé tape her legs and ankles.

Penelopé removes Mary's cloth gags and socks. Lau stuffs a pair of panties into Mary's mouth and then wraps around Mary's mouth and the post multiple times, and adds a couple wraps over Mary's forehead too to really cling her to the pillar. They ask Mary if she is satisfied and she mmpphhs yes.

Lau and Penelopé sit Khloe in her chair back up against the other pillar. They tape Khloe's body to the chair, and then when they're done they tape Khloe's head to the pillar the same way they did Mary. Lau and Penelopé feel/smooth both girls' gags some and then leave them there by themselves.

Khloe and Mary laugh and gag talk to each other, unable to move. Then their maid Agata comes home from the store and walks up to find Mary and Khloe taped to the pillars. Agata shakes her head and laughs at the girls for being too kinky. Agata says she'll come back to cut them free after she puts the groceries away. Agata scratches under Mary's chin and pats her gag a few times before going inside.

While Agata is in the kitchen, she is grabbed by Lau and Penelopé. They tape Agata's wrists behind her back as she gives up and goes along with it. Penelopé stuffs Agata's mouth and Lau gags her with 3 cloths (one cleave gag + two OTM gags). With Agata gagged, Penelopé and Lau walk her out to where Mary and Khloe are waiting.

Mary and Khloe laugh upon seeing Agata. They sit Agata in a chair and tape her heavily to it. Once Agata is secured, Penelopé removes her cloth gags and stuffs a pair of Mary's panties into her mouth. Lau then wraps Agata's head multiple times with duct tape.

Lau and Penelopé put Agata in her chair right between Mary and Khloe. They say goodbye to each girl by patting them on the gag and giving them a kiss goodbye before walking away. Mary, Khloe, and Agata spend the rest of the video gag talking to each other!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, mouth stuffed gags, duct tape bondage, giggling girls, stuck, sock gagged, rich girls, gagged girls, double domination, multiple girls in bondage, girls laughing, gagged teen girls bondage, panty gagged, gilf bondage, cleave gagged, gagged granny bondage, cloth gagged, maid bondage, over the mouth gagged, outdoor bondage, duct tape wrap gagged, tightly gagged girls, gag fetish, bdsm, gag talk

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Tags: Cleave Gagged OTM Gagged Panty Gagged Sock Gagged
A New Day Of Fun With Duct Tape Bondage And Gags At The Rich Girls House!
The New Girl Next Door Is A Lesbian And She Wanted To Tie Me Up!
Jessi Gomez , Mary Macaya
Jessi Gomez just moved in down the street and she has already noticed her new neighbor Mary Macaya. Jessi walks up to Mary's house to say hello and present herself. She is carrying a plastic bag full of stuff only she knows.

Jessi is invited inside by Mary and explains that she is a lesbian and that she really, really wants to bind and gag Mary. She shows Mary what is inside the plastic bag which is full of rope and some duct tape.

Mary is hesitant at first as she doesn't know this new, strange girl who wants to tie her up. But she is also somewhat bi-curious and would like the experience. Mary decides to go with it and allows Jessi to tie her up.

Jessi immediately starts to rope Mary, tying her hands and her elbows back really tight. She's experienced with rope and she loves tying up this hot girl who also needs gagging. Jessi sits Mary down, tells her to open her mouth, and gives her a tight cloth cleave gag. She tells Mary to lead her to the bedroom and so, bound and gagged Mary walks Jessi to the bedroom upstairs.

Mary is put on her stomach and effectively hogtied on the bed by Jessi. Jessi is very dominant and sensual with Mary, constantly making comments to Mary in a soft voice as she ties her up. With Mary hogtied barefoot on the bed, Jessi replace her cleave gag with pieces of duct tape put on Mary's mouth like a tapegag.

Jessi ties a final string from Mary's ponytailed hair to her big toes to enhance the tight hogtie that she is already in. She admires her work and the look of Mary bound and gagged on the bed. A dream come true for Jessi whose pussy might be dripping wet from achieving her goal!

She licks Mary's tape gagged lips and bids her farewell as she heads out of the door, closes it, and leaves her neighbor helpless to struggle on the bed!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, lesbian domination, cleave gagged girl, elbow bondage, hands tied back, bedroom bondage, hogtied on bed, barefoot bondage, tape gagged girl, hair tied, struggling, sensual domination, toe tied, lesbian bondage, jeans bound, licking tape gag, latina bondage, duct tape gagged girl, foot fetish, bdsm, gag talk

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Tags: Cleave Gagged Foot Fetish Hogtied Lesbian Bondage
The New Neighbor Girl Is A Lesbian And She Wanted To Tie Me Up!
Happy Birthday Barby!
Barby Luna , Laika Labado , Mary Macaya
Today is Barby Luna's 18 year-old birthday and two of her best friends (Mary and Laika) have come over for a surprise celebration!

