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How Dare You Disrespect Your Babysitter!

Katherine Martinez , Wendy Lopez

Some might say Katherine Martinez is too old to be needing a babysitter but clearly her step-mom thinks otherwise and has hired fierce Latina BBW Wendy Lopez for the job.

Katherine is all dressed up in a sexy blue dress and high heels while she is doing her make-up. She has a plan to go out with her friends tonight but her step-mom has given babysitter Wendy explicit orders that Katherine is at no time allowed to leave the house.

Wendy steps up to the rebellious young lady and asks what she is doing. Katherine mistakenly starts an argument with Wendy and is immediately grabbed and thrown into a chair. Wendy aggressively duct tapes Katherine's hands behind her back, ties tape around her arms and chest and also tapes Katherine's ankles up.

Wendy goes to the bathroom, fills up a bucket with water, and returns to the tape tied brat. Wendy ruthlessly grabs Katherine's head and puts her face down under the water in the bucket over and over again, showing poor Katherine absolutely no mercy!

The cruel BBW babysitter is extremely brutal towards sweet little Katherine. She slaps Katherine's face and starts flaunting a reeking pair of dirty panties in front of Katherine's face, causing Katherine to cough in revolt. But Wendy is on a mission. A mission to teach Katherine never to disrespect her babysitter ever again.

Wendy stuffs the stinky panties in Katherine's mouth and makes the panty stuffed cutie a super strong and effective silver duct tape wrap gag to keep the filthy panties in place. Katherine is a total mess and her mascara is running down her cheeks.

Wendy puts bound and tape wrap gagged Katherine on her knees on the floor for a wicked ass spanking punishment. Wendy whips Katherine's big round juicy ass with a belt again and again until the poor cutie is on the edge of her breaking point.

Then, Wendy escorts bound and gagged Katherine into the bedroom by making her hop her way in there. She puts Katherine in bed, covers her with a blanket, and finally turns out the lights, leaving Katherine all bound, gagged, and helpless for a long and lonely night to come!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, domination, bbw, latinas, duct tape fetish, ass whipping, babysitter, panty gagged, high heeled shoes, underwater fetish, tape-gagged, spanking, face slapping, upskirt, humiliation, wrap gagged, damsel, bdsm

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Tags: Babysitters Brunettes Dress Bondage Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Panty Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
How Dare You Disrespect Your Babysitter!