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Models / Wendy Lopez

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The Candlelight Holder
Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Laura is going to have her lesbian lover Wendy over for a drink and she wants to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the room. Laura calls on her house slave Maria to come in and take a seat!

Laura begins to tie Maria's arms and elbows together with black duct tape so that she is unable to move them. Then Laura stuffs a big fat yellow sponge in Maria's mouth and pulls a tanned pair of pantyhose down over her head with a hole cut especially for Maria's eyes and nose to be left uncovered. 

Laura wraps the black duct tape around all of Maria's pantyhose encased head except for the nose and the eyes and has Maria move to sit on top of a round table next to her. On the table, Laura clings Maria's legs to her thighs by duct-taping them together nice and tight!

With Maria stuck in a meditative position on top of the round table, unable to move her arms and her legs, Laura puts a few candle lights in the hands of her little slave girl and secures the candles with tape. Laura sets the candles on fire and leaves the room to welcome her lover.

Laura comes back in with her just arrived lesbian lover, Wendy, who absolutely loves what Laura has done with her slave. The two women sit down and enjoy a glass of something. Maria is super uncomfortable acting as her owner's candlelight holder but nobody cares about her feelings.

Laura and Wendy are having a great time and the romantic light from the candles makes them both get in a sexual mood. Laura and Wendy decide to go to the bedroom and have some fun, leaving Maria all alone on top of the table.

A few minutes after leaving the room with her lover, Laura comes back, alone, to take extra care of Maria before having fun with Wendy. Laura wraps duct tape around Maria's eyes so that only her nose is sticking out of her full head encasement. Then she closes the lights and leaves Maria sitting in the dark all alone, sobbing with the lid candlelights!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, human furniture, sponge gagged, forniphilia, tape gagged, duct tape fetish, ignore, latinas, gag talk, pantyhose encasement, slavegirl, gagged girl, head encasement, bdsm, gag fetish

Tags: Blindfold Fetish Head Encasement Fetish Human Furniture Bondage Lesbian Bondage
The Candlelight Holder
Defiant Teenage Girl Duct-Taped To A Chair And Gagged In 12 Different Ways For 1 Hour Straight!
Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Laura Martinez is having problems with the attitude of her youngest teenage girl, Maria. She brings Maria to a self-declared counselor who is known for correcting defiant behavior in bratty teenage girls such as Maria. Her name is Wendy - a dominant Latina BBW MILF who takes great pleasure in treating bratty girls with untraditional methods.

Maria is unenthusiastically brought to Wendy's home clinic and has to be pulled inside the clinic by her step-mom and Wendy herself. Once inside, Maria can't keep her big mouth shut and yaps so much that Wendy tells Laura to hold Maria down so she can get her tied to the chair!

Wendy duct-tapes Maria's arms and wrists to the armrests of the chair while her ankles and legs get firmly restrained to the chair legs. She then wraps tape around Maria's chest to the back of the chair so that Maria is totally stuck!

Once she's got the big-mouthed teenager fixated on the chair, Wendy says goodbye to Laura who leaves her little girl all tied up with the dominant BBW.

Wendy can now begin her treatment and adjust Maria's attitude by shoving 12 different gags in her mouth and keep her gagged for more than 1 hour straight!

Wendy purposely starts with 6 "light" gags where she keeps Maria gagged for 5 minutes with each one of them. Halfways into the session, Wendy calls Laura to let her know when Maria will be ready for pick-up.

Then she continues the treatment by doing 6 demanding and hardcore gags on the little girl whose jaws become so sore and almost numb due to continuous pressure that Wendy constantly puts on her mouth by gagging her again and again!

These are the gags that Maria is made to wear:

Gag 1: Gagged with a red ballgag

Gag 2: Mouth stuffed with socks and gagged with strips of silver duct tape

Gag 3: Sock packed and cloth cleave gagged tight

Gag 4: Gagged with panties and multiple pieces of clear packaging tape

Gag 5: Mouth stuffed with a full pair of pantyhose tied in as a cleave gag with another pair of pantyhose

Gag 6: Panty gagged and taped shut with two pieces of black duct tape put over her mouth as an X

Gag 7: Sock gagged with silver duct tape thickly cleaved inside her mouth and wrapped around her head!

Gag 8: Huge BBW pantygag effectively held in with clear packaging tape wrapped around the head!

