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The Girl Was Hired To Bind And Gag Us!

Barby Luna , Khloe , Mary Macaya , Yurca

Barby is in her room when her older step-sisters Khloe and Yurca come out of the bathroom to go out for fun. They brag about how they are going to be gagged heavily with tape and cloth, while Barby is going to be left home alone. The girls leave, leaving Barby alone in the room.

Suddenly, she hears something in the kitchen downstairs and goes down to investigate. Mary comes up behind Barby and tightly hand gags her! Barby closes her eyes and moans in joy as she melts into Mary's arms. Mary holds her tight but is puzzled as she disocvers that Barby is not the girls, Khloe or Yurca, who booked her...

It turns out Khloe and Yurca actually booked Mary to come over to their house instead of at her BDSM dungeon! And now they have left the house to visit Mary at another location. Mary offers Barby the bondage experience and says she will meet the girls at her dungeon. Barby loves the idea and accepts.

Mary takes a roll of duct tape and quickly binds Barby's wrists behind her back as Barby says to make it tight. Mary then grabs a sponge and stuffs it into Barby's mouth. She gags her first with a cloth cleave gag and then adds 4 OTM gags on top to really shut her the fuck up! Mary tapes Barby's ankles and ties an OTN gag over all of her other gags. She then makes the bound and gagged girl hop up the stairs and into the bedroom.

On the bed, Mary tapes Barby's legs with many duct tape bindings in multiple spots. She also wraps Barby's torso completely from her belly button to her shoulders so that she is half mummified. Mary tells Barby that Khloe and Yurca should be home soon and asks if she should tie them up too. Barby nods in agreement and Mary leaves to prepare for the girls to return home.

Khloe and Yurca return home disappointed that Mary wasn't on the location they thought. The girls split up and in the kitchen, Khloe is ambushed by Mary who tightly hand gags her from behind. Mary says she's come to fulfill their appointment and Khloe moans in delight. Mary cleave gags Khloe and tells her to be quiet. She then duct tapes her wrists behind her back and adds two large OTM gags on top of her cleave gag. 

Mary helps Khloe upstairs and takes her to the bedroom where Barby is. She tapes Khloe's legs and torso, and asks her if she wants her mouth taped. Khloe agrees, and Mary stuffs a pair of panties in her mouth and wraps her head with duct tape several times so that it becomes a big gag. 

Barby is then given the same treatment and is panty gagged and heavily duct tape wrapped next to Khloe. Mary leaves and goes to hide as she hears a noise down stairs, which is Yurca.

Yurca enters the room and laughs upon seeing Khloe and Barby all tied up and massively gagged. She squeezes and plays with both girls' gags. Suddenly, Mary comes up behind Yurca and handgags her to Yurca's delight. Mary then tapes Yurca's wrists behind her back, and she wraps her mouth tight. Mary stands Yurca up and wraps her torso like Khloe and Barby did. She sits Yurca on the bed and tapes her legs.

After finishing, Mary stands up and smiles. She checks each girl's gag before leaving for the next several hours. She leaves the three taped up bondage girls to squirm and gag-kiss in joy and pleasure!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, lesbian bondage, massively gagged, multiple gags, three girls tied up, tape wrap gagged, panty gagged girls, hand gagged, duct taped, tied up, bound and gagged, latinas, gagged women, cleave gagged, moaning, otm gagged, bdsm


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Tags: Brunettes Cleave Gagged Duct Tape Bondage Hand Gagged Jeans Bondage Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women OTM Gagged Panty Gagged Short Pants Sponge Gagged Tape Gagged
The Girl Was Hired To Bind And Gag Us!

The Sadistic Couple Used Me For Their Entertainment

Barby Luna , Yurca

Franco and Yurca are a sadistic couple with 18-year-old Barby as their slave. Outside the house they have tied a rope from one end of the yard to the other, and they are going to make Barby walk the rope.

