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Monstrous Gagging Fun With The Martinez Family!

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Are you ready for yet another super fun and amazing bondage adventure that involves huge gags?

Our story begins in the main hall of the house where sexy Latina MILF Laura Martinez has her youngest step-daughter Maria tape tied and heavily over-the-mouth gagged over her shoulder. Maria smiles as Laura smacks her ass while carrying her into a nearby room.

Maria is put on a chair and un-gagged by Laura who removes the big white OTM-gag and the big white sock mouth stuffing behind it. Maria is really amused and so excited that she asks Laura to gag her again but this time with duct tape wrapped around her head! Laura puts a foot in Maria's lap and drags off one of her white socks.

Laura stuffs her worn sock in Maria's mouth and starts wrapping real silver duct tape around Maria's head until she's made her a really (really!) HUGE tape gag covering all skin from below the nose all the way down to the chin! Unbelievable!

Maria is really happy with the result of the heavy gagging her step-mom has put on her. She laughs and is generally digging the whole situation while Laura starts tying her up even better, using duct tape around Maria's chest, arms, and legs.

Once Laura has got Maria all taped up, she picks up the sweet little girl with the enormous gag, carries her into the main hall, and puts her on a wooden bench. Laura sits down next to her cute step-daughter where she slaps her face and kisses her gag when her other step-daughter, Katherine, walks in!

Laura looks rather embarrassed by the sudden presence of Katherine who thinks her step-mother and step-sister are so silly... Laura comes up with the idea to join Maria in her bondage and asks Katherine to tie her up and gag her. A request that Katherine accepts.

Katherine drags off the remaining sock from Laura's foot and gently stuffs it in her mouth after which she starts wrapping tape around her head with a bit of help from Laura who wants her gag big and massive like Maria's. When the gagging is done, Katherine ties up Laura and immediately puts her and Maria down on the floor to sit on their knees.

Katherine spanks her bound and heavily gagged step-mother and step-sister and has a really good time acting silly with her sweet family. Laura and Maria are finally left to sit on the bench next to each other where they passionately start a super sexy gag kissing session before the clip ends!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, latinas, duct tape, step-mother and daughters, gag talk, otm gagged, milf, willingly bound and gagged, muffled moaning, lift and carry, spanking, ots carry, tape-gagged, mouth stuffed, carried over the shoulder, sock gagged, bdsm, gag kissing

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Tags: Brunettes Busty Women Chairtied Duct Tape Bondage Gag Kissing Humiliation Jeans Bondage Latinas Lift And Carry MILF Bondage Multiple Women Romance Sock Gagged Spanking Bondage Tape Gagged
Monstrous Gagging Fun With The Martinez Family!