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Our Models / Oriana Gonzalez

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Oriana Gonzalez Vital Stats:
AGE:  28

Oriana is Laura's friend

Oriana Gonzalez Updates

The Evil Cousin From Hell: Owned By Oriana!

Katherine Martinez , Maria Martinez , Oriana Gonzalez

Say hello to Oriana Gonzales in her first role as a domme. Oriana is a wild, aggressive, and extremely dominant woman and she will let no one get in her way to achieve her goals, not even her silly cousins Maria and Katherine Martinez.

As the scene opens we see Katherine and Maria both blindfolded, tape gagged, and tied up on chairs. They moan in fear of what is going to happen to them next and for good reasons. Their real-life cousin Oriana comes in. She's wearing tight jeans and high heels.

Oriana approaches Katherine and pulls one of her socks off. Then she goes to Maria and rubs Katherine's dirty sock all over her face. Oriana takes Maria's blindfold off and rips the silencing piece of tape off of her mouth after which she immediately smacks a hand over her mouth!

The tall goddess teases Maria with her step-sister's nasty sock before she stuffs it in her mouth, wraps tape around her head, and removes a sock from Maria's feet. Oriana goes behind Katherine and gives her the very same humiliating treatment as her little step-sister Maria until she's got them both gagged with each other's socks wrapped in their whining mouths.

Oriana puts the girls on their stomachs on the floor and aggressively hogties them next to each other. Oriana is brutal, ruthless, and extremely wild in her movements and it's clear to tell that the girls fear their evil cousin who ain't done humiliating those two little brats.

Oriana rapidly encases Maria and Katherine's heads with pantyhoses and ties the loose ends back around their ankles. The hogtied damsels now look like a couple of pathetic little pigs with their pantyhose head encasements pulled back!

The evil cousin loves the predicament she's put the two girls in and she's having a lot of fun slapping them, humiliating them, and making them feel helpless. Oriana finally leaves the hogtied bitches to moan and struggle. A true, aggressive, and dramatic bondage video!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, hogtied, hand over mouth, sock gagged, family, mouth stuffed, latinas, pantyhose encasements, tape gagged, pantyhose bondage, blindfolded, jeans fetish, humiliation, aggression, wrapgagged, domination, high heeled shoes, struggling, dramatic, muffled grunting, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Brunettes Dress Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Hogtied Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Pantyhose Hooded Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
The Evil Cousin From Hell Owned By Oriana!

Introducing Oriana: Her First Time Bound And Gagged!

Laura Martinez , Oriana Gonzalez

We're happy to announce the arrival of 28-year-old Oriana Gonzalez who is the real-life niece of our sexy Latina MILF Laura Martinez!

Oriana is brand new to everything fetish and this is her very first time bound and gagged ever! As it is with all our models we strongly demand that they are capable of getting gagged tight and there is no exception for this sweet newcomer.

Oriana introduces herself while her aunt Laura carefully prepares to tie up her sexy newcomer niece with real silver duct tape. Laura ties Oriana's hands behind her back, her ankles, and her legs together and puts her sock-clad feet on Oriana.

Laura dominantly drags a sock off one of her feet with Oriana looking like one big question mark. Laura tries to make Oriana smell her white worn sock but Oriana seems resistant and tries to avoid sniffing her auntie's smelly socks for so long.

Oriana then watches aunt Laura ball up that stinky sock right in front of her eyes right before it is then crammed inside her mouth as the first important part of her first time gagged! With big, wide, and beautiful eyes Oriana mmpphs sexily just like we gag lovers expect a mouth stuffed girl to do!

Laura grabs the duct tape roll and starts to wind it around her sock-gagged niece's sock-stuffed mouth again and again and again until she's made her one big tight and fat tape wrapgag! How is that for a first-time gagged experience?!

Oriana is quite the natural gag moaner! She whines, gag talks, and cries out muffled noise with her tight tapegag holding auntie's white worn sock in place. Laura leaves her bound and gagged niece alone to whine and struggle in her tape bondage. A really sexy sight!

At the end of the video Laura returns and un-ties and un-gags Oriana to know what she thinks of her first experience being bound and gagged. Do you think she liked it?


Included in this clip: tape bondage, mouth stuffed, tape gagged, Latinas, sock gagged, milf, struggling, sock smelling, humiliation, first time gagged, muffled moaning, domination, BDSM, duct tape, gag fetish

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Tags: Brunettes Chairtied Duct Tape Bondage First Timers Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Introducing Oriana Her First Time Bound And Gagged!