Gag 9: Black pantyhose head encasement with red ballgag strapped into her mouth from the outside!

Gag 10: Enormous car wash sponge solidly taped inside her mouth with multiple layers of head-wrapped silver duct tape!

Gag 11: Big knotted jawbreaking cloth cleave gag tightly tied into her sore mouth

Gag 12: Red ball gag covered with black duct tape wrapped around her head!

Each gag demands a lot of patience and focuses from Maria who continuously struggles to find new strategies on how to control her sensitive gag reflex!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, panty gagged, domination, tape gagged, chair tied, cleave gagged, sock gagged, latina, ball gagged, damsel, sponge gagged, mouth stuffed, wrap gagged, duct tape fetish, endurance challenge, gag talk, stuck, high heels, struggling, pantyhose encasement, humiliation, bdsm, gag fetish

Tags: Ballgagged Girls Cleavegagged (Cloth) Lesbian Bondage Pantygagged Girls
Defiant Teenage Girl Duct-Taped To A Chair And Gagged In 12 Different Ways For 1 Hour Straight!
Silly Teen Burglar Caught And Used By Dominant BBW
Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Sexy Maria Martinez is a silly burglar who regrets breaking into the house of Wendy Lopez - a strong and dominant BBW with absolutely no mercy for criminal bitches like Maria!

Thieving Maria is caught in the act of snooping around Wendy's house. She is grabbed and intensely led into a bedroom where the pantyhose encasing her face is pulled off by Wendy! Her mouth is immediately covered by Wendy's strong hands which marks the beginning of a humiliating punishment session!

Maria is made to lick the palm of Wendy's hands and gag on her fingers as Wendy puts her fingers down Maria's throat. Wendy also puts her whole fist into Maria's mouth over and over again!!! Maria is later made to suck Wendy's toes and gag on her feet which she is also made to fit all the way inside her mouth!!!


Included in this clip: foot gagging, hand worship, foot fetish, hand gagging, gag reflex, bbw, latinas, teen, foot domination, lesbian, saliva, toe sucking, spit, mouth fetish, humiliation, fisting, drooling, lesbian domination

Tags: Drooling Gagged Girls Foot Fetish Bondage Foot Worship Bondage Handgag And Handsmother
Silly Teen Burglar Caught And Used By Dominant BBW
Katherine Turned Bondage Furniture For A Day
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
It's a quiet Sunday afternoon and the Martinez family is relaxing. Well, some are, because one has to do a job and serve as furniture for the others!

The one on duty is Katherine and Katherine has her arms, elbows, hands, and legs all duct-taped up to keep her down on all fours. Katherine is also gagged with a big and tight black duct tape wraparound gag so that she won't break the silence during today's job where she is bound to serve as a footrest for respectively her step-mom Laura and her step-sister Maria before she finally ends on top of a round table where she receives sexy foot worship by the family's kinky neighbor Wendy Lopez!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, forniphilia, tapegagged, human funiture, footrest, ignored, boots, foot worship, domination, crawling, latina, foot fetish, humiliation, bdsm, gag fetish

Tags: Foot Fetish Bondage Foot Worship Bondage Human Furniture Bondage Tape Bondage
Katherine Turned Bondage Furniture For A Day
Gagged And Foot Worshipped By Two Generous Latina MILFs!
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Wendy Lopez
It's Katherine's lucky day today! She's bound and duct tape gagged on a chair with her sock-clad feet in the right position for two the foot-hungering MILFs, Laura, and Wendy, to give her foot worship!

The two MILFs come in and sniff Katherine's socks. They smell absolutely horrible! Of course, Katherine doesn't like having her socks smelled by the two MILFs and protests through her classic tapegag.

Laura removes both of Katherine's stinky socks, unpeels her silver duct tape gag, and shoves the socks into her mouth while Wendy has already begun to suck on Katherine's toes! Laura wraps clear packing tape around Katherine's sock-stuffed mouth and goes down to help her MILF friend clean Katherine's stinky feet.

The MILFs are thorough. They lick, suck and gnaw on Katherine's bare feet as her light protests turn into moans of joy and satisfaction! Yummy!


