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Self Gagged Blonde Scandinavian Schoolgirl


Cute Scandinavian schoolgirl Vanessa is showing off her sexy schoolgirl uniform and her little miniskirt that barely covers her sweet round ass! Wearing white socks and red stilettos, Vanessa sits down and puts her feet up on the table with her white socks still on!

Vanessa is such a tease and sexily admires her sock-clad feet while she gives you a thorough look at them! She shows off her feet in different positions, moves her toes, and wrinkles her soles before she pulls off the sock from her right foot. Vanessa smells her sock. It stinks but she has to shove it in her mouth. And so she does... Vanessa slowly stuffs the sock in her mouth while she moans like a good girl!

Afterwards, Vanessa removes the sock from her left foot and smells that one too and like the sock in her mouth, this one stinks too! Using just one finger, Vanessa slowly starts pushing the second sock into her mouth! It's hard for her to find room for both socks in her mouth but she finally manages!

With a nice stinky pair of socks filling every corner of her mouth and with her bare feet still on the table, Vanessa grabs a shiny silver roll of duct tape, rips off a nice piece, and puts it right across her sock-stuffed mouth while she moans! Then, Vanessa rips off several pieces of tape and thoroughly puts them over her mouth until her mouth and chin are fully covered up! To complete her gag, Vanessa rips off even more pieces of tape and puts one of them over her nose before adding three more pieces to her already-gagged mouth!

With her mouth well-gagged and taped up, Vanessa shows herself in profile to give you a good look at her gag. It looks so good on her and she moans and mmmmph while she looks so helpless! Things get even sexier as Vanessa decides to put a finger up in front of her gag and do the "shh!"-sign!

Vanessa is such a flirt and stands up to show you her sexy little miniskirt again. She turns around and pulls it up to give you a nice full look of her hot little ass! Then, Vanessa sits down again, puts her feet on the table, and starts moving her toes and wrinkles her soles again - this time all barefoot and gagged! A while later, it's time for Vanessa to un-gag herself. She slowly pulls the tape off her face from one side toward the other once again showing you her well-packed mouth!

Finally, Vanessa pulls out her stinky socks from her mouth and shows them to you. She smiles. The socks are now soaking wet from being taped in her mouth!

But things get even more humiliating for Vanessa! Vanessa stands up and lifts her little miniskirt to show off her sweet round and juicy ass that also reveals the sexy thong she's wearing! To give you a better look at her thong, Vanessa also lifts up her miniskirt from the front and Vanessa wears her thong so nice and tight that you can actually see the outline of her pussylips behind the thong!

Next, Vanessa sits down and takes off her thong. She holds up her thong in front of her in an extremely sexy and flirty show-off before she decides to smell it... Vanessa smells her worn thong four times and is very opposed but yet curious about the smell every time! Next, Vanessa pulls her worn thong down over her head and the crotch panel that was tightly covering her pussy just a few minutes ago, now covers her nose! Every time Vanessa breathes she gets the smell of her own pussy and one can only imagine how humiliated Vanessa must feel... Vanessa grabs a red ball gag, opens up her mouth behind the panties, and puts the red ball gag in her mouth over the upper part of her worn thong's crotch panel!

Vanessa tightly tightens the straps behind her head while the red ball gag not only makes sure that Vanessa smells her own pussy - but that she tastes it as well! Feeling so humiliated, Vanessa starts moaning and mmmppph while she looks so adorably helpless with the red ball gag in her mouth! Vanessa moans and mmph sexily and then shows herself in profile for a long time and you can clearly see how the ball gag presses her worn thong deep into her mouth as well as how well her nose is covered by the crotch panel!

Then, Vanessa turns her head again and looks so helpless right in front of you before she picks up a red knitted scarf and tightly ties it over her already-gagged mouth and nose! Vanessa is so nicely gagged that you'll just love the sight of her as well as hearing her sexy little mmph and moans!

This innocent blonde Scandinavian school girl has now endured a sexy and humiliating gagging session!

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Blonde Scandinavian School Girl Self-Gagged