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The Naughty Rich Girl And Her Silly Stepsister Bound And Gagged By The Nannies!

Agata , Khloe , Lau Labado , Mary Macaya

Lau and Agata are babysitting rich girl Khloe. They are tidying up Khloe's bedroom when Khloe walks in. Khloe pulls out a fresh roll of silver duct tape and says she wants her nannies to tie her up.

Lau and Agata tell Khloe they've been doing this way too much recently and Khloe asks if they don't want to gag her as she puts the tape between her teeth like a cleave gag. Lau and Agata say it's too risky because they could lose their job and apologize to Khloe.

Khloe says that the right thing to do would be to confess to her stepsister, Mary, what they've been doing recently. Khloe starts to walk out of the room when Lau and Agata have no choice but to grab Khloe and throw her onto the bed! With Khloe on her stomach, Lau tapes Khloe's wrists behind her back many times as Khloe says to make it tight!

Lau tells Agata to grab another roll of tape and help her. Agata finds another roll and the two of them heavily tape Khloe's body. Once Khloe is all taped up, there is a knock at the door. Lau quickly and tightly handgags Khloe from behind and tells Agata to see who it is. Agata cracks the door open and Khloe's stepsister Mary is there, unable to see Lau and her handgagged stepsister Khloe.

Mary asks Agata if she and Lau are going to start dinner soon and Agata says they will. Mary also asks if they've seen Khloe around and Agata says no before closing the door.

Agata returns to Lau and says they need to gag Khloe now and handgagged Khloe happily agrees with that suggestion. Agata grabs a pair of socks and packs them into Khloe's mouth. Lau gags Khloe with 3 clothes (one cleave gag + 2 OTM gags). Khloe approves of her gag as Lau makes sure they're all nice and tight. Lau and Agata say they have to go make dinner and leave Khloe alone.

Khloe has fun struggling on the bed and mmpphhing to herself. Khloe mumbles and giggles to herself as she tries to break free but can't. After a couple of minutes, Lau and Agata return and say Khloe is making too much noise. Lau tells Agata to find a pair of Khloe's panties as she pulls Khloe on her back to the edge of the bed and removes Khloe's gags and stuffing.

Khloe tells Lau to gag her with lots of tape and Agata shuts her up by packing the panties in her mouth. With Khloe's head dangling off the edge of the bed, Lau rests it up against her thigh so she can use both her hands to wrapgag Khloe. Lau wraps Khloe's mouth multiple times with duct tape as Agata watches. Once Khloe is gagged, Lau and Agata tape Khloe's sneakers, going over the top and under the soles. Lau and Agata leave once again as Khloe squirms on the bed and mmpphhs to herself!

Shortly later, Mary enters the room and finds Khloe taped up on the bed. Mary shakes her head and says she knew Khloe was doing this with Lau and Agata. Mary squeezes Khloe gag/cheeks and says she's going to go get herself tied up too now, giving Khloe a quick spank before she leaves. Mary leaves and goes down to the kitchen where Lau and Agata are. Mary demands they tape her up like they did Khloe. Lau and Agata are annoyed but have no choice when Mary says she'll tell their step-parents if they don't.

Mary puts her hands behind her back and Lau tapes her wrists several times. Mary says she needs a gag and shrugs her shoulders. Lau and Agata stuff Mary's mouth and gag her with 3 cloths (1 cleave + 2 OTM, with the top OTM using an orange bandana). Lau and Agata then lead Mary upstairs into the room where Khloe still is. They sit Mary on the bed and tape her ankles, legs, and chest. They remove her cloth gags and stuff a pair of panties into Mary's mouth. Lau then wraps her head with duct tape multiple times as a tight tapegag!

The 2 women tape Mary's feet/shoes the same way they did Khloe. They leave Khloe and Mary alone to squirm on the bed together for several minutes. Lau and Agata come back later one last time and sit Khloe and Mary back to back and tape them together.

Lau and Agata then tape Mary and Khloe's gags together by wrapping their heads together several times. Lau and Agata bid the girls goodbye and say they will untie them before their parents come home. Mary and Khloe spend the rest of the video mumbling and giggling together tied back to back!


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Tags: Lesbian Bondage Panty Gagged Sock Gagged Tape Bondage Tape Gagged
The Naughty Rich Girl And Her Silly Stepsister Bound And Gagged By The Nannies!