With her hands tied behind her back, Barby is ball gagged is brought outside by Franco pulling the leash attached to her collar. Yurca is happy to see the slavegirl, and by cooperating with Franco, she lift Barby and gets the tied rope positioned between her legs.

The couple hold hands and enjoy watching Barby walk from one side of the rope to the other. When she reach the end of the rope, Franco puts Barby on a box mover drives her back to the start and tells her to walk again. Franco and Yurca are truly entertained by watching the ball gagged girl walk the line, but they have ways to make it all even more entertaining.

Barby is once again taken back to the start of the rope. Yurca removes Barby's high heels and ties a rope around her thighs to limit the movement of her legs a slight bit. Barby is then ordered to walk again. It is clearly more challenging for Barby to walk the rope with her thighs tied, but she manage and is taken back to the start again.

Franco and Yurca ties Barby's legs and ankles so she can no longer walk. Barby is made to jump her way to the other side of the rope - a real struggle for the ball gagged slave, but she is a trooper and achieves her owners' goal! 

At the end of the scene, Yurca and Franco positions Barby in the middle of the rope and connects her tied legs to the rope. Yurca ties a white cloth over Barby's eyes as a blindfold, making Barby want to stand very, very still so she won't fall. The couple leave, and Barby stands alone, blindfolded, ball gagged and tied to the rope while making helpless noise in humiliation!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, collared, 18 year old, slavegirl, ball gagged, couple, slave training, entertainment, tied up, slave tasks, predicament bondage, sado bondage, hopping, bdsm


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Challenges Collared Women Dress Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Maledom Outdoor Bondage Rope Bondage Slave Training Teens (18/19)
The Sadistic Couple Used Me For Their Entertainment

Aspiring Domina in Training (Episode 3 of 3)

Barby Luna , Penelopé Garcia , Yurca

After teaching Penelopé how to gag a girl, Yurca removes Barby's rope gag and undoes her pigtail hair. She brushes Barby's hair and puts it in a ponytail. Then Barby's head is encased in a nylon stocking and a hole is cut in the back, and Barby's ponytail is pulled out of the head encasement. Barby then gets a red ball gag put in her mouth from the outside of her nylon hood. Yurca wraps brown tape around Barby's hands and arms and instructs Penelopé to put tall stilettos on Barby's feet. She puts a black leather collar on Barby's neck with a leash attached, and they all walk out of the bedroom.

Yurca tells Penelopé to take the leash and take Barby for a walk around the yard. After a while, Penelopé is told to follow Yurca to the gym room with Barby, the slavegirl. In the gym room, Yurca ties Barby's leash to a heavy weight so Barby can't run away. She asks Penelopé to pay her fee for her domina training now, but Penelopé refuses. Yurca becomes upset, grabs Penelopé by her hair, and walks her out of the gym room where Barby is left tied up, hooded, and ball gagged!

In the living room, Yurca has now tied up Penelopé with socks around her hands and silver duct tape around her mouth, head, arms, and legs. Yurca makes Penelopé crawl to the sofa where Yurca sits down and puts her feet on Penelopé's back, still wearing shoes. Yurca enjoys herself while she dominates and observes Penelopé, who makes muffled noise into her tight tape gag. After a while, Yurca goes out to go to Barby in the gym room. She takes Barby's leash and walks her to the living room where Penelopé is stuck.

Yurca tells Barby that Penelopé's mistake of trying to avoid her fee has now bought Barby her freedom. She releases Barby who immediately rushes out of the house and away now that she is no longer a slavegirl to Yurca! Yurca sits on the sofa again, taking off her shoes and laughing at Penelopé while resting her feet on her back. She tells Penelopé that she is going to be a very good new slave to her!

Included in this clip: nylon encasement, ball gagged, slavegirls, lesbian domination, tape gagged, hooded girls, latinas, mistress, tape bondage, bdsm, human furniture, footrest, humiliation


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Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Double Domination Dress Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Human Furniture Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Multiple Women Outdoor Bondage Pantyhose Hooded Short Pants Slave Training Tape Gagged
Aspiring Domina in Training Episode 3 of 3

Aspiring Domina in Training (Episode 2 of 3)

Barby Luna , Penelopé Garcia , Yurca

Yurca and Penelopé are having lots of fun rubbing their pantyhosed feet in Barby's face, but Penelopé's training to become a domina must go on. Yurca leaves the room and goes to the laundry room, taking a long scarf, rope, dirty panties, and socks. She then takes silver duct tape and brown tape and walks back up the stairs.

