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Lesbian MILF Play Partners Tied Naked, Spanked And Gagged By Teen Girl
Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Laura is home alone naked when she calls her friend Wendy. Laura tells her that her girls are gone so now is the perfect time to play their bondage games. Laura tells Wendy to come over and tie her up and gag her really well! Wendy says she's on her way and Laura hangs up the phone.

Laura is walking through the house when she is surprised and grabbed by Wendy. Wendy tightly handgags Laura and tells her to stay quiet. Wendy quickly tapes Laura's wrists behind her back. Wendy handgags Laura again and leads her into the bedroom.

Wendy takes a seat on the bed and sits Laura on her lap and wraps her legs around her. Wendy wraps one arm around Laura's neck and with her other hand, she tightly handgags Laura. Laura moans and mumbles into Wendy's hand as she breathes heavily.

Wendy removes her hand so Laura can catch her breath and then handgags/smothers her again. Doing this a couple of times, sometimes using both her hands to handgag/smother Laura. The last time Laura is allowed to catch her breath, she asks Wendy for a proper gag. Wendy climbs off Laura and sits her on the bed.

Wendy stuffs some socks into Laura's mouth and wraps her mouth several times with wide microfoam tape. Wendy then takes 2 large white cloths and gives Laura 2 big OTM gags on top of her microform tapegag. Wendy then wraps lots of white vet wrap over the OTM gags.

Wendy tapes Laura's ankles as she moans into her gag. Wendy then bends Laura over the edge of the bed and spanks her many times as Laura laughs and moans into her gag. Wendy tells Laura she'll be back in a little bit and leaves Laura with one last spank.

While Wendy is gone, Laura squirms on the bed for fun... Suddenly, her stepdaughter Maria walks into the room and finds Laura! Maria shakes her head and criticizes Laura for being a kinky freak. Laura sits up and tries to yell at Maria through her gag. Maria grabs Laura's face/gag and mocks her. Maria says she'll be back and grabs some duct tape on her way out.

Maria corners Wendy in the kitchen, calling her a freak for tying up her stepmom. Wendy puts her hands up in submission. Maria handgags Wendy and leads her into the bedroom. Once they're in the room with Laura, Maria gets Wendy naked.

Maria sits Wendy down next to Laura on the bed and stuffs panties into her mouth. Maria gags Wendy the same way (wide microfoam tapegag, 2 OTM gags, and vet wrap wrapped on top). Maria then tapes Wendy's ankles and then bends her and Laura over the bed and spanks both women many times. Maria then sits both women on the edge of the bed, slaps/squeezes their gags some as she mocks them and leaves.

Laura and Wendy struggle together for a few minutes before they eventually are able to get their hands free. They untie their ankles but leave their gags on. They walk out of the room and try to escape but are caught by Maria who grabs both women by the hair. Maria says she will have to tape them better.

Cut to Wendy and Laura now sitting in chairs. They are no longer gagged but they are taped up more now. They try to bust free but can't as Maria walks in. Laura curses Maria and demands to be untied. Maria tells her to shut up and wraps Laura's head with duct tape many times. Maria then ties a large OTM gag over Laura's mouth. Finally, Maria completely covers the OTM with several wraps of EXTRA WIDE silver duct tape! Maria smacks/squeezes her gag. Maria then does the same gag to Wendy as Laura grunts and tries to work her gag off.

With both women gagged, Maria helps put them both on their knees. Maria makes them gag kiss by pressing their heads together. Maria lays both women on the floor. She checks/slaps their gags one last time and says goodbye as she spanks them a few more times.

Laura and Wendy angrily grunt and struggle on the ground as they try to free each other but can't with their hands wrapped. The video ends with both women mmpphhing on the floor!


Included in this clip: milf bondage, sock gagged, mouth stuffed gags, lesbian domination, kinky women, lezdom bondage, tie-up games, nude bondage, tape gagged tight, duct tape bondage, bound and gagged, gagged women, tied and gagged, over the mouth gagged, hand gagged, multilayered gagging, hand over mouth, big tits, struggling, gag talk, moaning, gag fetish

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Tags: MILF OTM Gagged Panty Gagged Sock Gagged
Lesbian MILF Play Partners Tied Up Naked Spanked And Gagged By Teen Girl
Stepmom VS Stepdaughter: Who Can Make The Biggest Gags?
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Laura Martinez wants to challenge her stepdaughter Maria to see who can make the biggest and most effective gag.

