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Nobody Escapes Betsa's Tangling Tape Ties!

Betsa , Penelopé Garcia

Betsa walks Penelopé into the house, pulling her by her hair and yelling at her. She leads Penelopé to a bedroom upstairs and pushes him onto the bed. Betsa uses brown tape to tie Penelopé up in various spots, including her wrists behind her back, above the breasts, around the arms, below the breasts, and around the arms, thighs, below the knees, and the ankles.

Betsa then takes off Penelopé's shoes and socks, teasing Penelopé with the smell of her own dirty socks by rubbing them all over her face! She stuffs them in Penelopé's mouth and uses clear tape to wrap gag her after stuffing both socks deep into Penelopé's mouth.

When Penelopé is gagged, Betsa uses the clear tape to tie her up even more by wrapping it around Penelopé's body, pulling the tape tight and wild. Betsa improves Penelopé's clear tape gag by wrapping brown tape around her head, too. But Betsa doesn't stop here: She grabs a roll of real duct tape and binds the girl up even more. Then she wraps the silver tape around her head as a tight gag, too, completely covering the brown tape wrapped around her mouth.

Betsa leaves the room, and Penelopé struggles on the bed, making angry noise. She moves her body down on the floor and pushes herself over the floor, struggling dramatically. The bound and gagged lady mange to get up on her feet and hops out of the bedroom. This is where Betsa catch her and pulls Penelopé down the stairs to put her on a chair. Betsa uses brown and silver duct tape to tie Penelopé to the chair in many different spots, pulling it tightly around her body and the chair to keep the bitch tightly seated.

Betsa sits down on Penelopé and looks at her in the eyes, saying. She gives Penelopé a kiss on her huge gag and walks down the stairs, leaving the damsel to struggle while chair tied! Penelopé now sits on the chair, struggling and calling out for help, making angry noise and struggling dramatically!

Included in this clip: tape bondage, latinas, lesbian domination, hair pulling, sock gagged, hand over mouth, struggling, damsel, gagged girl, tape gagged, escape attempt, hopping, chair tied, humiliation, bdsm


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Tags: Chairtied Colorful Hair Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Nobody Escapes Betsas Tangling Tape Ties!