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Carleyelle: Gags Are Meant To Be Tight!


British fetish babe Carleyelle makes an amazing gag demonstration video showing us her favorite ways of getting gagged. Carleyelle has been bound and gagged a number of times and she knows the importance of a good, strong, and secure gag to stop someone from talking. Carleyelle is an expert in gags and she'll blow you away with this ultra sexy self-gagging clip that might be the best of its kind ever!

Sock gagged behind a white, tight, and strong tape gag

Carleyelle grabs a roll of white duct tape and begins her gag demonstration by stuffing her mouth with one of her own worn socks. She looks at herself in the mirror and wraps the white tape all the way around her head until she's made herself a tight, strong, and good-looking tape gag which faintly shows the outlines of her sealed lips underneath it. Carleyelle tries to talk through her powerful gag but her words are completely muffled. The gag is perfect and it works as intended so Carleyelle starts acting helpless and keeps her begging eyes wide open while she makes lots of gagged noise and moans behind her tight tape gag!

Worn panties and tight vet wrap cleave gagging

Carleyelle loves the whole humiliation aspect of a good panty gag and everything to do with being kept quiet with worn underwear without the ability to spit it out. So for this gag, Carleyelle stuffs her mouth with a pair of her own worn panties and tightly cleave gags herself with blue vet wrap. The cleave gag is so tight that it makes Carleyelle's gorgeous lips to bulge out which makes her look so cute when she gag talks and starts acting helpless again!

Spit absorbent sponge confined by a multi-layered tape gag

Carleyelle puts a yellow sponge in her mouth and cleave gags herself with black electrical tape. Not only does the sponge keep Carleyelle quiet; but it also absorbs her spit making it grow bigger and heavier inside her mouth. Carleyelle puts on quite a struggle and looks so scared with several layers of electrical tape wrapped between her bulging lips. While the gag looks amazing and keeps Carleyelle quiet, Carleyelle isn't done with it yet. She grabs a roll of silver duct tape that is so wide that it covers her mouth completely and wraps it around her head a few times. With the spit absorbent sponge securely confined and kept in her mouth with multiple layers of tape, Carleyelle enters the role as a helpless little damsel again and mmmphh's, sobs and whimpers through her effective gag!

Red rubber ball behind clear tape and black latex

Carleyelle has never been a fan of the ordinary ball gags but she likes having a red rubber ball stuffed and wrapped in her mouth. Stuffing a red rubber ball in her mouth and wrapping clear tape over it is exactly what Carleyelle does when gagging herself for the fourth time. As previously, the gag is tight and effective. Carleyelle likes her gags tight and seeing her beautiful lips thoroughly sealed behind the clear tape is an incredible sight. Even though she really tries, Carleyelle can't move her lips behind her tape gag despite her hard struggle to talk, whine and bitch through her secure gag. But as it is with any true gag fetishist Carleyelle just can't keep herself quiet enough, so she grabs a black latex band and tightly ties it over her ball-stuffed and tape gagged mouth resulting in yet another amazing gag silencing the sexy blonde with the most incredible damsel face expressions.

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Tags: Ball Gagged Classic Content Cleave Gagged Self Gagged Sock Gagged Sponge Gagged Tape Gagged
Carleyelle Gags Are Meant To Be Tight