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Our Models / Xandra

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Tie Me Up And Gag Me So I Won't Tell About Your Secret Bondage Toys

Betsa , Xandra

Xandra snoops around her older stepsister Betsa's bedroom when she discovers a stash of rope and a red ball gag hidden in a drawer. Suddenly, Betsa walks in, catching Xandra in the act!

Xandra asks what the rope and ballgag are for, with Betsa standing there, angry about her snooping stepsister's intrusion! Betsa swiftly grabs the rope and ball gag from Xandra's hands as she demands Xandra leave her bedroom immediately.

Xandra's curiosity intensifies and she wants to strike a deal with Betsa: Tell me what you do with the rope and ball gag, or I will inform Stepmom and Stepdad about it!

Faced with the ultimatum, Betsa confesses that she occasionally enjoys tying herself up because self-bondage brings her pleasure. Xandra takes the opportunity, offering a proposition to keep their secret under wraps. She insists that the only condition for her silence is if Betsa agrees to tie her up and gag her...

Included in this clip: rope bondage, ball gagged, struggling, Latinas, hogtied, stepsisters, bound and gagged, humiliation, barefoot, gag talk, bdsm, fetish


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Tags: Ball Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage Tape Gagged
Tie Me Up And Gag Me So I Wont Tell About Your Secret Bondage Toys

The Roommate Bondage Deal

Barby Luna , Betsa , Xandra

Stepsisters Xandra and Betsa are looking for a new roommate and Barby Luna is a girl in need of a room.

She is given a house tour and offered the available room by the stepsisters. But when Barby learns how much rent is a month, she becomes really sad as it is way beyond her budget.

Xandra and Betsa come up with the idea of giving Barby a great discount against some fun and kinky bedroom bondage playtime with her, twice a month. If Barby can accept that, she will be getting the room at a better rate. Barby accepts their offer and is immediately ball gagged and tied spreadeagle to the bed by the two stepsisters.

They tickle their new bondage roommate, making her laugh with the silencing ballgag stuck in her mouth. She even gets her sexy belly button tickled! Xandra leaves the room and returns wearing a sexy dress and a domina mask. She is given some alone time with Barby by Betsa.

Xandra plasters strips of duct tape over Barby's ball gagged mouth and slaps a rubber band against her gag. She enjoys watching Barby squirm and being in full control over the bed-tied beauty! She finish the session with a kiss that makes her red lipstick come off on Barby's duct tape gag!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, ball gagged girl, bedroom bondage, spreadeagle bondage, tied up and gagged, lesbian bondage, latinas, tape gagged, bondage tickling, bdsm, fetish


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Tags: Ball Gagged Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage Tape Gagged Tickling
The Roommate Bondage Deal

The Ultimate Bonding Experience!

Barby Luna , Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia , Xandra

Six silly friends want to experiment with being tied up together with silver duct tape to make their friendships stronger. Lau, the stepmom to one of the girls, offers her help to bring the girls the ultimate bonding experience in tape bondage!

All six girls get effectively tied up with duct tape: 3 of them seated and duct taped to chairs with ballgags taped in their mouths with extremely tight tape wrapgags.

The other 3 girls are then made to sit on top and face one of the chair tied girls and they get gagged with the dirty socks of the girl they are sitting on, tightly tape wrap gagged in their mouths!

As a final step to complete the setup, the bound and gagged girls are made to gag kiss by having their heads tied together with clear tape to keep each of them stuck in a gagged kiss!

The gagged girls make moaning noises while being tied up and gag kissing, feeling how their friendships grow stronger and stronger by the second! Incredible!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, duct tape fetish, chair tied women, sock gagged girls, lesbian bondage, ball gagged girls, gagged kissing, tape wrap gagged girls, latina bondage, bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: Ball Gagged Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
The Ultimate Bonding Experience

Three Bikini Girls In Tape Bondage

Betsa , Laika Labado , Xandra

3 girls return home from the beach when some creep who studied the sexy bikini chicks on the beach shows up at their front door. We see the ladies duct tape bound and tape gagged in each their separate rooms where they struggle for release. During each desperate attempt to escape, the bound bikini girls find each other reunited in the living room where they are caught by the creep again, chair tied and each tape gagged tighter! Will the 3 bondage girls escape?

Included in this clip: tape bondage, struggling, tape bound girls, gagged girls, barefoot bondage, tape gagged girls, gagged moaning, escape attempt, hopping, chair tied, tape wrap gagged, bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: Tape Bondage Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Three Bikini Girls In Tape Bondage

Girls Who Love Handgagging

Barby Luna , Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya , Penelopé Garcia , Xandra

Seven beautiful ladies are having fun playing handgagging games in a bedroom! Watch as the girls take turns doing hand-over-mouth on each other in different positions: on the bed, in a handgag train, in a handgag pyramid, and in a handgag circle!

