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Step-Mom And Step-Dad Found Our Babysitter Hogtaped On The Table With A Stinky Shoe Tied To Her Face

Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Cute Maria Martinez thought it would be an easy job babysitting these two little angels. She's only just left the room where the little ones are napping when she is attacked from behind by a cunning MILF burglar!

The woman lifts the sweet babysitter and carries her over her shoulder. She can't help but slap Maria's cute little ass as she carries her into the other room...

When Maria opens her eyes she finds herself tape bound on a chair in another room. The female burglar responsible for Maria's captivity puts Maria's socked feet on the computer desk and pulls off both of her smelly socks she's been babysitting in all night.

Maria is teased and taunted with her own dirty socks by the woman who's having the time of her life humiliating little Maria. The tape-bound babysitter keeps her mouth shut tight when she realizes what the woman is about to do next, so the woman pinches Maria's nostrils shut and immediately crams the socks into her mouth in the very second Maria grasps for air!

Then, the woman plasters multiple strips of sticky duct tape over Maria's sock-stuffed mouth until she's made the little girl a really big and super effective tape gag. The woman escort tape gagged Maria to lay on the computer desk on which she's being hogtied with duct tape.

With Maria hogtied, the cruel MILF burglar winds layers of tape around Maria's tape gagged mouth and all the way back around her ankles to hold her head up in a really uncomfortable position. What follows next is a stinky pink running shoe tied to Maria's face with her nose digging deep into it!

Of course, Maria is making a lot of noise trying to wake up the little ones next door, but the criminal MILF keeps the little sweetheart under control at all times and Maria does not succeed in getting any help. She is bid farewell by the woman and is left alone to endure the worst and most humiliating predicament she's experienced during her babysitting career... Poor girl!


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Tags: Babysitters Brunettes Duct Tape Bondage Hogtied Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Shoe Sniffing Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Step-Mom And Step-Dad Found Our Babysitter Hogtaped On The Table With A Stinky Shoe Tied To Her Face!