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Obeying Her Tutor To Make The Family Proud

Barby Luna , Penelopé Garcia

Barby Luna's folks have hired a new tutor, Penelopé Garcia, to help her with her homework. Penelopé is carrying a women's bag containing handcuffs and silver duct tape. She wants to make sure that her new student respects her from the start.

Barby is submissive and kisses Penelopé's hand while maintaining intense eye contact with her mistress.

Penelopé puts the handcuffs on Barby and puts one hand tight over her mouth - a handgag. Penelopé asks her if she likes the sensation of her hand covering her mouth. Barby nods and tries to speak into her handgagging mistress' palm.

Penelopé takes the silver duct tape and puts a suiting piece on Barby's mouth to keep her quiet.

Penelopé tells Barby to take off her sandals and smell each sandal deeply. Penelopé loves watching Barby inhaling her sandals, and she then orders Barby to smell her beautiful feet.

Barby coughs from smelling her mistress' feet, but Penelopé laughs and makes dominant comments. Barby coughs repeatedly because Penelopé's feet smell bad, and Penelopé just laughs and tells her to keep smelling her feet.

Penelopé orders Barby to lie on the floor and puts her feet in Barby's face. She rubs her feet over the tape on her mouth and her nose to make sure she really breathes them in. After a few minutes, Penelopé peels off the tape on Barby's mouth and asks if her feet smell well. Barby says yes even though she clearly thinks the opposite, and Penelopé closes the tape again with a smile on her face.

Penelopé keeps putting her feet in Barby's face and pinching her nose shut with her toes. Barby makes big eyes while Penelopé does it. Penelopé makes Barby smell her feet for several minutes, occasionally coughing.

Near the end of the clip, Penelopé calls it a day since Barby has proved that she can respect her new tutor. Barby nods, and Penelopé gives Barby a big wet kiss on her tape gag, wishing her farewell.

Included in this clip: handcuffed, foot smelling, lesbian domination, submissive, mistress and slave, school uniform, tutor and student, foot fetish, duct tape gagged, lesbian feet, handgagged, obedience, kissing hands, humiliation, coughing, fetish


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Tags: Brunettes Costume Bondage Dress Bondage Foot Fetish Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Slave Training Tape Gagged
Obeying Her Tutor To Make The Family Proud