Yurca makes Barby get up from the bed and sit on a chair in the room. She instructs Barby to learn how to gag a girl very well. Yurca then makes a handgag on Barby's mouth, before gagging her with a golden scarf, making it cross her mouth twice. Penelopé carefully studies what Yurca is doing and she and Yurca laugh at Barby because she looks super pathetic with that massive cleave gag in her mouth! Then it is Penelopé's turn to make Barby the exact same gag for her training!

After praising Penelopé's golden cleave gag on Barby, Yurca moves on to the next gag. She handgags Barby and tells Penelopé to prepare a pink pair of dirty panties. She instructs Penelopé to put the panties in her mouth and then she multiple pieces of silver duct tape to Barby's panty-packed mouth to create a big butterfly-shaped tapegag. Penelopé watches Yurca making the gag and she and Yurca humiliates Barby for a while.

Yurca then instructs Penelopé to remove the gag from Barby's mouth and let her spit out the mouth stuffing. Penelopé puts one hand over her mouth tight while Yurca instructs her all the time. The same action happens until the same butterfly-shaped tapegag is made, this time by Penelopé. Yurca praises Penelopé for her actions and for gagging Barby, and the two dominas laugh and humiliate Barby.

Then, Penelopé removes the gag from Barby's mouth and lets her spit out the stuffing. Yurca takes another pair of dirty panties and then teases Barby with the panties, stuffs the panties in her mouth and ties rope in her mouth, making the rope cross her mouth many times so it is a really, really tight cleave gag!

Yurca constantly explains to Penelopé what she is doing and why and then it is Penelopé 's turn to recreate the same rope gag as Yurca did! Yurca observes very closely and advises Penelopé to ensure that she gets the best results when gagging Barby. The scene ends with Penelopé and Yurca preparing for the next lesson for Penelopé, the aspiring domina.

Included in this clip: lesbian domination, gagging, panty gagged, duct tape gagged, hand over mouth, handgag, cleave gagged, rope gagged, gag domination, humiliation, verbal humiliation, bdsm, handcuffed, latinas


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Tags: Brunettes Chairtied Cleave Gagged Double Domination Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Short Pants Slave Training Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Aspiring Domina in Training Episode 2 of 3

Aspiring Domina in Training (Episode 1 of 3)

Barby Luna , Penelopé Garcia , Yurca

Penelopé Garcia, a girl who wants to learn to be dominant, visits the famous dominatrix Yurca, who is known for her skills in dominating girls. Penelopé is going to become Yurca's apprentice and she will be working with one of Yurca's slavegirls, Barby.

Penelopé knocks on the door and is welcomed by Yurca, who has been expecting her. They shake hands, and Yurca welcomes Penelopé inside. Penelopé is taken to a bedroom upstairs where Barby is gagged with a black ballgag and handcuffed to the bedpost.

Yurca tells Penelopé that the first thing she must learn is to dominate a slave using her feet. Yurca unchains Barby from the bedpost but makes sure that she is still handcuffed. Then she replaces Barby's ballgag with duct tape put on her mouth. Yurca instructs Barby to lie down in the bed with her face up.

Yurca demonstrates to Penelopé how to place her feet in Barby's face and make her smell the pantyhose feet. Yurca loves doing the demonstration for Penelopé, but eventually, she lets the aspiring domina try it out herself. Penelopé repeats the pantyhose feet smelling domination on Barby, and Yurca praises her for her efforts.

Barby makes some noise during the foot smelling action, and Penelopé makes dominant comments to Barby, receiving praise from Mistress Yurca. After observing Penelopé put her hosed feet in Barby's face, Yurca wants to join in, and both girls put their feet in Barby's face as they laugh at her and make dominant comments towards her!

