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Step-Mommy's Little Panty Cleaner

Laura Martinez , Maria Martinez

Sexy Latina MILF Laura Martinez is super tired of her lazy step-daughter Maria not doing anything around the house. So to make some kind of use the lazy little brat, Laura makes her clean her dirty underwear with her mouth!

Laura enters the front door with her stepdaughter bound and gagged over her shoulder. She smacks Maria's jeans-clad ass, closes the door behind her, and carries Maria into the bedroom. Maria is put on a chair in front of the laundry basket without knowing what her step-mom is going to put her through next.

Laura starts to comb her sweet little princess's hair and removes her cleave gag in order to make use of her mouth. Maria is making a lot of noise so Laura has to quiet her down with a firm handgag. Mmpphh! Step-Mommy's handgag is nice and tight while she sexily hushes on her step-daughter to shut up!

Laura reaches for the laundry basket and pulls out a black pair of her dirty worn panties which needs a good cleaning. Maria's eyes are full of fears as her step-mom flaunts her nasty panties in front of her and has Maria stick her tongue out to clean her stepmom's dirty panties!

Laura drags her worn panties down Maria's tongue, rubs them in her face, and stuffs them deep inside her mouth too. Maria coughs in revolt by the taste and the smell of her needing to clean her step-mom's nasty pussy panties, but she is bound and can't escape!

When Maria has cleaned the first pair of panties Laura grabs a second pair to be cleaned and once again she makes Maria get a good whiff and even makes her a brief panty hood with them before having her obedient step-daughter clean them with her tongue!

But there is no pair with such a strong smell and taste as the third and final pair of step-mom's panties which is so super dirty and so super stinky that Laura estimates it needs a more thorough cleaning. So after making Maria smell and lick them, Laura stuffs the stinky panties inside Maria's mouth and tapes them in by wrapping clear packaging tape around her head! So cruel!

Maria is so humiliated and can only *mmpphh* in protest to what her crazy step-mom puts her through. Laura laughs and has such a good time dominating her sweet little panty cleaner, but Maria's business is done for now. So to end things off Laura lift bound and panty gagged Maria from the chair, puts her over her shoulder, and spanks her ass before she carries her away! Super sexy!


Included in this clip: bondage, cleave gagged, panty fetish, spanking, lift and carry, jeans, Latinas, gagged girl, mouth fetish, tape gagged, humiliation, carried over the shoulder, coughing, hand over mouth, smell fetish, panty gagged, ots carry, step-mother and step-daughter, gag talk, struggling, domination, BDSM, gag fetish

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Tags: Brunettes Cleave Gagged Duct Tape Bondage Humiliation Jeans Bondage Latinas Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Tape Gagged
Step-Mommys Little Panty Cleaner