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Please Help Me Big Stepsister! There Is a Catburglar In Our House!!!

Laika Labado , Shantal , Xandra

Sweet step-sisters Laika and Xandra are spending some quality time together when little step-sister Xandra has to go to the toilet.

Young Xandra locks herself in the bathroom and is just about to sit on the toilet when a catburglar (Shantal) rushes out of the shower cabin, overpowers her, and wrestles her to the floor with a hand over her mouth!

Xandra is whining into Shantal's silencing palm which ain't enough to shut the bitch up. Shantal turns her handgagging into a handsmother where she also grabs and covers her nose to subdue Xandra and quiet her down.

Time passes and big step-sister Laika is starting to become impatient waiting for Xandra to finish in the toilet. In fact, Laika really needs to pee so she goes downstairs and knocks on the bathroom door, telling Xandra to hurry! Xandra is desperately trying to make a lot of noise on the other side of the door for Laika to hear her but Shantal's hands are smothering her so well.

Laika is so frustrated. She needs to pee and it has to be NOW! Laika can't hold it in anymore. She pees on the floor outside the bathroom and angrily tells Xandra through the bathroom door that she must clean up after her! At the same time, Shantal makes a really strong handsmother on Xandra.

Laika leaves in frustration and just seconds later, the bathroom door opens with Shantal carries Xandra in her arms and takes her upstairs. Xandra soon finds herself gagged with a piece of duct tape and tied to the bed in a Y position where her hands are tied to each side of the bed. 

Shantal the catburglar demonstratively shows bound and gagged Xandra all the valuable goods that she has found during the house search while Xandra was out. Watches, jewelry... It has been a profitable break-in for Shantal who loves to tease little Xandra about all the things she is going to steal.

Xandra whines and protests through her tapegag to Shantal's great amusement when she is presented with all the things that Shantal is taking. Little Xandra is then given a farewell kiss right on her gag by Shantal who then leaves the house.

Xandra sobs and struggles tied to the bed, hoping that big step-sister Laika is going to hear and rescue her! But Laika is outside enjoying the sun and unable to hear her little step-sister's gagged moaning coming from the first floor!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, handsmother, female desperation, handgag, peeing, damsel, bedroom bound, tied to bed, carrying, domination, catburglar, tapegagged, tease, latinas, step-sisters, gag talk, bdsm, gag fetish

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Tags: Hand Gagged Lesbian Bondage Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
Please Help Me Big Step-Sister! There Is a Catburglar In Our House!!!