Included in this clip: lesbian domination, ball gagged, duct tape gagged, Latinas, two dominas, handcuffed, pantyhose feet, foot smelling, bdsm, humiliation


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- Aspiring Domina in Training (Episode 3 of 3)

Tags: Ball Gagged Brunettes Double Domination Foot Fetish Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Short Pants Slave Training Tape Gagged
Aspiring Domina in Training Episode 1 of 3

Mummified Besties Panty Hooded By Prince Charming!

Khloe , Yurca

Yurca and Khloe are best friends sharing a house together. Last night, they met Franco, a real "prince charming", at a bar and started talking with him, but they didn't get his phone number. However, Yurca was able to track him down and she is bringing him into their home! Khloe is very excited when Yurca brings Franco home.

The three of them talk, and Franco is interested to know how the girls can afford to live in a huge house like this. Yurca says that she won the lottery recently and bought the house for her and Khloe. Yurca says she will go and buy some snacks for them, so she leaves Franco and Khloe alone in the house.

When Yurca is gone, Khloe starts to be very flirty with Franco. She takes Franco's hand and goes upstairs to show him upstairs. On the way, Franco finds a roll of silver duct tape that he secretly grabs, wanting to immobilize Khloe with it!

The scene fades and in the bedroom, Khloe has now been duct tape wrapped up tight in a standing position by Franco. Khloe is tape gagged and makes muffled noises while squirming in her confining duct tape cocoon. Down in the living room, Franco relaxes on the sofa when Yurca returns with some snacks.

Yurca asks where Khloe is and Franco says that Khloe received an emergency call and rushed out of the door. Franco says that if Yurca tells him where she keeps the lottery money, he promises not to tell anyone else. Naive as she is, Yurca tells Franco where she keeps the money, dug into the ground outside, where nobody will find it.

Franco flirts with Yurca and Yurca takes Franco's hand and asks him to follow her to the bedroom upstairs to have sex with her. Yurca opens the door to the bedroom and finds her bestie mummified and gagged! She is shocked to find Khloe all tied up, and when she looks over at Franco, he unravels the duct tape, ready to mummify Yurca, too!

The scene fades, and beautiful Yurca is now mummified next to Khloe. The two girls makes angry noise into their silencing tapegags while also sending each other begging eyes. The girls stand like 2 beautiful statues, struggling all helpless.

Downstairs, Franco walks into the laundry room and takes two panties from the girls' laundry. He smells the panties to make sure they are dirty. He goes upstairs and shows Khloe and Yurca that he has taken some of their dirty panties.

Franco says, that if the girls promise not to fight what he is about to do, maybe he will leave a bit of their lottery money for them. He put their dirty panties over their heads as humiliating panty hoods and wraps silver duct tape around their mouths and heads outside the panties. 

The girls cough and Franco pulls the girls over to lie on the bed next to each other. He then says that he lied and that he will leave none of the money for them. Franco leaves and the girls become angry and make a lot of noise while mummified, gagged and panty hooded on the bed! Yurca and Khloe struggle next to each other and sometimes look each other in the eyes while trying to talk. The two troubled ladies are now absolutely fucked! 

Included in this clip: mummification bondage, duct tape fetish, barefoot girls, tape gagged girls, maledom, tape bondage, struggling, gag talk, dirty panties, panty hooded, stuck, damsels in trouble, best friends bound, bdsm


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Tags: Brunettes Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Maledom Multiple Women Mummification Panty Hooded Tape Gagged
Mummified Besties Panty Hooded By Prince Charming!

Please Tie Me Down Mr Handyman


The scene begins with handyman Franco hammering wood in the yard. Yurca, wearing denim shorts and a top, comes out with a bag full of rope. She's feeling horny and she asks Franco to help her satisfy her kinky needs.