Wendy and Katherine are the test models and they have already been duct taped to chairs. Laura decides to go first on Wendy but Katherine keeps taunting Laura and won’t shut up, so Laura tells Maria to gag Katherine in the meantime.

Maria stuffs a couple of socks into Katherine’s mouth and ties a large white cloth over her mouth, and then another large cloth as an OTN gag. With Katherine quiet, Laura starts gagging Wendy. First Laura stuffs as many socks into Wendy’s mouth as she can fit.

Laura then does multiple wraps of clear tape around her head. Laura takes a roll of silver duct tape and does many, many wraps over the clear tape (completely covering it) as big and wide as possible on Wendy’s face. Laura and Maria feel, squeeze and measure Wendy’s gag and asks for Wendy to try and talk.

Now it’s Maria’s turn to gag so she removes Katherine’s OTM and OTN gags. Maria packs as many socks as she can into Katherine’s mouth. Maria does multiple wraps of clear tape around her head and then multiple wraps of duct tape over it. Maria then takes one of the white cloths and ties it OTM on Katherine. Maria completely wraps over the cloth with duct tape - covering it completely!

Maria and Laura measure Katherine’s gag, feeling/slapping it, and tell Katherine to try and speak. Maria’s gag is bigger... As a reward, Maria says she gets to gag her stepmom, Laura, because she lost the challenge. Maria puts one more chair between Wendy and Katherine and Laura takes a seat. Maria duct tapes Laura to the chair like the other girls were.

Maria packs as many socks into Laura’s mouth as she can. She starts off by wrapping multiple layers of duct tape around Laura’s head. Maria gives Laura an OTM gag with a white cloth and then covers that completely with duct tape wrapped over it. Maria then ties another white cloth over the top of Laura’s head and knots it under her jaw.

And finally, Maria ties one larger white cloth for an OTN gag to cover everything! Maria measures and feels Laura’s gag as Laura laughs. Maria says goodbye to each girl by patting their gags with both her hands. Wendy, Katherine, and Laura are left to sit there to look pretty all bound and gagged up!


Included in this clip: gagged women, multilayered gags, chair tied, bound and gagged, sock gagged, mouth stuffed gags, latinas, milf, games and challenges, gagged girls, gagging competition, stepmom and stepdaughter, duct taped to chairs, wrap gagged, duct tape gagged, clear tape gagged, otm gagged, otn gagged, cloth gags, gag talk, duct tape fetish, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage MILF OTM Gagged Sock Gagged
Challenge Who Can Make The Biggest Gags
Hogtying The Captive Gym Girl So She Won't Escape!
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Wendy Lopez
With her hands duct-taped into mitts, her wrists tied behind her back and her mouth taped shut, Katherine Martinez is a captive gym girl who's desperately trying to find a way out of the house she's being held prisoner in.

During her attempt to escape, the two women (Laura and Wendy) responsible for her taking her find her and lead her to the bedroom. They replace Katherine's tape gag with a ball gag and hogtie her with rope to avoid any further escape attempts from the squirming gym girl.

Hogtied Katherine is super frustrated now that her movements have been limited by the two dominant women holding her captive. The two women tie a rope around Katherine's ponytail to the back of her feet, limiting movement even more. They also tie Katherine's toes together and starts to have some fun whipping her exposed soles with a plastic stick - bastinado style!

Katherine grunts and whines with the silencing ball gag in her mouth as her feet are whipped and the two women laughing and humiliating her!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, duct tape gagged, gym girl tied up, bondage girl struggling, ball gagged girl, hogtied on bed, lesbian domination, teen girl gagged, escape challenge, foot whipping, toe tied, hands duct taped, hogtied barefoot, bastinado, squirming damsel, foot fetish, bdsm, gag talk

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Tags: Ball Gagged Hogtied Rope Bondage Teens (18/19)
Hogtying The Captive Gym Girl So She Wont Escape!
The Kinky Stepmom, The Lesbian Lover And The Curious Stepdaughters! (Episode 2 of 2)
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Continued from part 1

After tying up and gagging stepmom Laura next to her lesbian lover Wendy, Katherine and Maria decided to free the bound and gagged MILFs in return for having the two women tie them up!

