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An Extreme Triple-Layered Mummification Experience For Maria Martinez
Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez is led into the room by her two female takers, Laura and Katherine. She's got her wrists handcuffed behind her back and she is hooded with a black BDSM leather hood. We hear only muffled noise coming from inside the hood as Laura and Katherine smack Maria's jeans-clad ass and prepare her for an entangling mummification session!

Katherine holds moaning Maria very still as Laura starts to wrap her body from her ankles to her neck with transparent packing tape. The hood is removed from Maria's head, revealing her beautiful face and a lovely red ballgag solidly hiding behind her teeth.

Laura and Katherine take the red ballgag out of Maria's mouth which is instead immediately stuffed completely full with a big fat carwash sponge! Katherine holds the thick sponge in place while Laura wraps clear packing tape around Maria's head, making her a tight, big, and beautiful clear tape wrapgag!

Then follows another confining layer of mummification for Maria's wrapped-up body as Laura wraps silver duct tape from around her ankles and all the way up to her neck, completely covering the first, full clear layer of tape! The silver duct tape mummification layer is with Maria's transparently taped sponge-stuffed mouth getting covered up with tight, thick, and silencing layers of silver duct tape to complete the look!

But the mummification of Maria Martinez doesn't stop there...

Laura grabs a few rolls of black duct tape and starts the whole process over again, wrapping the black tape from Maria's ankles and up to her neck, completely hiding the second silver layer of duct tape, of course on her gag, too!

With three layers of different kinds of tape wrapped around her body and her mouth, Maria is incapable of moving inside her confined bondage cocoon. The standing mummy is put on the floor where Laura and Katherine cater to her bare, exposed feet as they gnaw and bite on them with Maria being totally helpless and unable to move despite the temporary pain afflicted by Laura and Katherine down south!

Once Maria's poor feet have received a painful round of biting from Laura and Katherine, Laura wraps clear packing tape around her feet, then silver duct tape, and the third and final layer of black duct tape, taking away the very last bit of movement Maria was allowed when her feet were sticking out...

The heavily gagged girl is then left by Laura and Katherine, steaming and helpless inside her multilayered tape cocoon...


Included in this clip: tape bondage, sponge gagged, extreme BDSM mummification, duct tape bound gagged, lesbian domination, gaggedgirl, BDSM hooded, foot fetish, ballgagged, Latina bondage, gagtalk, biting feet, immobilized, stuck, multilayered tape mummification, bound gagged damsel, gagged noise, BDSM

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Tags: Ball Gagged Hooded Lesbian Bondage Mummification
Extreme Triple-Layered Mummification Experience For Maria Martinez