Included in this clip: foot worship, bondage, tape gagged, mouth stuffing, sock gagged, toe sucking, foot licking, soles, clear tapegag, gag talk, wraparound tapegag, latinas, milfs, foot fetish, moaning fetish, gag fetish

Tags: Foot Fetish Bondage Foot Worship Bondage Sockgagged Tape Gagged Girls
Gagged And Foot Worshipped By Two Generous Latina MILFs!
Let's Clean Our Big Fat Bound Babysitter's Super Smelly Feet With Our Mouths!
Katherine Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Two naughty brats have their BBW babysitter tied up and calling for help on a computer chair. They rush into the room and immediately handgag their yelling babysitter while they come up with an idea on how to shut her up.

The girls decide to use the babysitter's own white worn socks for a mouth stuffing gag and they instantly notice the strong smell from her feet. So once they've gagged her socks and taped them in her mouth with pieces of silver duct tape, the two girls go down on their babysitter and thoroughly start to clean her smelly feet with their mouths!!!


Included in this clip: foot fetish, bondage, foot worship, sock gagged, mouth stuffing, tape gagged, latinas, toe sucking, bbw, moaning, double domination, foot massage, pigtail hair, barefoot, babysitter, hand over mouth, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

Tags: Babysitter Bondage Foot Fetish Bondage Foot Worship Bondage MILF Bondage
Lets Clean Our Big Fat Bound Babysitters Super Smelly Feet With Our Mouths!
Sadistic Mummification Bondage For Tag-Teamed Latina Captive
Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Laura and Wendy are two MILFs who love to capture pretty girls for kinky bondage games only to satisfy their own dark desires.

Maria falls victim to the women's trap and becomes their personal mummified bondage prisoner for the day. She is wrapped up tight with black duct tape and with her head encased in pantyhose and her mouth solidly ballgagged, Maria is turned into a confined rag doll kept under the total control of the two sadistic MILFs!

Whining and writhing on the floor, the young captive helplessly tries to fight the entangling tape ties encasing her cocooned body which later gets taped totally stuck to a massive concrete pillar by the two evil women who show their gagged prisoner no mercy!


Included in this clip: mummification, bdsm, latinas, stuck, milfs, tape bondage, post tied, pantyhose encasement, gag talk, struggling, predicament bondage, teen, bound and gagged, ballgagged, duct tape fetish, wrapped, onscreen gagging, damsel, onscreen mummification, sneakers, humiliation, gag fetish

Tags: Ballgagged Girls Mummification Bondage Pantyhose Encasements Tape Bondage
Sadistic Mummification Bondage For Tag-Teamed Latina Captive
Sponge Gagged And Pantyhose Encased For Toe Sucking By Two Crazy Latina MILFs!
Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez , Wendy Lopez
Two crazy Latina MILFs (Laura Martinez & Wendy Lopez) have captured a young girl (Maria Martinez) for some kinky playtime!

Maria is tightly tape bound, tapegagged, and carried over the shoulder of Wendy who spanks the damsel's cute round ass as she enters the room. Wendy puts Maria on a chair so that her play partner, Laura, can do her work on replacing Maria's gag.

Laura strongly crams a yellow car wash sponge in Maria's protesting mouth and wraps clear tape around her head, making poor Maria a fully stuffed and effective tape wrap gag! Then, Maria has her whole head encased with a brown pair of pantyhose and is made to hop towards a round table.

Maria is put face down on her stomach on top of the round table where the two MILFs hogtie their captive and ties the loose ends of her pantyhose encasement to the back of her bound ankles, keeping Maria's head held up high in a very uncomfortable position!

Laura and Wendy remove the stinky white socks encasing Maria's feet to explicitly expose her beautiful soles. Then follows an incredible toe-sucking session in which the two MILFs each take good care of Maria's gorgeous feet while they listen to her gagged protesting sounds coming from underneath her sponge-stuffed tape wrapgag!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, lift and carry, table hogtie, domination, toe sucking, foot fetish, milfs, pantyhose bondage, latinas, foot worship, shoulder carry, pantyhose encasement, sponge gagged, mouth stuffing, tape wrap gagged, gag talk, onscreen gagging, bdsm, gag fetish

Tags: Foot Fetish Bondage Foot Worship Bondage Hogtied Girls Lift And Carry Fetish
Sponge Gagged And Pantyhose Encased For Toe Sucking By Two Crazy Latina MILFs!