Laura and Wendy ballgags Katherine and Maria and have Katherine sit on a chair with her legs crossed. Katherine has her ankles and legs taped to the chair while Maria is told to sit on her knees with her back against the chair. Maria's wrists are handcuffed behind her back in Katherine's womb and Katherine's hands are tied behind her back with rope in front of Maria!

The two girls are then effectively taped together with transparent packing tape wrapped around their bodies cling to each other! Stepmom Laura and her lesbian lover Wendy then put a large piece of microfoam tape on top of the girls' ballgags, making their gags extra secure!

Laura and Wendy tease the tied-up girls who are both stuck in an uncomfortable bondage position which isn't pleasant at all. The girls gag talk and moan into their ballgagged microfoam tapegags while the two women laugh at them and humiliate them!

Katherine and Maria are finally left to endure their unpleasant bondage situation all by themselves!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, ballgagged girls, tied up and gagged girls, handcuffed girls, microfoam tapegags, girls in bondage, tape gagged girls, latina bondage, double domination, humiliation, moaning, chair tied, bdsm, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Ball Gagged Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
The Kinky Stepmom The Lesbian Lover And The Curious Stepdaughters Episode 2
The Kinky Stepmom, The Lesbian Lover And The Curious Stepdaughters! (Episode 1 of 2)
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Laura Martinez and her lover Wendy Lopez are playing naughty tie-up games. Laura is tying Wendy with rope and gagging her with panties and microfoam tape wrapped around her head. She makes Wendy a crotch rope and hogties Wendy on the floor.

As Wendy is hogtied and helpless, Laura lay down next to her lover and laughs at her. This is when Laura's two stepdaughters Katherine and Maria walk in to find their stepmom playing kinky bondage games with her lesbian lover!

Laura is surprised and embarrassed but she thinks it could be fun if her two silly stepdaughters would tie her up and gag her too. And luckily for Laura, her stepdaughters agree. They put a nice BDSM collar with a set of steel handcuffs attached to it on Laura.

Katherine and Maria encase each of Laura's hands in some socks and wrap duct tape around them. They lock Laura's hands in the handcuffs connected to her collar and pop a red ballgag in her mouth. The girls then have Laura cross her legs as they wrap duct tape around her ankles and her legs in an uncomfortable chair tie position.

Kinky Laura is enjoying herself next to hogtied Wendy down on the floor and her stepdaughters are having a great time tying up and gagging stepmom too! The two bound and gagged lesbian MILF lovers are then left to spend some time alone in bondage!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, women tied up and gagged, microfoam tapegag, bdsm collar, handcuffed woman, tape bondage, pantygag, milf bondage, latina bondage, women bound and gagged, double domination, humiliation, crotchrope, hogtied woman, ballgagged, kinky women in bondage, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Ball Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage MILF
The Kinky Stepmom The Lesbian Lover And The Curious Stepdaughters Episode 1
Taking Advantage Of Our Tied Up BBW Neighbor And Her Exposed Armpits!
Katherine Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Tape wrap gagged Latina BBW Wendy Lopez whimper in the attic tied to a chair with her hands strung up above her head.

The two sweet girls from next door, Katherine and Maria, come by to borrow some stuff from Wendy when they hear screeching sounds from upstairs and find Wendy bound and helpless.

But instead of releasing Wendy from her binds, Katherine and Maria takes advantage of the situation by tag-team tickling Wendy's exposed sides and armpits and licking them clean!


Included in this clip: rope bondage, bbw, latina, tape gagged, armpit fetish, gag talk, tickling, licking armpits, chair tied, double domination, bdsm, gagged woman, bound and gagged, damsel, gag fetish

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Tags: Lesbian Bondage MILF Rope Bondage Tape Gagged
Taking Advantage Of Our Tied Up BBW Neighbor And Her Exposed Armpits!
The Kinky Birthday Surprise
Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
It's Maria's birthday and her stepmom's best friend Wendy has got a special surprise for her!

Wendy leads the cute birthday girl into the office where someone is covered by a white sheet on a chair. She pulls the sheet away and unveils Maria's surprise: It's Maria's stepmom Laura and she is tied up and OTM gagged with a large white cloth! 

