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Hogtaped, Spanked And Humiliated!

Kitty Come , Layla Moore

Tiny redhead Kitty Come should just have kept her cocky little mouth shut instead of insulting her BBW classmate Layla Moore. Kitty tells Layla she don't understand why a skinny guy would go out with a large girl like Layla and don't want to apologize to Layla for stating her opinion. Layla decides to punish the redheaded little bitch and throws her down on the floor. She pulls Kitty's arms behind her back and rapidly ties them together with duct tape. With Kitty's hands firmly secured behind her back, Layla takes off her panties in front of Kitty. They're pink and they're large! Layla holds up her panties in front of Kitty and tells Kitty that she's been wearing them all day long and that they're all sweaty before she makes Kitty smell them. "They stink!" Kitty says. And those were her last words.

Layla brutally stuffs her large panties in Kitty Come's insulting little mouth. Kitty Come moans in desperation but she's in no position to do anything at all! Layla starts gagging her humiliated little bitch with several strips of duct tape. She plasters the strips all over Kitty's panty-stuffed mouth before she tightly make the roll go round Kitty's pretty little head and over her long, beautiful red hair. With Kitty Come effectively gagged, Layla rolls her over on the side. She pulls Kitty's feet back and hogties Kitty by taping her feet to her taped hands behind her back.

Kitty mmph's in desperation but there's nothing she can do. Her mouth is stuffed with Layla's large worn panties and she's tightly hogtied! "How does that feel, bitch?!" Layla dominantly asks Kitty before she pulls up her dress and exposes Kitty's tiny tits and pussy! Kitty Come starts crying. She feels so humiliated by what Layla is doing to her but there is no escape from Layla's tight tape ties! Layla starts playing around with her helpless little damsel and humiliates her even more. She slaps Kitty's exposed tits and nipples before she checks out her sweet little pussy to see if she's wet. And she is.

Layla decides to give Kitty Come a firm hand spanking to let her know that Layla is serious about this. Layla spanks Kitty Come's round little ass and she does it hard! Kitty's ass instantly turns red and leaves Layla's hand imprints on it. Kitty Come is so helpless and so desperate. She really is a damsel and constantly mmpphh's behind her gag, hoping to be let go soon. But that is not going to happen! Layla takes her cell phone and snaps several pictures of Kitty Come all taped up, all gagged and totally exposed before she sends the photos to Kitty's boyfriend and to Kitty's school teacher!!!

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Tags: American Classic Content Dress Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Groping Hogtied Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Nude Bondage Panty Gagged Spanking Bondage Tape Gagged Topless Bondage
Hogtaped Spanked And Humiliated!