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Step-Mommys Mouth Stuffed Girl Step-Daughters Mouth Sock Packed To The MAX

Katherine Martinez , Laura Martinez

Sexy Latina step-mother of two Laura Martinez was given a challenge: Stuff your oldest step-daughter's mouth with as many socks as you possibly can and don't give up until it's packed COMPLETELY full!

As the scene opens we see Laura warm-up for the upcoming stuff gagging by giving her step-daughter Katherine a nice and soothing neck and shoulder massage. Laura's hands slowly move towards Katherine's face to stimulate and prepare the muscles around the mouth that is about to be stuffed like it's never been stuffed before.

Step-Mom Laura then gently starts to play with her step-daughter's mouth by hooking two fingers into each side of Katherine's mouth where she pull and stretch her cheeks wide and rough. Katherine looks confused and embarrassed as her dominant step-mom makes her mouth open extremely wide!

The warm-up is complete and Laura is ready to pack her step-daughter's big-ass mouth using a special mouth stuffing technique where the mouth stuffing is crammed deep inside each cheek until the mouth ends up being completely full... A technique MILF Laura masters to perfection!

Laura amazingly manage to fit not only 1, not 2, not 3 but a whopping 6 socks in Katherine's poor mouth by aggressively stuffing it to the max! Katherine is clearly in pain for having her mouth and jaws kept open wide by such a big fucking sock stuffing but step-mommy doesn't seem to give a damn about that.

Instead, Laura grabs a roll of clear transparent tape and winds it around Katherine's completely sock-stuffed mouth a couple of times, gagging her helpless step-daughter really tight while allowing us to enjoy the view of the socks trapped behind the clear tape at the same time (thank you, Laura!)

The gag is complete. It's huge and it's painful. Katherine is not pleased but her step-mom certainly is. In fact, Laura is so pleased that she wants Katherine to remain just like she is for a while so she tapes her hands behind her back as well as tying up her ankles making Katherine bound and gagged.

Laura then blindfolds Katherine with a black scarf, gives her a kiss, and turns off the light as she leaves the room with her helpless step-daughter trapped inside. Katherine mmpphss and struggles in despair for being left bound and gagged to the max by her sexy step-mom who really went beyond expectations completing this challenge!


Included in this clip: extreme mouth stuffing, sock gagged, mouth play, bondage, tape gagged, step-mother and step-daughter, mouth stretching, humiliation, tight tapegag, muffled moaning, Latinas,  transparent tape gag, tape bondage, blindfold, BDSM, gag fetish

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Tags: Brunettes Humiliation Latinas Lesbian Bondage Sock Gagged Tape Gagged
Step-Mommys Mouth Stuffed Girl Step-Daughters Mouth Sock Packed To The MAX