Included in this clip: hand over mouth, hom fetish, lesbian handgag, latina handgags, multiple girls handgagging, hand fetish, gagged women, girls having fun, fetish

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Tags: Hand Gagged
Girls Who Love Handgagging

My Playful Stepmom Left The Three Of Us Bondage Girls Hogtied And Ball Gagged In The Kitchen

Khloe , Laika Labado , Lau Labado , Xandra

Lau is cleaning the kitchen when her stepdaughter Laika walks in with her two sweet friends, Khloe and Xandra. Khloe and Xandra have their hands tied behind their backs and their mouths taped shut.

Laika asks her stepmom if it's OK if they play tie-up games in the kitchen. Lau thinks it's an exciting idea and asks if she can join too. The girls agree to invite Laika's stepmom into the bondage game, and so Lau and Laika get to work by tying up the gagged girls with ropes around their legs.

With both girls tied up, Laika and Lau make them lie on their stomachs on top of the dining table benches where they get hogtied barefoot. The stepmom and her stepdaughter give the girls' sexy feet a little tickle, and then Lau asks Laika if she would like to join her friends in bondage.

Laika would love to be bound and gagged with her two hogtied friends and consents to being tied up and gagged by stepmom! So with Laika roped up, she is put on top of the dining table between her hogtied friends where she also gets to be hogtied by Lau!

With the three girls hogtied, Lau comes up with a new plan. She goes to grab some of her ballgags and comes back to gag the girls one by one. The hogtied bench girls, Khloe and Xandra, who were tapegagged, now have their mouths filled with black ballgags, and her stepdaughter Laika on the dining table is spoiled with a red ballgag!

The hogtied girls look absolutely fantastic tied up with silencing balls filling their open mouths, and as a final step to complete their bondage, the BDSM-loving stepmom wraps transparent tape around each hogtied girl's head, runs the tape back around their feet, and back up around their forehead to keep their heads up high!

Ball gagged and helpless, each girl is now made to endure a strict hogtie challenge as part of the tie-up game!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, tape gagged girls, three girls in bondage, ball gagged girls, strictly hogtied, barefoot bondage, lesbian bondage, gagged girls, restrained, multiple girls in bondage, latinas, bdsm, gag talk


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Tags: Ball Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage
My Playful Stepmom Left The Three Of Us Bondage Girls Hogtied And Ball Gagged In The Kitchen

Hogtied In The Shallows

Mary Macaya , Xandra

Xandra is a sexy bikini girl getting bound and gagged on a beach by Mary Macaya. The ball gagged bondage beauty is put in the shallows where she is strictly hogtied helpless. She also gets her hair tied with rope to keep her head up to survive the water bondage predicament she is about to experience.

Once Mary is done tying up the ball gagged bikini girl, she leaves her slave hogtied and helpless in the shallows. And as the water waves rush towards the shore, they crash against the hogtied girl's face, sending droplets of water flying in all directions, including inside her gagged mouth! 

Better keep your head held up high, Xandra!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, hogtied, ball gagged woman, bikini girl in bondage, lesbian bondage domination, barefoot bondage, humiliation, outdoor bondage, water bondage, gag talk, struggling, predicament bondage, bdsm


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Tags: Ball Gagged Hogtied Lesbian Bondage Rope Bondage
Hogtied In The Shallows

Bound And Gagged By Her Stepbrother's Girlfriend!

Khloe , Xandra

Xandra is the stepsister of Khloe’s boyfriend. Xandra knows that Khloe is with her step-brother only for his money because he is rich and Khloe can't have the little bitch spoiling her dirty little secret!

As the scene starts we see Khloe having her boyfriend's tape bound and scarf gagged little stepsister carried over the shoulder. Khloe throws the captured gossip girl on a bed and watches her struggle for a short while. Then she unties Xandra's wrists only to restrain her to each bedpost so that Xandra is stuck to the bed in a Y-position.

Khloe takes a few selfies with bound and gagged Xandra and Xandra is freaking out as she hates Khloe so much! Xandra's scarf gag is coming off and Khloe needs to make the noisy girl a proper gag. Khloe stands on the floor next to the bed where she teasingly takes off her nasty dirty panties.

Khloe then sits on top of bound Xandra and makes her smell her dirty panties with the scent of her pussy for a good long time to really tease and humiliate her before she stuffs the panties in Xandra's whining mouth and duct tapes it shut tight, making Xandra even more humiliated than before!

Khloe snaps a few more pics of the tape gagged girl who is made to chew on the her nasty worn pussy panties underneath her silencing tapegag. Khloe then lectures Xandra and gives her a nice and sexy farewell gag kiss before leaving the noisy girl bound and gagged to struggle on the bed!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, lift and carry, latinas, hand over mouth, dirty panties, panty gagged, mouth stuffing, tape gagged, ots carried, domination, carried over the shoulder, bedroom bondage, struggling, shoulder carry, scarf gagged, squirming, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish


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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Lift And Carry Panty Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Bound And Gagged By Her Step-Brothers Girlfriend!