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The Lesbian Gag Experiment

Kandy Cottentail , Pinkie

The last thing sweet Kandy Cottentail remembered was how that soaking wet white cloth being held onto her gorgeous face by her dominant girlfriend Pinkie made her go to rest. Soon after, it didn't take long for Pinkie to put her napping girlfriend in tape bondage for the twisted gag experiment she had planned for days. Kandy slowly wakes up to the evil tape ties Pinkie put on her while she was napping. A beautiful tape gag with the writing bitch on it prevents her from speaking. Surprised, scared, and desperate at the same time, Kandy realizes that Pinkie has taken away her freedom. Right next to Kandy is Pinkie who has set up a recording camera to capture all of what's about to happen. Kandy is bound to take whatever Pinkie has planned for her and it's not gonna be a pleasant experience!

Evil Duct Tape Cleave Wrap-Gag
Pinkie removes Kandy's tape gag and stuffs a pink pair of panties in Kandy's mouth. Kandy coughs. The panties are Pinkie's, they're worn and they're filling out her mouth perfectly. Pinkie grabs the same roll of silver duct tape that she used to tie up her girlfriend a few minutes ago. "Open that mouth!" Pinkie says and wraps that silver duct tape in between Kandy's panty stuffed lips and all the way around her head. Kandy mmph's and protests but there's nothing she can do to stop Pinkie who makes Kandy an incredible, tight and evil duct tape cleave gag.

Tight Bandana Cleave Gag
Next up in Pinkie's gag experiment is the bandana cleave gag. Pinkie replaces the panties in Kandy's mouth with another even more worn pair. Kandy is mad, muffled and teased by Pinkie who tightly cleave gags Kandy with a bandana. While she can't say a word, Kandy's face expressions clearly tells us that she don't like the taste of Pinkie's worn pussy panties stuffed all the way back into her mouth, but there's nothing she can do about it as her hands are tied behind her back.

Cruel Over-The-Nose Bandage Wrap-Gag
Two worn pairs of Pinkie's panties have already been secured in Kandy's mouth as part of the gag experiment, but the pair Kandy is about to have in her mouth now is definitely the worst as Pinkie wore these for one week straight! Pinkie makes Kandy get a good whiff of the panties before they get stuffed in Kandy's mouth. Kandy looks like a helpless little girl while Pinkie dominantly teases her and makes her take a cruel bandage wrap gag that also covers her nose!

Knotted Pantyhose Gag
As the final gag of the gag experiment, Pinkie tied a pair of her black pantyhose into a knotted ball. Kandy looks so beautiful with the huge knot tied to her mouth while Pinkie makes Kandy scream for help into the camera. Pinkie is dominant and feels Kandy's breasts while she constantly reminds Kandy that she can't make a sound because she's gagged.

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Tags: American Classic Content Cleave Gagged Humiliation Lesbian Bondage Tape Cleave Gagged Tape Gagged
The Lesbian Gag Experiment