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Step-Mom Begged To Be Tied Up, Gagged And Toyed!

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Armed with three rolls of silver duct tape and a white scarf, kinky Latina step-mom Laura Martinez walks into Maria's room and wakes her up. Laura eagerly begs Maria to tie her up and gag her, a request that Maria willingly complies with!

Maria duct tapes Laura's wrists behind her back, remove one of her own dirty white socks and stuffs it inside Laura's open mouth. The sweet young girl tightly ties the white scarf over Laura's sock-stuffed mouth as a large over-the-mouth gag and goes down to duct tape Laura's legs and ankles!

Maria sits behind her bound and gagged step-mom and slowly starts to massage her shoulders, but quickly decides that Laura's big tits crave more special attention. Maria grabs Laura's bra-clad boobs, fondles them, plays with them, and squeezes them, all while Laura moans in pleasure and joy!

The playful boob fondling later turns into ass groping and spanking when suddenly, Laura's older step-daughter Katherine walks in to join the fun. Katherine takes part in fondling and smacking Laura's phat ass when she comes up with the idea to re-gag Laura...

Laura is sat up and has her tight OTM-gag and single sock mouth stuffing removed and replaced with Maria's other worn sock that had remained on her other foot. Layers of silver duct tape are then winded across Laura's stuffed mouth and around her head by her two naughty step-daughters who make her a tight and stunning tape wrap-gag!

Laura once again has her big beautiful tits fondled, this time by both of her girls at the same time. During the tit groping, Maria feels a sudden urge to join Laura in her bondage, so she eagerly asks Katherine to tie her up and gag her next to Laura!

Maria gets tape tied by Katherine and asks to be gagged. Katherine removes her own worn socks, stuffs Maria's mouth, and wrap-gags her tight with silver duct tape! Maria is then put next to step-mom Laura on the bed where the two of them are playfully made to gag kiss each other while they moan and giggle!


Included in this clip: tape bondage, kinky, consensual, groping, big tits, fondling, ass, sock gagged, mouth stuffings, OTM gagged, moaning, scarf gagged, massage, gag kissing, tape gagged, duct tape, wrap gagged, Latinas, gag talk, BDSM, gag fetish

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Tags: Brunettes Busty Women Duct Tape Bondage Groping Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage MILF Bondage OTM Gagged Romance Sock Gagged Tape Gagged Teens (18/19)
Step-Mom Begged To Be Tied Up Gagged And Toyed!