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Our Models / Pandora Jones

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Pandora Jones Vital Stats:
AGE:  43

Pandora is a true acting talent and has starred in various Hollywood B Movies as well as numerous fetish videos throughout the years.

Her flair for acting combined with her real kinky side, and her love for bondage in particular, is what makes this woman and her videos so hot and unique!

Pandora Jones Updates

A Private Stepmom and Stepdaughter Bondage Affair - Part 3

Odette Delacroix , Pandora Jones

It really was a mistake when stepmom (Pandora Jones) abandoned her gagged stepdaughter (Odette Delacroix) in the corner of shame without tying her up first. That's a lesson learned now that she finds herself in the hands of her bratty cunt step-daughter who owns absolutely no shame and puts her stepmom in a cruel chokehold.

With stepmom resting, her sexy little sweetheart puts a large ball gag in stepmom's mouth and rolls white vet wrap over it to enforce the gag. Step-Mom shouldn't be able to say a fucking word when she awakes and she won't be able to now that she's been gagged up by her stepdaughter.

Right after gagging stepmom, that little skank tapes stepmom's hands behind her back and secures stepmom's ankles with the duct tape too. Step-Mom looks so extremely sexy just lying there bound, gagged, and limb on the floor with her short dress pulled up exposing her juicy ass. Even that little rebel girl of hers thinks it's rather sexy and can't help but comment on the panties stepmom is wearing today. Now, if step-mom thought her stepdaughter was a bitch earlier, she'll soon see how big of a bitch that little skank can be as soon as she awakes because that is where her stepdaughter really makes step-mom feel so powerless, helpless and humiliated.

Dancing around, shaking her cute little ass in stepmom's gagged face, cursing and making an appointment with some random guy to come over and fuck her while step-mom remains bound and gagged...

Yep, I did tell you that step-mom's step-daughter is a cunt, a bitch, and a skank and this is where she totally proves it!

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Tags: American Ball Gagged Classic Content Dress Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Lesbian Bondage MILF Bondage
A Private MILF-Teen Bondage Affair - Part 3

A Private Stepmom and Stepdaughter Bondage Affair - Part 2

Odette Delacroix , Pandora Jones

Having cleave gagged and hogtied her grounded step-daughter (Odette Delacroix), step-mom (Pandora Jones) continues to humiliate and dominate the bratty bitch, this time by putting her in the corner of shame. Stepmom wants to teach her girl that a foul mouth only results in punishment, so step-mom stuffs a pair of her dirty panties in her step-daughter's mouth, tapes it shut with pink glittering duct tape, and denies her stepdaughter to take off her gag. How humiliating it must be for that cute little cunt to just sit there with a pair of stepmom's worn panties taped in her mouth!

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Tags: American Classic Content Humiliation Panty Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
A Private MILF-Teen Bondage Affair - Part 2

A Private Stepmom and Stepdaughter Bondage Affair - Part 1

Odette Delacroix , Pandora Jones

This is the story of a single stepmom (Pandora Jones) trying to teach her skanky cunt of a stepdaughter (Odette Delacroix) how to act and behave like a good girl. You see, step-mom just found out that her computer was used to search for fetish porn by her gorgeous step-daughter, so step-mom decides to ground the little bitch for a few weeks. The only problem is that the last time step-mom grounded her step-daughter, she snook out of the window and ran away like a rebellious brat! So not gonna happen this time... and here is why: Because, unlike the last time, step-mom shuts her up with a white scarf cleave gag and ties her up too. Yes, you read that right; Step-Mom binds and gags her stepdaughter to make her stay in the house and keep her under total control. Stepmom is very skilled with rope and makes her step-daughter very uncomfortable by putting her in a nice and tight hogtie while she verbally humiliates and mocks her... And I really could go on and tell you what else step-mom does to her tied up, gag protesting and whimpering step-daughter but you've really got to see it to believe it!

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Tags: American Classic Content Cleave Gagged Hogtied Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage Teens (18/19)
A Private MILF-Teen Bondage Affair - Part 1

Happy Birthday Honey

Pandora Jones

Sexy MILF Pandora Jones is home alone while her husband is away on a business trip.

Today is her husband’s birthday so Pandora decides to record a kinky video for him to enjoy on his special day!

Pandora takes off her black and red panties and explains how she worked out in them just 3 hours ago. She then stuffs the worn panties in her mouth, grabs a roll of silver duct tape and adds several pieces over her panty-stuffed mouth.

Pandora is silenced, moans and mmmpphh‘s behind her gag while also showing it up close several times throughout the video! This is one sexy clip that any true gag fetishist will love!

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Tags: American Classic Content MILF Bondage Panty Gagged Self Gagged Tape Gagged
Happy Birthday Honey