Yurca asks to be tied up on the ground, and Franco finds some stakes and a hammer. He instructs Yurca how to hammer the stakes into the ground in a square area and lets her do the hard work. Yurca looks so hot as she hammers the stakes she is going to be tied to into the ground, closely supervised by the sexy handyman.

He instructs Yurca to lie down in the middle of the square and spread her arms and legs as wide and far as possible. He then ties rope from Yurca's wrists and ankles out to each stake and ties it very tight to limit her movement.

Yurca tries to squirm but the ropes are very strict, making it difficult for Yurca to move. The handyman then goes around and hammers the stakes deeper into the ground, and Yurca loves it. Franco takes some silver duct tape and adds a beautiful piece to Yurca's mouth, which makes her a happy girl. Then handyman then returns to work and hammers some wood in a corner close to Yurca.

After a while, Franco feels hot and needs a break from work. He goes into the house Yurca is left outside struggling. Franco finds his way into the laundry room, where he finds some of Yurca's panties and smells them to make sure they are dirty.

Back in the yard, Yurca still struggles, and Franco shows the helpless girl the panties he took. He takes the tape off Yurca's mouth and Yurca asks to be gagged with the panties.

Franco stuffs the panties in Yurca's mouth takes some rope and ties it in her mouth and around her head. Instead of tying a knot behind her head, Franco hammers two stakes into the ground right next to Yurca's head and ties the rope cleave gag to the stakes. It is a painful gag that also limits Yurca's movement ability even more.

Franco then tells her that his work is done, and leaves. We watch Yurca struggle on the ground, abandoned, stuck, and helpless in bondage under the hot sun!

Included in this clip: rope bondage, tape gagged, stakeout bondage, latina, outdoor bondage, handyman bondage, tied down, gagged woman, consensual bondage, cleave gagged, dirty panties, cleave gagged, bdsm, panty gagged, struggling


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Tags: Brunettes Cleave Gagged Humiliation Latinas Maledom Outdoor Bondage Panty Gagged Romance Rope Bondage Short Pants Tape Gagged
Please Tie Me Down Mr Handyman

Cleaning For Mistress

Barby Luna , Yurca

Barby Luna, a cleaning girl at Yurca's house, is constantly cleaning while Yurca watches her. Barby feels uncomfortable and embarrassed with Yurca's constant observation, but she continues to clean. Yurca, who is very dominant, likes to sit and watch Barby clean while drinking from a glass.

Barby asks Yurca what she can do for her, and Yurca asks her to go and take a roll of silver duct tape and return it to Yurca. Once the cleaning girl returns, she is told to get down on her knees and gag herself with a piece of duct tape while looking Yurca in the eyes. When Barby has been self-gagged, Yurca tells her back to work and watches as Barby cleans.

After a while, Yurca tells Barby to come back to her, and she ties her hands behind her back and arms, making Barby's elbows touch. Yurca then puts the duster in Barby's hands and tells her to go clean again. Barby goes back to cleaning, now with her hands tied and elbows tied. Yurca makes Barby feel ashamed and embarrassed.

After a few minutes, Yurca wraps tape around Barby's arms, torso, and legs, telling Barby to either clean her house or lose the job. Barby hops around the living room, desperately trying to clean while she is all tied up. Yurca is amused with Barby's struggle to fulfill her mistress' needs, and after a while, Yurca tells Barby to go to the laundry room and bring Yurca a pair of her dirty panties.  Barby jumps to the laundry room, grabs a pair of Yurca's dirty panties, and gives them to Yurca.

Yurca takes the tape off Barby's mouth, stuffs the panties in Barby's mouth, and wraps silver duct tape around her head as a tight wrap gag. Yurca laughs and says that now Barby gets to clean her dirty panties! Yurca puts the duster in Barby's hands again, and tells her to get back to work again!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, lesbian domination, tape gagged, self gagged, Latinas, humiliation, cleaning, hopping, tied up, gagged girl, tightly gagged, dirty pantygag, bdsm


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Tags: Brunettes Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Jeans Bondage Latinas Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Slave Training Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Cleaning For Mistress