Maria and Laura both laugh as Maria says how much she loves it. Wendy removes Laura's OTM gag and Laura says Wendy is going to keep her and Maria tied up and gagged all day long. Maria is so excited as Wendy brings over another chair for her. Maria takes a seat and Wendy tapes her body. Once Maria is taped up Wendy goes behind Laura and gags her with 3 white clothes: one cleave gag and 2 OTM gags. Maria and Laura are both super excited!

Wendy then asks Maria if she's ready for her gag. Wendy stuffs Maria's mouth with some pink socks and then wraps her head many times with 7,5 cm wide microfoam tape, first wrapping between her teeth and then over her whole mouth. Wendy asks Maria what she thinks of her gag and Maria nods and moans in approval!

Wendy goes over to Laura and removes her cloth gags. Laura jokingly tells Wendy she's going to need to use the bigger 10 cm wide microfoam tape for her big mouth. Wendy stuffs Laura's mouth with a thong and then wraps her head many times with the 10 cm wide microfoam tape. Wendy checks both girls' wrap gags before leaving them to have fun on their own!

Laura and Maria spend several minutes gag talking to each other through their tight microfoam tapegags. They then help each other get their hands free and remove all the tape from their bodies but keep their gags on. Maria and Laura playfully walk out of the room and try to sneak away without really wanting to escape. Wendy catches them. Maria and Laura laugh and put up their hands, acting as if they have been busted!

Wendy marches the silly girls back into the room. Wendy hands Laura a roll of duct tape and tells her to help her duct tape tie Maria. Wendy wraps Maria's legs as Laura tapes her wrists and upper body, this time wrapping more of her body and using more tape!

Once Maria is securely tape tied, Wendy tapes Laura's wrists behind her back and ties Laura up the same way as Maria. Wendy goes back to Maria and unwraps the microfoam tapegag from her mouth and replaces her sock mouth stuffing with a pair of panties!

Wendy takes a regular roll of duct tape and wraps it around Maria's nice and tight, making her a big tapegag. Wendy then does the same thing to Laura who also ends up having her mouth taped shut with a big silver duct tape wrapgag!

Wendy leaves the girls alone again. Laura and Maria playfully struggle together on the bed but they cannot get free this time. Wendy comes back several minutes later and teases the girls for still being bound and gagged. She reveals a roll of EXTRA WIDE silver duct tape and unravels it in front of the step-mom and her birthday girl!

Laura and Maria both look at wide roll of silver duct tape wide-eyed and laugh nervously through their tight gags. Wendy takes the extra-wide duct tape and wraps it over Laura's tapegag several times giving her a MONSTER GAG! Wendy then does the same thing to Maria and smacks both girls' gags when she's done!

Wendy sits Laura and Maria back to back on the bed and tapes them together using regular duct tape. She wishes Maria one last happy birthday and leaves them to struggle again. Laura and Maria laugh and mumble to each other as they squirm together for the rest of the video!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, OTM gagged, birthday girl, sock gagged, mouth stuffing gags, cleave gagged, microfoam tapegags, stuck, chair tied, extra-wide duct tape gags, struggling, laughing, duct tape gagged girls, onscreen tied, latinas, onscreen gagging, bound and gagged back to back, multilayered gags, gag talk, BDSM, gag fetish

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Tags: MILF OTM Gagged Sock Gagged Tape Bondage
The Kinky Birthday Surprise
Arguing Stepsisters Effectively Gagged By Stepmom And Her Best Friend!
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Katherine and Maria are two chair-tied stepsisters madly arguing with each other when their stepmom, Laura, and her best friend, Wendy, come up with a plan to ambush the girls from behind and shut them up! Laura takes care of Maria's mouth while Wendy handles Katherine's!

The two brat girls get their mouths stuffed with sponges, taped shut with clear packing tape, then wrapped with silver duct tape which is also used to cover their angry eyes. Then finally, a big white cloth is tied over the girls' gagged mouths as big OTM gags to keep them really quiet once and for all!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, chair tied, arguing girls, sponge gagged, mouth stuffing gags, clear tapegags, muffled grunting, jeans, duct tape wrap gagged, otm gagged, duct tape blindfolded, double domination, cloth gagged, latinas, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Blindfolded Lesbian Bondage OTM Gagged Sponge Gagged
Arguing Stepsisters Effectively Gagged By Stepmom And Her Best Friend!