Mary and Laika blindfold Barby with a white cloth and duct tape her hands behind her back. Then they pop a red ballgag in her mouth and partially mummify the 18-year-old girl with duct tape. 

As ball-gagged Barby stands there all taped up and blindfolded, Mary and Laika quietly grab a pair of black ball gags and gag themselves with them without Barby's knowledge. The two celebrating friends lift Barby's blindfold, revealing that they too are now ball gagged!

The three ball gagged girls gag talk and giggle for a while as they are having so much celebrating the gagged birthday girl! Mary pulls out a pair of her own dirty worn panties and dangles them in front of Barby's face, allowing her to smell them. Barby can quickly determine that the panties are worn and she wonder what Mary might do with them.

Mary and Laika remain ball gagged as they un-gag Barby Luna who then gets her mouth stuffed full of Mary's dirty panties. The two friends wrap clear packing tape around Barby's panty stuffed mouth as a firm tape wrap gag sealing the panties in her mouth! 

Barby is put on the sofa where her worn white socks are dragged off her feet. Mary takes her ball gag out, stuffs one of Barby Luna's worn socks into her mouth, and wraps her own mouth shut with clear tape! After Mary has gagged herself with socks and tape, Laika does the very same thing using Barby's other worn sock!

The three girls are all heavily mouth stuffed and tape wrap gagged as they squeak and gag talk with each other, having much fun being gagged all together! But the fun is not over yet. Mary and Laika takes the silver duct tape and wraps it around Barby's transparently tape gagged mouth, making her a tight and secure layer of real duct tape wrapped outside of her panty stuffed tape gag!

Mary and Laika then do the very same thing to themselves: self-gagging themselves with silver tape wrapped around their transparent tapegags that confine Barby Luna's white socks in their mouths!

With all three ladies all gagged up, Mary and Laika start to sing birthday songs to bound and gagged Barby and celebrate her 18 year old birthday!

Happy Birthday, Barby!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, scarf blindfolded, ball gagged girls, high heels, panty gagged girl, latinas, sock gagged girls, mouth stuffed gags, clear tape gags, duct tape fetish, gag talk, 18 year old teen, birthday party bondage, duct tape wrap gagged girls, giggling, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Ball Gagged Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Happy Birthday Barby
The Bitchy Bride Deserved To Remain Bound And Gagged!
Agata , Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia
Laika Labado is getting married and she has become something of a tyrant to everyone around her during the wedding preparations. Laika has insisted that her closest people show her what they plan to wear for the wedding for her approval. The situation is complicated by a deranged neighbor who has decided that he wants Laika for himself!

As the scene opens Lau, Agata, Khloe, Mary, and Penelope are in the living room talking to each other. Khloe, Mary, and Penelopé are dressed for the wedding but Lau and Agata have not changed their clothes yet.

They make some expository small talk about how demanding Laika has been lately. They also mention the creepy guy down the street who is infatuated with Laika. The girls each make excuses to leave the room and as they do, each one is grabbed and dragged off-screen. The last girl, Penelopé, is the only one remaining in the living room with everyone gone. She doesn't understand where everybody is so she goes looking for them and finds them tied up with rope and OTM gagged with white scarves!

Then Penelopé gets grabbed too. The scene faces and we see all 5 women tied up and gagged on the living room floor. They are all sock gagged and over-the-mouth gagged with white scarves as they are tied up with rope on the floor.

Laika, the bride-to-be, comes down the stairs from the 1st floor to find all her 5 closest friends tied up and gagged. The bound and gagged women all call to her to warn her to get out. Laika is surprised to see them at first but notes with amusement that they can't argue with her about the wedding now.

The women do their best to warn Laika of the danger. Laika turns to the camera and angrily berates the creepy neighbor! The scene fades and Laika is now tied up next to the other women. But unlike them, she is securely bound and gagged with duct tape! It seems that the man wanted to be extra certain that Laika would stay still and quiet.

Laika is really angry now while the other women are scared. We see them all struggle and get close-ups of their gagged faces. Suddenly, Penelopé manage to break out of her bondage. She un-gags herself and spits the socks stuffed in her mouth out before she helps the girl next to her.

Everyone around the coming bride is untied and un-gagged, while Laika is still stuck in tape bondage. The girls then agree not to free Laika right away. The girls all take this opportunity to tell Laika how mean she has been to them over this coming wedding and that she deserves to remain bound and gagged. They finally leave Laika angry and bitching through her tight tapegag!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, multiple girls tied up and gagged, tied up in dresses, tape bondage, gagged bondage damsels, struggling, over the mouth gagged girls, tape gagged, sock gagged girls, gagged latinas in bondage, otm gagged girls, pov, gag talk, bdsm, humiliation, gagging, high heels, gag fetish

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Tags: OTM Gagged POV Rope Bondage Sock Gagged
The Bitchy Bride Deserved To Remain Bound And Gagged!