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Cockblocking Step-Mom For Her Own Best!

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Laura Martinez has been going out on so many dates lately that her sweet step-daughters Katherine and Maria have begun to fear for her safety. So one night, Katherine and Maria team up on their step-mom and makes her stay in against her will!

Laura wakes up on her bed. She is tightly bound with pantyhose in the sexy leopard-print dress that she always uses to tease the guys she's dating. In comes her two step-daughters, Katherine and Maria, and explains the situation to Laura!

Bound Laura is becoming very noisy as she doesn't like to be made this powerless by her two step-daughters. Katherine reaches for one of her own worn socks, takes it off, and in an amazingly coordinated teamwork with her step-sister, Maria, gets step-mom sock packed and tape cleave gagged tight to shut her up!

With Laura gagged, the girls untie Laura's pantyhose bindings just enough for them to remain in control of their step-mom. The girls take Laura's sexy dress off and replace her bindings with clear transparent duct tape ties. Laura is wearing only a bra and panties as she's being left to struggle in her new bindings! 

A few minutes later, the girls return to check on their mad bound and gagged step-mom and they both agree to get her completely naked. So Katherine and Maria gradually release Laura from her transparent tape bindings and remove her bra and panties, completely exposing her big round tits, her juicy ass, and her shaved pussy!

The girls help each other once again and get Laura all tied up with silver duct tape matching the color of her sock-packed cleave gag! Katherine and Maria simultaneously spank Laura's naked ass in a mixture of punishment and supremacy, laughing at her and humiliating her before they finally leave her to struggle all bound, gagged, and completely naked on the bed!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, mouth stuffing, pantyhose bondage, tape gagged, spanking ff, taboo, sock gagged, duct tape fetish, muffled moaning, bound and gagged, gag talk, milf bondage, damsel, shaved pussy, stepdaughters, milf, exposed, ass, stepmom, big tits, BDSM, gag fetish

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Cockblocking Step-Mom For Her Own Best!